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DaThreats  +   740d ago | Well said
Hope its not limited to the power of the 360 and PS3, and taken full advantage being exclusive of PS4 and next xbox. (only if the next xbox is not weak)

I got skills son.
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Qrphe  +   740d ago
Why/how are you so fast to first posts?
itz_zombies  +   740d ago | Funny
he's an android.
knifefight  +   740d ago | Funny
His power level.
Yi-Long  +   740d ago
Hope it will be a lot better than Battlefield 3....
... aka 'Battlefield of Duty'.

Don't get me wrong, in those maps where Battlefield 3 gave you a large area to play in, it was awesome. Sadly, there were far to few true Battlefield Conquest levels, and too many lineair/small maps where almost every match played the same way.

I hope the franchise can return to it's roots of greatness (Battlefield 2, 1942/43).
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SAE  +   740d ago
He comment in pending news :)
ZeroX9876  +   740d ago
60fps, commander position, 6 man squad, more destructable environnement, battle recorder....AND 64 players! I know it's a lot, but add this to BF4 and the game will be just as great as BF2 was back in the days.
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Kevlar009  +   739d ago
@knifefight: Androids don't have power levels

Check and mate
UnholyLight  +   739d ago
@ZeroX9876 Make EVERY piece of the environment destructible, you would think with the next gen consoles that this should be able to be done. buildings should all be collapsible in some way.

Bodies from players in ALL FPS games should remain where they were killed, same with vehicles. I was playing CoD 2 online on my Xbox 360 this afternoon (ahhh CoD nostalgia)..and all of the bodies remain where you killed players or where you died. This is the type of detail that should be in games these days, Especially for the next gen.
SilentNegotiator  +   739d ago
There's a section called "pending"...
UnholyLight  +   739d ago
Cant edit my comment as far as I know so, when I said kill players I hope everyone understood that was in Multiplayer haha. I have no idea if bodies stay in single player because in CoD 2 the waves of soldiers keep coming if you don't advance.

I feel sorry for the PS3 guys missing out on CoD was such a good game. I miss WWII games :'(
007Bond  +   739d ago
No job, friends, life, that's how.
NegativeCreepWA  +   739d ago
I want to see the console versions hold 64 players, I don't care if that means it has to look the same as BF3.
kupomogli  +   739d ago

Yes they do.
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2pacalypsenow  +   739d ago
@ZeroX9876 All of that is on the PC version of the game
ChrisW  +   739d ago

As others have said:

DaThreats trolls the submissions that are pending. It's the only way to make sure that you are the first poster on potentially big topics.
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Septic  +   740d ago

I'm not a PC elitist or anything so don't take this the wrong way but you have inadvertly summed up the fears and frustrations of PC gamers in recent years. Just like how you don't want current gen consoles to hold back next gen iterations of this game, PC games have suffered tremendously as a result of developers having to cater for consoles.

Making the PC the lead platform can only ensure that you go so far in pushing the bar on PC.

On topic, I don't want this to be on current gen consoles. I think it will hold the game back technically because it'll show that the game isn't being developed from the ground up for next gen tech.
dirigiblebill  +   740d ago
I'm happy for it to be current gen providing they lead on the new platforms.
DigitalAnalog  +   740d ago
Even if you did target PC as the lead. You STILL have to make it viable for the consoles to run, so it's a pretty useless effort since you're doing pretty much the same thing (See Witcher 2).

If you designed PC from the ground-up, you can guarantee it would NOT pass through consoles, at least not with some significant downgrades. By making the target so high it can only be playable at 480p with extremely low assets on the consoles would that a mean the PC-developed game retained it's design.
talisker  +   740d ago
Maybe you PC crowd should start buying games when they're released and not wait for Steam sales. That could convince devs more than your rants on the Internet. You know, they would invest money in PC versions if they knew it'd come back in profit. The truth is YOU are holding back. People just want to earn a living, that's why they release games for POPULAR platforms.
Britainz-Fin3st  +   740d ago
This is EA we are talking about. If they can make more money by putting it on 360, Ps3,Ps4,PsV Wii U then they will do it. I would imagine it would be better on the next gens, but not as good as if it was soley for ps4, next xbox and pc.


but regardless i dont think there was a game this gen i enjoyed playing more then bf3. first on xbox, and then i even bought a ps3 slim just to play it with a friend.
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SugarSoSweet  +   740d ago
Your right
SilentNegotiator  +   739d ago
Realistic hardware does not "hold back" anything. Developers have no cause to cater to just the top tier or even give them a lot of special attention.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   739d ago
I agree, I want this game to be exclusively on PS4 and Xbox 720 as well.

