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TheTwelve  +   890d ago
I don't know how Microsoft will respond to this, but it WILL be interesting. In my limited wisdom, I don't know how Microsoft will top Sony's presentation but that's why I'm a gamer and not a maker of games.

I do see Microsoft topping Sony in terms of social innovation. Again, I don't know how this will work. But that's the only area in which Microsoft is arguably ahead as we speak, and so I expect them to maintain that.

Crazy part is that Sony did reveal much but they also didn't reveal much. They will be able to counter what Microsoft does as the year carries on to counter hype with hype.

Ah, I love competition. I'm rooting for Sony this gen as always, but I want Microsoft to keep them on their toes.

Relientk77  +   890d ago
I bet you if Sony didn't have their conference, it would still be E3 for the Xbox 720 reveal
alousow  +   890d ago
ms dont have nothing to show but some kinect stuff
extermin8or  +   890d ago
Hmmm thing is although I consider the leaked specs of the nextbox to be pretty much known (multiple sites have seen the documentation, the guy that leaked it was raided and had all his tech confiscated under court order-I'm assuming from MS?) So most of that will be finalized if they aim for a pre xmas launch-the peogple talking about last min RAM changes to 360- well that's very different to redesigning your GPU etc. At this point I don't think MS can realistically even switch to GDDR5 RAM because it'd probably need a fair bit of reconfiguring of the rest of the architecture. However we will all know by the end of E3 so let's just wait and see :p
sak500  +   890d ago
sony delayed ps3 for 6 months to add nvidia gpu for graphics processing which is much much more complicated then just switching ram so why can't MS do it?
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extermin8or  +   890d ago
they'd have to delay it is what I'm saying so they could but I can't see them delaying their consoles release date especially when you consider that outside of the usa the Ps3 has outsold the 360 time and time again- it'd be a big risk that statistically would be unlikely to give them any major benefit fo their TV apps etc hmm?:p
sak500  +   890d ago
My point was that for just changing ram it would not be such a big deal as adding a gpu so there might not be any delay. Unless the contacted and already started getting the ddr3 chips in factories for production. However they could just pay the penalty to ddr3 manufacturer and get ddr5 which would be much better for them in long run and they can afford to pay the initial cost rather then start the next gen with already a weaker ram in comparison with their main rival.
strigoi814  +   890d ago
Hoping i wont pay xbox live to see their new console lolz..
GravelerMagnitude9  +   890d ago
I won't support anything by Microsoft again because they are greedy and only care about money. I had 3 different 360s and all got red ring of death. Red ring of death was so common, it could of became a trending topic on twitter. They rush a system to beat Sony to the punch, but the system had flaws. It may be successful now but the company itself is rotten. Ps3 had a few yellow lights of death but not as common. Even if Microsoft next system is neat, I can't overlook the nice features Sony announced for ps4, plus I'm loyal to the playstation brand.
steve30x  +   890d ago
Ur will be revealed on the 1st of april lol
ColeMacGrath  +   890d ago
Microsoft releases the sexiest consoles, I have to admit.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   890d ago
Danja  +   890d ago
Lol at the silly arguments taking place in this thread I see N4G hasn't changed much throughout the years & M$ will not change anything specs wise, both Sony & M$ already know what each other were doing specs wise both consoles will ship with the same amount of RAM , next gen comes down to the software ecosystem & social aspects.
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Silly gameAr  +   890d ago
Well, good luck MS. Hope the next xbox is a beast.
KaBaW  +   890d ago
I sure hope that they do; I just wonder if they will show off the actual console or not?
And, I'd expect either a Halo, Gears of War, or a Forza. But, I highly hope for new IP's.
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Triggytrolls  +   890d ago
I want to see good games, I'm not interested in Kinect or anything to do with watching TV! GIVE ME GAMES.
busytoad  +   890d ago
Gonna be Funny if ms uses dvd's to put their games on lol.

If they use blu ray they gonna be paying Sony royalties for using their technology :)
QuantumWake  +   890d ago
They're going to go with Blu-Ray next-gen. There is really no excuse to use anything else honestly.

As far as royalties go, every company pays other companies to license their tech/software. You may know for example Sony's VAIO computers; they use Microsoft's Windows 8. Blu-Ray/PS3 also support VC-1 codecs which is also made by MS. It's just a lot cheaper than completely investing in new tech when you can just license them from a company who has already made it.
Legendary-Status  +   890d ago
I think MS is in trouble..cause sony didnt have to do what they Ms HAS TO COME OUT THE HOLE..Sony has yet to reveal pretty much nothing..but they are itching to do so..cause they have the PS4 tablet etc. and all their other hardware that comes with the PS4..that their is going to steel all wii u's market..haha..
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Jag-T1000  +   890d ago
Et tu Microsoft?
devilhunterx  +   890d ago
April Fool?
AnnaDea  +   890d ago
Considering that Major Nelson updated his site with a countdown to E3. Microsoft has had a change of heart because of Sony's surprise reveal.

And no.

You can't revise your hardware components in this stage. There was a earlier rumor that the chip-sets couldn't be made in time so the next Xbox was delayed unto 2014. You don't just make a call and change things on the go. Microsoft and Sony have already set a date for the mass production, because that's what you need to do. Asian mass-production facilities needs a scheme to follow, or else it will be booked by some other.

Sad, but true!
PS4isKing_82  +   890d ago
I'm very curious to see if Microsoft will finally go with Blu ray for their games or will instead go with a proprietary format like Nintendo did for the wiiU.

Cause lets face it, DVDs for games simply won't cut it his gen. Unless Microsoft wants their games coming on 10 disc collection sets lol

Halo 5 back of box art specs:
# of players: 1 to 2.
8 to 15 online.
Xbl dlc.
#of discs: 8 :)
ajax17  +   890d ago
I am a fan of Sony myself, but I can't wait to see their presentation.
Ngai  +   890d ago
Why is it a competition? I don't understand- why are these companies (and i think Microsoft more than Sony) so hostile?
Perjoss  +   890d ago
Its a shame that Sony fans are so immature, if you read through any of the Sony conference news articles' comments you might find 1 or 2 idiots trolling, but generally 360 fans stay out.

Sadly it's always been like this on N4G, all you ever see is trolling in the 360 articles, and some of the blatant troll comments don't even get modded.
ajax17  +   889d ago
I guess you missed my comment above.
leogets  +   890d ago
hardware wise they will be similar. software wise Sony always have better exclusives and more choices. Sony will always win when it comes to superior games.
isyourhouseonfire  +   886d ago
If MS reveals in April, what an epic month it will be.
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