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Npugz7  +   1008d ago
Oh I can't wait for BF4!!
Dark5tar1  +   1008d ago
I am seriously worried about BF4. It was way too soon that BF3 came out, and the modern FPS genre is already way oversaturated. I'm not sure BF4 will be a major improvement over BF3.

Edit: Screwed up a minor part of what I was trying to say.
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Banok  +   1008d ago
do we need BF4? I'm betting its sole purpose is to sell something simular to the pc version of BF3 to the new generation of consoles.

Id much rather they release an SDK for BF3 than make a BF4. infact Id pay more for it.
scvdmg  +   1008d ago
There are some utter morons in here, saying DICE innovates because they update their Engine? Doesn't work like that, a pretty game doesn't make for a good one, let alone innovative gaming.

Due to the back lash of COD hating rent boys here, i'll defend them for a moment because they don't need to rely on online passes to force more money out of you, they have servers that aren't the same ones as they used in 2001 & they sure as hell care more than EA, you fucking idiots, open your eyes to the bullshit they feed you.

Enjoy disconnecting every 2 rounds & having customer service made up of 3 six year olds in a playground.
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MGregory666  +   1008d ago
First Party Games only please Sony. Don't make the same mistakes again.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1003d ago
While BF3 crashed and burned early on, due to poor framerate and an unhappy core group, I think BF4 has a chance to at least challenge COD. It's really tough to say at this point.
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