I don't wanna deal with bad or missing textures blurry presentation, leveled down map variants, content missing, compression's, constant cutbacks to make everything fit properly.

If EA was smart, they would NOT compete for COD sales and create BF4 ground up on next gen consoles. EA can start fresh and make an early name for themselves and great reception from fans.

Good news, BF4 won't be coming this year to compete with COD. So, all they have to do is keep BF4 on PS4, 720 and PC.

Again they'll garner the lead over COD for the "next gen shooter." We can make a pretty good guess that Acti will push last minute sales with MW4 on current gen systems. Last year proved they're sales couldn't get any better, instead sales declined.

Its a wait and see.
Knight_Crawler  +   740d ago
Should be intresting to see if the current trends continues next gen where:

Activision favors MS
EA favors Sony

Also am I the only one excited to see what next gen Call of Duty will bring to the table...I understand the hate for the game since Activion has milked COD for all its worth but you cannot deny that the COD games are fun.
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FunkMacNasty  +   740d ago

You're not alone..I too am curious about what CoD brings out for next gen consoles, and I think lots of other hardcore gamers are excited too..(although you and I both know many won't admit it).

Obviously Call of Duty is a cash-cow, but If you're into FPS's, CoD games definitley are fun, and I think "fun" is the key feature that many "hardcore" gamers miss when they trash-talk certain games/franchises. Nowadays gamers are completely polarized.. If we aren't playing some obscure RPG or some "innovative" new indie game, but we are playing a popular well-selling franchise game, we're dubbed "casuals" by the elitist snobs.
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Jobesy  +   740d ago
@Funk, there's nothing "elite" about those snobs, they're just snobs.

I'm also interested where Activision is going to take COD, especially with the potential heavy hitter Destiny coming soon. Destiny may impact the COD franchise sales. If I had my way, I'd have a COD title one year and a Destiny the next. Phase out Modern Warfare and let Treyarch take full control of the franchise.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   739d ago
DO you know the definition of Insanity? It's COD...
J_Cob  +   739d ago
Acti favors MS because they get a cut of Xbox Live subscriptions. Until that changes they'll always favor Microsoft's console.
fermcr  +   740d ago
In all honesty, if Dice done a new IP, it would better then another Battlefield.
Hufandpuf  +   739d ago
I'd be good with either BF4 or Mirror's Edge 2.
a_squirrel  +   739d ago
Add Bad Company 3 to the list
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a_adji  +   740d ago
But it's weaker that the ps4 as the wii u is weaker than theh next box. Question is if it will be visible.
PFFT  +   739d ago
lol dude, how do you know it will be weaker??? Do you work for MS therefore you already know what the system is packing??? Dont be fooled by all the rumors that have been going around about the new Xbox. Wait till MS officially unveils the ACTUAL final product before making assumptions.
It will be shown on ps4. Cod on 720.
PFFT  +   739d ago
Highly doubtful that the new xbox will be weak.
Flavor  +   739d ago
I remember the hype for the steaming pile that was BF3.

'The CoD killer'....'Revolution ary'....

Never again.
Tr10wn  +   739d ago
actually they will take full advantage of the PC version and then port it to console, PS4 is not that astonishing compare to todays PC, 8GB GDDR5 is not all a good PC needs you need a beast of GPU and a good CPU, the PS4 is ok on those parts, the 560 Ti is not a beast not even close.
bunfighterii  +   740d ago
Hell yeah
v0rt3x  +   740d ago
Of course they'll call it that.
paul1974  +   740d ago
Shock EA state the game is going to be amazing!!!! would they say any different?? not sure but I think they want a slice og the $billion industry that is COD!!

