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nrvalleytime  +   1082d ago
I love this bit regarding indie titles -

"For the people that self-publish, it’s their product. They are the publisher. They are free to set the price from free to, you know, $30. It’s their fee. For independent publishers we work with, we are the publisher, so we make the final decision, but for our store, it’s very easy to set the price for each product, and it’s easy to make promotions or bundles. It’s very easy to do."

A PS4 supported by even more titles like Journey and Limbo would be incredible. It might even make the PS4 more relevant than what Steam is doing with Greenlight, though they're slightly different services. Still - the PS4 looks incredible.
NYC_Gamer  +   1082d ago
Sony is learning a lot from Valve when it comes to dealing with indie studios...It's a good thing that PS4 will welcome the indie crowd with open arms and more freedom..
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asmith2306  +   1082d ago
Sony is awesome. Even if you dont like them or the PS3 or whatever, you have to give them credit to what they do for gaming. Best gaming company in my opinion.
Blackdeath_663  +   1082d ago
i hope they monitor their store and have some quality control. unlike valve which sometime let in clearly unfinished games or have false information given in the description of the game like the whole WarZ debacle. or like the microsoft indie stor for xbox where you have games like these that are really bad games made by random people
MurDocINC  +   1081d ago
There's alot great indies out there that would love to make a leap to consoles. But they cant cause both M$ and Sony charge $20,000+ for dev kits and also cap the game size to 2GB. No basement dev can afford that and the size limits you 2D or small/plain 3D worlds. I except the same thing for next gen.
TheTwelve  +   1082d ago
Make your own games and sell them, make your own videos through the PS4 "share" and promote them... we're going to see brand new software stars next gen. I wish I could be talented enough in this way to become one of them. --- 12
NateCole  +   1082d ago
The PS4 was developed by developers for developers.

It's a brilliant move by Sony.

The are making the PS4 the most dev friendly console. As a result

1. It will attract more developers meaning
2. More games.
3. Better games that cost less to make.

As a result us PS gamers win big.
jmc8888  +   1082d ago
Well yes to an extent. It's basically going to be friendly like the 360 was.

So it's really just moving back to what it should have been but was denied by bonehead decisions with the PS3.
nosferatuzodd  +   1081d ago
i concur Sony really do their homework this time good job day one buy 4me. glad I'm a psgamer
AlphaJunk  +   1081d ago
@jmc8888 you got disagrees for stating the truth hahaha - wow, what idiots. The PS4 is the evolution of what was accomplished with the 360 and it's development friendly design, and that has nothing to do with which console you prefer.
givemeshelter  +   1081d ago
Thank GOD Sony went in this direction. It's a total 180 from the PS3 where they did not go to developers for input at all and Microsoft did.
Sony is hitting all the marks with the PS4.
Kudos for Sony
N4g_null  +   1081d ago
Well they should let it do what current pcs do run our productions software like zbrush, maya, unreal ed, crytek engine editor, id editors, python editors with out the hand holding. Like the c64 did!

Sure you will get duds and troll developing but you will also get more minecrafts. Most people making games started in modding. Part of gaming is the ability to make or mod your games. Suddenly that closed system becomes a tool to every one, is this not how micro soft became so big?
_-EDMIX-_  +   1081d ago
@JMC-ehhhh no.

CPU friendly yes, making coding easier...yes. But thats about it. In terms of "dev" and "Indie" friendly. Sony has been the best this gen and will be again the best in terms of next gen.

PS3 has free to play games, has MMO's, and last I remember, Portal 2's cross steam play is only on PS3.

This is not a "PS3/PS4" thing, this is just a Sony thing. They've been very, very welcoming to indie developers and quite open to having an open platform.

MS on the other hand doesn't have Free to plays, no MMO's and wouldn't even let Valve give there Map Packs for free.

You didn't get disagrees because you where wrong, you got disagrees because your stating a half truth.

To say 360 was "friendly" you kind of need to be a bit more specific, ie its CPU was easy to make games on.

Aside from the CPU, MS and the 360 are the least "friendly" to developers. Um....where was Steam integration with Portal 2 on 360? What about those L4D maps?

This is just Sony getting more "friendlier" not JUST getting friendly, remember what Console has the most MMO's and free to plays. (Steam integration)

mind you FF14 will be on PS3, NOT 360. Hows that for your friendly MS?
jmc8888  +   1082d ago
Hopefully they do more sales/bundles like Steam does. I didn't get 200+ titles by paying $60 per game.

Steam still has the ball, and it is easier to have indie games on Steam then any other.

Though Wii U is also very easy on the indies, so Steam will have some competition, but they have the mature platform, and treat their customers pretty well with what they do.

