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Trenta27  +   919d ago
Can someone buy me that? I will make you cupcakes for life.
banjadude  +   919d ago

Is it true this was made only in limited quantities? Thanks in advance...
Perjoss  +   919d ago
If I remember correctly its 10,000 units
ATi_Elite  +   919d ago
rather just have a AMD HD7970 GHZ Edition!

Heck a HD7970 GHZ Edition CFX set-up is cheaper than a Titan and beats it!

$1000 GPU........I'll PASS.........unless some Ray Traced game comes out next week but other than that NOT NEEDED!
Waste of money. Just to max out console ports?
CapsLocke  +   919d ago
I second that, this card's price is embarrassing to all in PC space. Ridicules.
Perjoss  +   919d ago
not really, it all depends on if you get into modding, Some of those high res texture paks can really bring high end systems to the sub 60 frames numbers. There are some mods that add totally insane options, like the sikk mod for Doom 3. Many mods also add crazy draw distance, which can really be taxing.

Besides, apparently even a GTX 690 struggles to get Crysis 3 past 45 frames per second, and this Titan card is not as fast as a 690.
SITH  +   919d ago
That is a down right lie. I do not have a clue where you got that statement from, but i sure would love for you to cite the source.
I run crysis 3 at 60 FPS, all advanced graphics set to very high. And I have a gtx 690.

The bottom right of the screen is my frame rate courtesy of FRAPS software.

Some nice reading material for you.
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classic200  +   919d ago
Yup as long as a game is not optimize for a card no matter how powerful it is then its useless.

Next gen is around the corner and some high end PC will finally be able to push their cards to the limit.
ABizzel1  +   919d ago
It cost too much for what you're getting.

It should have been $800 ($700 actually, but NVIDIA charges premium). The 690 and 7990 outperform the card by 20% at the same price, and the Titan may outperform the 680 by 50%, but it's cost 2x as much.

You're better off buying 2 680's or 670's for that matter and calling it a day, than buying a single Titan.
kevnb  +   919d ago
Not that its worth buying, but crysis 3 is dx11 only on PC, please explain this to me.
chukamachine  +   919d ago
And it's slower then the gtx 690,lol
ZoyosJD  +   919d ago
But the GTX690 is actually two GPUs compressed onto one card. With a driver update these could be running on par in various games and a GTX690 will cost you a grand and you can't be sure SLI will always work effectively in a game.
MontyQ  +   919d ago
I got 2 580s in SLI for $600 total on sale new after rebates this was like a year ago, thats $400 cheaper then this titian and it beats it still, sure titian is a single gpu but at $1000 you can do SLI 680s and whoop this thing.
trenso1  +   919d ago
i cant see what is exciting about this at all
kevnb  +   919d ago
Its interesting lol.
trenso1  +   918d ago
im sure it is to people who have an interest for this
FlyingFoxy  +   919d ago
I wish AMD would sort out their micro stuttering on multi card setups, 2 x HD 7970's are much more affordable at £600 than the Titan and faster.

if micro stuttering was solved i would get a dual card or 2 linked together to get fast framerates at 1080p in all newer games and not have to worry about dipping below 60fps.
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ATi_Elite  +   919d ago
I'm running HD6950 CFX unlocked to HD6970 and I have NO noticeable microstutter on my 1600p 30" monitor!!

AMD Drivers in CFX are good!
jagstar44  +   919d ago
crysis 3 is raping my 660ti :(
Coach_McGuirk  +   919d ago
this card is for people with the spare cash (obviously) who want a high-performance card with the power requirements/heat output of a card that would be ideal in ITX form factor situations.
givemeshelter  +   919d ago
This is strictly for people with too much money on their hands and want a smaller form factor PC with lots of power.
You're better off going the SLI or Crossfire root with the same type of power for half the cost
Letros  +   919d ago
I'm amazed at the cards ability to overclock your monitors refresh rate, people are reporting up to 80hz on a 60hz monitor!
iistuii  +   919d ago
My 680 runs my Crysis 3 just lovely. I used the new Nvidia gforce experience beta & it really was pretty cool. It's maxed out mostly only lowering shadows to high & AA x2, looks amazing but I wouldn't pay that much to up the shadows & add another notch to the AA... Well maybe if I was rich.
chasegarcia  +   919d ago
This card is for people that have lots of money and want the best. Not for folks looking for the best bang for the buck.
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Eyesoftheraven  +   919d ago
Crysis 3 on PC low doesn't look all that different from Very High unlike the difference between low and high in Crysis 1 which is massive yet the performance between low, medium and high, very high is extremely dramatic.

Crysis 3 at Very High with SMAA 2TX at 1080p dips to the low 30's at times with an i7-3930k @ 4.3GHz, 16GB DDR3 @ 1866MHz and a single Radeon 7970GHz edition running 1920x1080p. To run Crysis 3 perfectly V-Synced at rarely less than 60fps and 4xMSAA, I need to switch to all low settings, but can keep Very high texture resolution but even with those settings I still get random, dramatic dips in performance. Maybe future drivers will improve performance a lot.
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