If they don't port it to 360/ps3 and also provide too the Wiiu then they will shoot themselves in the foot! as by next year they could be excluding 160 million customers on all 3 consoles! I don't don't think ps4/720 wii u and PC will have that many customers do you??

maybe between those 4 platforms taking in mind the prices they will launch maybe 20 million?
im sure cod will still sell to ps3 and xbox on mw4! Activision are not stupid it's going to be years yet before xboc 360 and ps3 die!
SignifiedSix  +   740d ago
Can't wait to put 600+ hours into this one.
Please let it have 64+ players on all platforms!

Also, please don't shove crappy small maps into a game where they don't belong. Couldn't stand the close quarters maps...

Edit: and one more thing. BRING BACK COMMANDER MODE! Thats what made BF2 one of the best shooters on the PC.
I loved being able to call in artillery strikes, UAV's and supply drops. Its a shame it wasnt included in BF3, but maybe this time it'll make a comeback.
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a_adji  +   740d ago
No girlfriend, real friends, kids?

600+ hours. Life can't be that exciting dude.
nintendoland  +   739d ago
you're speaking of yourself i assume
gta2800  +   739d ago
Video games probably give him all the fulfillment he needs. No need to hate.
Cmo89  +   739d ago
battlefield bad company 2 i have over 1000 hours clocked. it happened during the time i was 20 to 22. i worked and played battlefield. went through many break ups

ive spent over 24 hours in the blackhawk:)
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Tetsujin  +   739d ago
Only 600 hours? I spent more than that on Fallout 3, and climbing to that number in Skyrim (I spent 2000+ hours on FF11 back in the day).


Battlefield 3 wasn't bad, however at the time I had other games to play and never went back (I refuse to play/buy CoD), however with Battlefield 4 I'll try it out first.
DownNotOut  +   739d ago
SnotyTheRocket  +   739d ago
Well, the guns that came with Close Quarters where pretty sweet.
NegativeCreepWA  +   739d ago
If you don't like the small maps don't play them, I like that BF3 has a variety of map sizes to cater what I'm in the mood for. I like to play Metro and Grand Bazaar sometimes, keeps me from having to buy the inferior CoD.
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Fyflin  +   740d ago
Really looking forward to this, hoping for 64 player online. Only thing I didn't like about BF3 was the multiplayer graphics for 360/PS3 so that definitely shouldn't be an issue on new hardware.
LOL_WUT  +   739d ago
BF4 for NEXT-GEN consoles YAY! ;)
Wizziokid  +   740d ago
As long as it has the same MP as PC I'm sold, love the battlefield games
Conzul  +   739d ago
I want 2143 :(
porkChop  +   739d ago
The main series BF games are meant to last long term. Releasing another one so soon just seems wrong. I'd have preferred they do 2143 or BC3 first, and then do BF4 later, exclusively on next gen consoles and PC so that they don't have to accommodate for older hardware. More possibilities that way.
JeepGamer  +   740d ago
Uh, I'm sorry if I don't take your word for that EA. You might be biased.
seanpitt23  +   740d ago
I think it will blow people away on next gen systems and pc and more player count but I know for a fact it will come out for current gen just a slimmed down version with less player but still ok but I will be deffo getting it for ps4 imagine 64 player plus wow
Psychotica  +   740d ago
I would love for a company like EA to say something like "Yeah, it's ok I guess.." instead of astonishing.
Eyesoftheraven  +   740d ago
All aboard the hype train! This got me thinking though, if BF3 on PC maxed with 4xMSAA @ 1080p runs just within 60 - 100FPS, how will BF4 run on the same rig? Uh oh, will probably need to upgrade or use lower graphical settings on PC titles with the advent of new consoles.

