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Vinc360  +   1010d ago
It'd be sad if this had an impact on BGE2... I think it will :(
unworthy15  +   1010d ago
Please let that not be true.
Vinc360  +   1010d ago
I certainly hope not.
r21  +   1010d ago
Just when next gen was bout to start too :C
ApolloTheBoss  +   1010d ago
Man, and just when it was about to come out.
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ShugaCane  +   1010d ago
The article didn't mention that Gamekult contacted Ubisoft. The company "denied categorically", and so did Ancel appearently. However, according to the source , an anonymous developer "Michel Ancel wishes to step away peacefully from Ubisoft, taking some other persons with him. If it does happen, it won't happen in tears and blood. Ubisoft is aware of his decision and nothing says the company won't be involved in Ancel's projects, one way or another."
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Vinc360  +   1010d ago
In any case, I can't wait to see his future projects. It would suck if he left Ubi since he's such a pillar of the company... but I'll look forward to his future projects.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1010d ago
From the Article it sounds like Michel Ancel is very pro-Nintendo?
Does that mean more WiiU titles from him, if this is true?

Just a scenario:
Could he be a replacement for Miyamoto who keeps talking about retiring?
Could he take over a Mario franchise?
majiebeast  +   1010d ago
No he isnt pro Nintendo that has got to be the stupidest conclusion i have seen let me explain.

A few months(3-4) before a game ships you have crunch time which means longer work days(it depends but sometimes its 14-18H work days and that 6-7 days a week) for these guys to polish,find bugs and remove glitches etc. Now suits from Ubisoft come in 1-2 weeks before it goes gold, and say hey guys that game you have been slaving on for the last few months has just been delayed till September, because we feel it would be a better time period.

"Two delays and the loss of temporary exclusivity for Rayman Legends on Wii U might have pissed off players, but it's also causing quite a stir at Ubisoft Montpellier.

Based on several sources, Michel Ancel might be thinking of leaving Ubisoft with his own team once Legends is finished, and start a new project with other people (different company?). He talks about wanting more liberty in creating and organizing his project. This is not the first time Ancel has spoken of leaving, but so far he's always stayed with Ubi.

Development of Rayman Legends is pretty much over, even though there is some work left to do on the PS3 and X360 versions. Ancel would like to calmly leave Ubisoft, taking some people with him. If it should happen, it wouldn't be a crying affair. Ubi is aware, and they might choose to be involved in Ancel's next project either way, even if he chooses to leave, as per an anonymous developer. Another source says Ancel has already given notice he is leaving, as he has other contacts and projects he'd like to work on. Five or six Montpellier personnel would be ready to leave with him. The idea is that Ancel would remain "tied to Rayman", whatever happens.

Original loose article translation.
"This might explain in part the further delay and the premature announcement of the Rayman Legends port to other platform. With Ancel possibly on his way out, he would have less motivation to contest the decision to port, as he is already looking to greener pastures. Several sources state Ubi and Nintendo were unable to come to an agreement on distribution and marketing of Legends, which was a reason for the port to PS3 / X360.

Ubisoft and Ancel categorically deny these rumours. We probably won't know much more until a couple more months, unless more sources start spilling the beans."
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1010d ago
IF you read the Article...
From the Article:
"Gamekult reports that this imminent departure is NOT the result of Rayman’s delay, ...

....but more of a cause. Differences in philosophy between Ubisoft and Nintendo in regards to the promotion and distribution of Rayman Legends are also cited as a probable cause of the game’s move from Wii U exclusive to multiplatform status."

>You may be right- this is only a rumor-
but this contradicts your logical conclusion.
Who is to say they, Gamekult, are right?
neogeo  +   1009d ago
Maybe he can go work at Naughty Dog or Valve? Those seem like more respectful places to work.
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1010d ago
Is he going to (c)Ancel his employment contract?

Hate me if you will, I know I deserve it for that.
lilbroRx  +   1010d ago
All of these comments, but few of them comment on why he would be doing such a thing.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1010d ago
oh man if he leaves i fear for beyond good and evil 2, but i really dont blame him ubisoft doesnt let the developers do what they want, i mean for years people wanted a real rayman game and the developers wanted to make a rayman 4 but ubisoft said no make a raving rabbids series,then people wanted a prince of persia 08 sequel and there is a huge fan demand and again developer want to make it,but because it wont cater to the casual ubisoft says no well put it on pause because of "brand management"thats BS, and beyond good and evil 2 for years people wanted it and we still dont get it and ancel said years ago that he had wished for it to come true, the only reason ubisoft announced it is becasue enough people showed interest yet we havnt seen a single thing since its reveal, but they even said that we want to make the game more like assassians creed, which again is BS and its just made me come to the point of where i can see that assassians creed although i love the series is ubisofts call of duty,ubisoft would rather milk AC to death instead of letting there developers try out new franchises or continuing older franchises unless the gameplay is uber similar to assassians creed, be cause watchdogs looks cool but everytime i see it all i see is assassians creed in modern day.
mastershredder  +   1010d ago
Get Beyond Good and Evil 2 out the door (finish up the story) and then leave Ubisoft.
Move onto bigger and better things without Ubisoft pressuring you to do their bidding.
jakmckratos  +   1009d ago
Who the Hell would want to work for a company that make's you work overtime for 9 months and when you finally think you're going to see some payoff the highest part of the company tells you you're going to be working for another 7 months. You don't see your family, barely have time to yourself, and the one reprieve devs (rightfully) deserve that comes after the big game s finally released is taken away from you.

There's plenty of places that will welcome big talent like Michel Ancel that won't treat them like that. I'd be really interested on what else he could create so I wouldn't be disappointed with his departure
csreynolds  +   1008d ago
If this happens to be true, all the more reason publishers need to look at how they deal with their developers and their work.

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