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NonApplicable  +   1082d ago
$450 sounds reasonable for the hardware. I do however think Sony is making a mistake if they charge anything above $400.
JohnnyAkiba  +   1082d ago
I hope it has a 3.5 sata drive not a 2.5 like the PS3.
feraldrgn  +   1082d ago
Considering the graphical leap, the massive difference in ram & Sony making it easy for devs to access the power.

I'd be willing to pay $599 for it.

Devs have no excuses this time, so I'd expect a lot more big titles.
Just imagine what first parties could do on top of that.
Ashunderfire86  +   1082d ago
What people need to understand is that the only reason why PS3 was expensive, because It had new technology that no other device at the time had until 5 years later after it launch. PS3 had Blu-ray and the Cell processor, which made it $600 dollars. Over the years Sony realize that many developers, were having problems developing for the PS3 with bad ports of third party games. If you don't believe me just look at Bethesda. It took them a very long time to get the DLC for Skyrim to work on PS3, and at one point they almost give up doing it. Every year PS3 players for Call of Duty gets a bad version on arrival, with little to no fixes, which is just plain frustrating. The developers that really knew how to get the most out of the PS3 was Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Santa Monica, Guerrilla, and few others. I digress.

Now for the future, which is PS4. PS4 will finally see a better version of Call of Duty(Them developers better be on their A game). Destiny will have content exclusive back to back with PS3 and PS4( I like how Bungie rub Halo in Microsoft's face at the Playstation meeting), so that something to get excited about. PS4 has the PC architecture now. I predict PS4 will be around $399.99 for SKU 1, and $449.99 for SKU 2.
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evilhasitsway  +   1082d ago
me personally i see the prices being right but the more expensive one will probley come with a headset because they havent said anything about ps3 headsets not working it already been confirmed that the ps3 controller wont work and with the new controller having a xbox like headphone jack the more 499 might come with headset camera system of course and controller a bigger hard drive. ps+ membership and maybe a game i think the cheaper one will just be system ,camera,ps+ membership, smaller harddrive.
StrawHatPatriot  +   1082d ago
Sony will make it cost $399 or $449 to make a profit, but package it with some games in order to make it look less expensive for the consumer.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1082d ago
Reports out of Japan nikkei it will cost 400.00 american dollars.
Sony cant afford to launch an expensive console again it will kill there gaming business.
etownone  +   1082d ago
Just release one sku.

fsfsxii  +   1082d ago
399$ with a controller and no games.
499$ with a controller and KZ:SF and hopefully Drive club with the sensor or camera
Fingers crossed
kingPoS  +   1082d ago
I can only hope that they'll release a single sku at that sweet spot of $449.

Wouldn't it be incredibly old school if Sony used an I/O port again, just like they did with the first gen PS1's.
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Omega Zues  +   1082d ago
When you break down each piece and look at the cost, The PS4 should cost Sony around $499 to produce. So, if they sell at $449, their only losing slight profit. A consumer would only have to purchase 2 two games and that loss on the console sold would already be made back.

Of course retailers will also have tons of bundles as well.

However, while I agree $599 is a tad to high, $499 seems reasonable. For consumers the $499 price has been the sweet spot, for tablets, un-locked phones, laptops ect.
taquito  +   1082d ago
heck, make it $700 and get rid of that slow 1.6 ghz cpu and that cheap $170 amd gpu

i'm cool with the ram and bluray, they can stay, be seriously, the cpu stinks and the gpu isn't fit for high end, high res gaming, its a budget card

its gonna be jaggieville like ps3/360 all over again with ps4/nextbox720, not enough horse power to look like pc games so we'll gimp the resolution and anti aliasing
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Mikeyy  +   1082d ago
If you set aside $25 a week, from now till release, you can afford the PS4/720 no matter how much it costs..

You wouldnt even know the money is gone.