Even Crysis 3 at Very High with no AA at 1080p dips to the low 30's at times with an i7-3930k @ 4.3GHz, 16GB DDR3 @ 1866MHz and a single Radeon 7970GHz edition. To run Crysis 3 perfectly V-Synced at never less than 60fps and 4xMSAA, I need to switch to all low settings, but can keep Very high texture resolution.
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arjman  +   735d ago
It'll run similar to BF3 now, there's not much else they can improve with frostbite (graphics wise) that they haven't already done on PC.
pennywhyz  +   740d ago
EA will say anything to take your money.
Sam Fisher  +   739d ago
And activision would milk you to get every penny out of you
listenkids  +   740d ago
Lets hope they ditch their ancient servers next gen, sick of being unable to finish matches on any EA title.
Boozehound  +   740d ago
How about mod support for PC, and don't give a bullshit answer that it would be very difficult for people to mod the game. We all know the reason BF3 lacked mod tools was because you wanted to sell your premium service and dlc.
gazgriff2k12  +   740d ago
ive said it once and will say it again 720p 60fps 64 players on proper battlefield maps will suit me fine when bf4 for ps4 comes out
IK IR Y IP T  +   740d ago
commander mode has already been confirmed ! and the xbox next specs r dam near identical to the ps4 so stop being gay and grow up both consoles will be great
C-Thunder  +   739d ago
The rumors, I repeat, rumors are showing the PS4 to be measurably more powerful than the next Xbox. It may not make any difference, but while similar, I wouldn't throw around terms like identical. I think a lot may depend on how much resources the xbox's operating system will use if its running windows 8 compared to sony's os.

I agree, the game will be great on both, regardless.
babis1974  +   740d ago
i am playing battlefield 3 since day 1. will battlefield 4 be on ps3 or not? all of the game companies with such games have made a lot o money but everybody won't be able to buy a new what will happen to those who won't buy the new consoles?
FunkMacNasty  +   740d ago
I think that a lot of the games that are scheduled to release around the same time as the next gen consoles will be developed on one gen's hardware and ported to another to maximize sales for the franchise. We saw that happen with a number of games around the end of the ps2/xbox1 era.. games like Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell were developed for ps2/Xbox late in those consoles life cycles and ported to 360 with prettier textures when the console released in 2005.

Especially now with hardware and software becoming more expensive, game companies must be aware that not everyone can afford to be an early adopter of new console technology, and companies like EA aren't likely to let their sales take a hit just to have a big franchise launch a next-gen iteration alongside new consoles. I'm willing to bet we'll see a current-gen console version of BF4 that looks and feels similar to BF3 on current consoles, while BF4 will also release for ps4/nextbox with updates to Frostbite engine and obviously more advanced graphics and gameplay features
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leogets  +   740d ago
the frostbite engine is future proof
ginsunuva  +   739d ago
Why BF4??? Why not BC3???
goddamit EA....
NYC_Gamer  +   739d ago
It's because BF3 outsold both BC games
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Hufandpuf  +   739d ago
Why limit yourself to just helicopters and U-boats. With the main BF series, you get everything!
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a_squirrel  +   739d ago
Because BF3 turned into a bridge between BF BC2 and BF2, lacking the necessity of specialized classes, and replacing it with BC2's simplistic 4 class system
InTheZoneAC  +   739d ago
so what?

BF3 had more variety...

I just wish there were more maps like Aftermath and more jungle maps like BC2/Vietnam...
edonus  +   739d ago
Battlefield has as a chance right now to knock COD of its perch.

Whenever systems launch people are fresh and looking at everything that passes them. They arent committed yet.

BF3 had way better and more solid gunplay mechanics than COD and was just more all around kickA$$. If they come out head to head they have a real chance at taking them down.
Relientk77  +   739d ago
Definitely wanna see BF4, bet it looks beast
t3gamenews  +   739d ago
i hope it takes full advantage of wii u & ps4, not limited to last gen 360 & ps3.
Dilldo_  +   739d ago
InTheZoneAC  +   739d ago
you mean not limited to last gen like 360, ps3, and wii u...
Jsynn7  +   739d ago
The Frostbite engine is gonna look beastly on the next gen systems. Can't wait to see it.
rapidturtle  +   739d ago
I kinda figured EA would say that it is just ok.
Goodfella78  +   739d ago
Let us be the judge of that E.A......
momthemeatloaf  +   739d ago
They said the same thing about Battlefield 3 and it left me wanting more.
Shacojin  +   739d ago
Put in a Survival mode with DINOSAURS!
TotalSynthesisX  +   739d ago
TheSaint  +   739d ago
When did originality die?
OneAboveAll  +   739d ago
No excuse to have less players now.
sovietsoldier  +   739d ago
i have a feeling we pc players will get a console port like bf3.
TheSaint  +   739d ago
As long as it's at least double the players then it will be awesome.

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