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TobeyMaguireFan   766d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   766d ago
Better than ever
simple and practical
onyoursistersback  +   766d ago
looks almost perfect!!!
cant wait to hold one!!!
Kevin ButIer  +   766d ago
It looks really cool, I think its the perfect balance between something new and the beloved DS design... My only concern is how effective is going to be the touchpad, I hope it doesn't end as the sixaxis feature.
dalibor  +   765d ago
Simple. The mechanics of the touchpad can be used to open doors, locks, or doing a super move of some sort. Example to open a door you could use a button or if you want make a circle design on the pad(maybe 3 times around). Doors have a circle knob you know, in essence you do in fact make a twist with your wrists to open a door, hence a circular motion. It depends on the door though. Or in LBP3 you could draw a design and pop the game would create it.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   766d ago
No way. You guys can't be serious. It looks cheap and unfinished.
dalibor  +   765d ago
Well if you are not pleased with this controller I think you can still use a DS3 with the PS4(not sure though). More options is a damn great thing if in fact that you can.
SilentNegotiator  +   766d ago
It looks great, but the touchpad had better be clickable. Otherwise, without a select button, we're out an entire button (and, yes, "just one" button WOULD be a considerable issue - consider how many games use every button, including select)!
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Jac5al  +   766d ago
It is.
SilentNegotiator  +   765d ago
Tsar4ever  +   765d ago
Though looks not very ground breaking, It does indeed looks like it was designed to be more euro-dynamic and comfortable to the hands, and oh look, They appeared to have stretched the handles a wee-bit longer just like I suggested they should do.

To bad that the d-pad wasn't just like the dev-kit prototype pic they released last week. I preferred the d-pad to this official pad. And DAMN, still no "clear gel" d-pad & symbols buttons.
Rainstorm81  +   766d ago
Why the vid with crappy music? Why not just 15 high res images of the DS4?

Seems like extra work for nothing

Edit: oh ok the vid made me not want to click to see if the were actual individual hi res pics
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Hakoom  +   766d ago
you want me to put rock music on controler images? :p
this suits more for electronics
the site has the images too if u are wondering btw
so i made both ;p
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blind-reaper  +   766d ago
where is my console!
TobeyMaguireFan   766d ago | Spam
Shadow Flare  +   766d ago

The console and pricing. And more games and details.

And Kaz

Gotta save something to deflate microsofts showing
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dirthurts  +   766d ago
I personally look forward to seeing what MS has.
Sony seems to be really bringing the goods.
Can't imagine what the competition came up with.
Exciting times.
I've not been this excited since the PS2.
NateCole  +   766d ago
Well even more games from Sony will do that as well. Uncharted 4!!!

The great thing about having many hamny first party. You get many exclusive games.
Loki86  +   766d ago
I despised the prototype, but this looks mean, sleek, and very sturdy. Bravo Sony!
starchild  +   765d ago
I agree. I think it looks ergonomic and well-built.
Shadow Flare  +   766d ago
The dual shock 4 looks like it'll be really nice to hold, a lot more ergonomic. All the new features are very interesting too. Very exciting
The_Devil_Hunter  +   766d ago
The internet has exploded.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   766d ago
Only Sony can make this masterpiece.
Relientk77  +   766d ago
Love dat new Dualshock 4
Tzuno  +   766d ago
Microsoft's cock is ready.
BeAGamer  +   766d ago
microsoft's noodle*
r21  +   766d ago
Damn, that certainly looks like a next gen controller :O I want it.
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Ddouble  +   766d ago
maniacmayhem  +   766d ago
The new controller looks big, it almost looks as thick as the MS 360's controller. It's funny that both Nintendo and Sony only showed their controller and not the actual system.

And it looks like the eyetoy upgrade will come with the ps4. Looks like Kinect like features will be heavy integrated into the PS4, along with social features which was a main topic for the meeting today.

I can't wait to see some specific users on here reactions to this.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   766d ago
I think Sony is not showing the actual console for a few reasons.

They probably don't want to give Microsoft the chance to analyze it and make adjustment to the next xbox. Sony are predominantly a hardware manufacturer, so they definitely don't want MS taking hints from them on how to integrate Kinect into their console in the same manner that they will do it.
If you notice that the original xbox's have always been bulkier and less appealing physically when compared to Sony.

Secondly, they obviously want to have a rebuttal for when MS finally announce their console. Notice that they didn't go into much detail about the new functionality of the controller either. I mean for something that's suppose to release this year, one would have to assume that final specs such as looks, and exterior components have been handed down to factories to begin production and assembly.
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maniacmayhem  +   766d ago
"They probably don't want to give Microsoft the chance to analyze it and make adjustment to the next xbox."

