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Cam_is_16bit  +   1088d ago
Great review, DJ!
DeejayKnight  +   1088d ago
Thanks a ton, Cam! :D
SirNintend0  +   1088d ago
Game sucks, would have given it a 4.
maximus1985  +   1088d ago
really? why?
SirNintend0  +   1088d ago
I'm a bitter MGS fan. lol.
DeejayKnight  +   1088d ago
LOL @ that, SirNintend0!

I actually point out the difference in this game versus the rest of the games in the article though. :)
LaWiiG  +   1088d ago
I think that platinumgames continued their trend of building good beat'em up brawler games. Not a metal gear fan, but would play this for a nice rent.

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