No need for any sort of subscription helps, but PSN tends to give bigger deals to those with PSN Plus, so, Steam if that stays the same for PS4, will still have an advantage.

Most people have PC's even if they don't game much on them, and thus Steam has a wider audience overall as evidenced by 5 million people or so constantly on Steam. I think I read somewhere it's like the 3rd biggest bandwidth user in the world.

The PS4 looks nice, I wouldn't say incredible, the specs to justify incredible, and what we saw mostly yesterday were either PC version on a PC or possibly a PS4 version on a PC. Either way we saw a PC and not a PS4 yesterday. Hopefully it's representative of what a PS4 is, but it's quite a leap to claim it is. We simply don't know the specs of the PC we saw and whether or not they bumped up the PC specs to simulate what a PS4 a few years in would be like (as a guess).

We simply don't know.
Arksine  +   1082d ago
You are incorrect. Everything we saw yesterday was on PS4 development hardware except watchdogs. And Watchdogs had really bad tearing.
Reverent  +   1081d ago
@Arksine, lol no it didn't. The Live stream may have, but if you watch any of the videos posted on YouTube of the HD gameplay running off the PS4, there is literally no screen tearing at all.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   1081d ago are just beyond slow. Whats more sad is that this is not some sort of rumor....they got on stage with a PS4 controller and literally said (this is how our game runs on PS4). I mean...where on earth did you get "a PC simulating PS4?" LMFAO!

To say it wasn't incredible is literally a joke. I....I'm s where expecting 3TFLOPS and 16Gigs of ram? LMFAO!...sit down.
akaakaaka  +   1082d ago
good interview! next time ask about SOCOM there is a huge community of fan's and is sad that Zipper is gone!
you will get a lot of hit's if you find out if is been made..
BitbyDeath  +   1082d ago
Or Warhawk.
Warhawk was the Socom of the PS3 generation.
jmc8888  +   1082d ago
I think the Warhawk/Starhawk dev is toast or close to it.

They lost big with Starhawk, which was sad, it was a really fun game.

A few different tweaks and it would have amazing. Basically the thing wasn't marketed well, no one knew much about it, and the people that did play got a product that was highly unique and fun, except when it was a spawn camp.

Basically about half the time one team or another would get to the point of just sitting on the base camp of the other team. Which made for REALLY lopsided games.

That and there wasn't enough memory to build more items so it was restricted to 32 things built per team which is pretty small considering each player might want to build 3-4-5 things. If was say 128-256 items per team, it would have been much, much better.
DivineAssault  +   1082d ago
theyve got a smash hit here.. Blizzard jumped back on PS now too? oh this is greatness.. Jus the tip of the iceberg too as these are tech demos & early stages of games.. a year or so in is going to be amazing O.o
talisker  +   1082d ago
Somebody mentioned Steam. I was looking through the list of publishers involved in PS4 development and thinking who was missing. I thought of one big dev which is left out and it's Valve. I'm afraid their Steambox project gets serious enough for them to make HL and Portal exclusive for it. This doesn't make me happy.

Any ideas who else's missing?
jmc8888  +   1082d ago
So it's confirmed that the Vita playing PS4 games is not dynamically interactive like the Wii U gamepad, but has some of the basic features like off tv play and if on TV static inventory that updates slowly because it's not necessary to be dynamically updated.

The move creation thing was imo probably the biggest innovation they showcased yesterday. Good to see the new PS4 Eye will be much better than the original eye.
PAYNEinc85  +   1081d ago
I'm primarily an Xbox gamer. I play LOTS of games. I have a PS3 too but it doesnt get played much because my friends are on Xbox. I'd just like to say I'm very impressed with Sony. It seems like they're trying to start completely fresh for next gen. They just keep telling us what we wanna hear. Take Gaikai as an example. They knew we wouldn't get backwards compatibility so they go out and buy a company for $380 million to make it happen for us.

They have seriously been taking notes on what their consumers want and that's great. Now let's just see if Microsoft will do the same or if they keep following their foolish pride and producing failures like they have for the last 3 years. Like almost no exclusive AA or AAA games, Xbox live fees, Kinect and casual projects etc. just for quick cash. From reading this I probably don't sound like an Xbox gamer. I probably sound like a PS fanboy but everything I said was the truth. MS better bring their A game or they'll be losing many customers including me.
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Pillsbury1  +   1081d ago
Which is the reason I jumped ship from Xbox. I sold my Xbox long ago because I was tired of all the fees and them focusing more on kinect and less on real gamers.
Pillsbury1  +   1081d ago
Sony is going in an amazing direction with supporting developers and making it easy to
Develop for the ps4. Gaikai has amazing potential with being able to play playstation games on multiple platforms. Being able to create and share content with others is going to be amazing for the playstation community.
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