>saving 101
Sh0ckWav3  +   1082d ago
$599 for a ps4+vita bundle
$399for the ps4
Thepcz  +   1082d ago
no, it will cost $699
dcortz2027  +   1082d ago
I hope the PS4 is priced at around $500 or a little less. Would hate to have to give up another $600 again unless it's reasonable(extras included and such).
MontyQ  +   1082d ago
the ram is dirt cheap and the amd parts are too, trust me I build pcs and it aint all that *GB ram even say lower 1600speed ripjaws is still only $30-$40 at a retail store now say sony buys 5 million sticks of ram lol be like 5 bux each,
level 360  +   1082d ago
Hope they tell the retail people over here in Australia to get real.. AU$899??

Link ( )

It's still subject to change, but first impression tells you WTF??
SuperbVillain  +   1081d ago
I'll give them my slim plus a hundred bucks and another yer no interest for another 100 bucks....damn times are tough
Shacojin  +   1081d ago
My prediction.. 2SKUs at launch.

#1 sku: $449 PlayStation 4, Dual shock 4, PlayStation Eye 4, HDMI cable, manual.

#2 sku *bundle*: $599 PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, dualshock 4, HDMI cable, 3 month trial of PS+ or whatever they call it, a voucher for one free downloadable PS4 game *Knack, Kill zone, drive club*
HurstDarkStar  +   1081d ago
People tend to forget the starting price of a console is usually why people want BC on the ps3. Nobody wants to wait with there new console for games to play and nobody should dammit.
Drainage  +   1081d ago
hope its 350-400 for the basic / and 699 for the premium deluxe beasts like myself who are rich as fuck
Pieman523  +   1081d ago
I'll hold my tongue until I hear something official.
Darkshader  +   1081d ago
I think sony will released 2 sku. One is priced $450 and the other is $550 to $600. I doubt it will be $400 unless they take out the camera in the bundle.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1081d ago
for all you tech bosses.....someone at work mention that the system might be bigger then the ps3 because of gdddr5?

is it true?
stuntman_mike  +   1081d ago
in power yes,in size no.
wiiulee  +   1081d ago
lol..actually there is a very good chance this will be sony's last gaming generation...especially if that system comes out at 499.....i still feel the winner of this next generation despite all the hate articles and nonsense will be between the wiiu and steam
madjedi  +   1081d ago
A next gen sony or ms console will sell alot better @ $400 or 450 than a current gen nintendo console @$350.

Last gen stores couldn't keep wii in stock long enough even 6 months to a yr. You can find a wiiu everywhere, people just don't want it currently, the wiiu will finish 3rd in sales.

It's going to be a secondary or third console at best, but if you would pull your head out of reggies asshole, maybe reality would say hello.
Drithe  +   1081d ago
IF the system is 400 bucks then that means Sony is looking to destroy Microsoft once and for all, because that price is the holy grail for new systems. ONE DOLLAR MORE and that tells me that Sony is looking to milk the ps3 while it is hot and take what they can with high price tag while there are idiots who would pay 500 bucks or more for a video game system.

Remember, game companies do not make money off of systems who do not have a large install base. It wasnt until the price came down to 299 that it even started fighting back with the xbox.

End of Line.
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susanto1228  +   1081d ago
Destroy MSoft once and for all?? WTH are thinking Oh everyone that bought millions of Xbox 360's are suddenly going to buy PS4's now sure this is a 2 horse race 3 if you count sucky WIIU that are neck and neck and that's good for us gamers. I personally will be buying both the PS4 and xbox 720 but if you Sony fanboys think MSoft is going to take this lying down I don't think so SONY once underestimated the Xbox and look where it got them hell we are still seeing some titles looking better on the xbox 360 than the PS3 in 2013!!!! for christ sake...I wouldn't count any console developer out right now especially MSoft we haven't seen what they got in store but we soon will.
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stuntman_mike  +   1081d ago
out of interest has anyone pre-ordered the PS4, I did the other day at shopto they have it up at 399.98 and that's a price promise too? I think that's the sweet spot on it.
susanto1228  +   1081d ago
That's cuz they got their ass Wupped last time you know there going to lose money on this so they have to make more money off GOOD games...GOOOODD games not games like that dragon game that got released right after the system was launched or the other game Heavenly Sword which also sucked...remember sony lower the price and release GOOD games...not bad ones..
TBONEJF  +   1081d ago
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