I doubt this, MS and Sony this late more than likely have all their designs and features locked down to their new systems.

"If you notice that the original xbox's have always been bulkier and less appealing physically when compared to Sony."

This maybe true for the old Xbox but the 360 and 360 "slim" were more streamlined and very appealing especially compared to the original PS3 with its Foreman grill like appearance.

As for your second point, I personally think they didn't want to blow all their surprises and not have anything to show for E3.
Studio-YaMi  +   766d ago
I missed Kaz and Jack in this meeting,hope they come with a BANG on E3 ! :D

Sleek looking controller !
krisq  +   765d ago
Kaz is the one that always shows the look of a new platform. E3 is the place where we'll see him along with looks of PS4 hardware.
R_aVe_N  +   766d ago
I love the controller like always, but that camera has a very solid design. I think it will be a lot more stable than the Playstation Eye.
level 360  +   766d ago
Gorgeous piece of kit. Very much like that they smoothed-out the rough edges of previous control pad and gave it a grippier and slightly longer handle for adult-size hands to hold onto.
Trigger/D-pad/Thumb Sticks re-design a big plus.
nikoado  +   766d ago
So the buttons on either side of the touchpad are labelled"share"(left ) and "options" (right).

The touchpad looks clickable. The analog stick have a small ridge and are slightly concave. And the R2/L2 buttons look modified as well.
Rainstorm81  +   766d ago
I just noticed that as more start and select?
dalibor  +   765d ago
Everything on that DS4 is different except the iconic four face buttons. Even L1 and R1 are different, they are not as rectangle as they used to be. TIP: remember if you don't like the analogs of the DS4 I'm betting you probably might be able to put in the analogs from DS3. Who knows until it has been looked inside.
Eldyraen  +   766d ago
I actually love the new design all around but I as someone that never enjoyed the feel of earpieces I'm most excited about the headphone jack. I know a lot of people are fine with it but just have never liked them and still won't use them even for my phone. Granted there are other options for the PS3 but having the option/feature like the 360 is huge for me as much more convenient and cheaper than most.

Since its been added I am pretty sure the PS4 will also come with a basic headset this time around to go with all the new social PSN features which will really make things a whole lot nicer.
kingboy  +   766d ago
Does it have a mic or speakers like the prototype?
krisq  +   765d ago
Yeah, it does a have a speaker and headset connector. Also, wired headset will be bundled with every console.
kingboy  +   765d ago
Nice,thank u
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   766d ago
I'm officially in the twilight zone. People didn't like the prototype (which I loved by the way) but they love this thing?? What the heck people!! I'm starting to believe you people just love anything SONY.
nevin1  +   766d ago
People are strange or just hypocrits.
kenshiro100  +   766d ago
Are you kidding me...?
People have something called 'opinions'. They like what they want.
Hicken  +   766d ago
So if we "just love anything SONY," then why didn't we like the prototype, smart guy? Do you think before you type? Or do you just naturally have stupid things to say?

I still don't like the shape of the analog sticks, but it looks better, overall. The rumor about the "Share" button turned out to be true, after all. "Start" and "Select" are conspicuously absent; perhaps their functions will be included in the "Options" button?
Shawtymann  +   766d ago
Is that rubber on the back side?!?!?
I love the new shoulder buttons and the analog sticks. This really looks like the perfect controller
Eldyraen  +   766d ago
That's what I thought too--looked like a different texture and would allow for a better grip. In many ways it keeps the DS basic design, adds some cool new ones, as well as taking a few of the best things about the xbox controller.

Its sort of the best of both worlds. Just hope it kept its d-pad ;)
tarbis  +   766d ago
Am I the only who don't like the face of the analog stick? They look like 2 android eyes staring at me. >_<
Aside from that, I like the design.
uuaschbaer  +   766d ago
They rotated the type on the R1, R2 etc. buttons.
Jac5al  +   766d ago
I like it. I don't see the touch-pad being all that beneficial although.
krisq  +   765d ago
I was really hoping that touch pad will also have one color LEDs for displaying virtual buttons.
DivineAssault  +   766d ago
i love it.. everything about it is awesome..
azshorty2003  +   765d ago
it does look pretty sweet!
DarthBigE  +   765d ago
but,but...wheres "start" and "select"?!?!?
Omar91  +   765d ago
Thank god its not called the shocker or what ever it was rumored to be.

looks beautiful
jalen247  +   765d ago
Looks good.
kingPoS  +   764d ago
Hmm... what if could capture 3D video & pictures?

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