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Snookies12  +   956d ago
This demo was just so freaking epic. I've heard people who see it that didn't even like Naruto say they wanted the game after that lol.

CC2 really outdid themselves this time...
SavageKuma  +   956d ago
I believe this is the best one out of the series.
raWfodog  +   954d ago
I see you missed the secret action in that fight between Minato and Madara but I hope you've seen it by now. It's cool to end the fight with that move, just like in the manga and anime.

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Chris558  +   956d ago
Cillectors baby
PersonaCat  +   956d ago
I've got to say, this game feels like one hell of a step up compared to a lot of anime based games I play. This could potentially be the best game based off an anime since Budokai 3. Consider me sold CC2
SavageKuma  +   956d ago
I have to agree and it is very fluid too.
Y_5150  +   956d ago
Really? Naruto Storm 1 or 2 didn't make you think this?

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