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tayz  +   1088d ago
damn this game just keeps getting better and better and better!! YAHHOOOO!!
Septic  +   1088d ago
You know what tayz, I've never really owned a Naruto Storm game but I reckon I could obliterate you on it.


P.S- what format do you play on? I'll buy it on that one.
tayz  +   1088d ago

i have PS3!
Septic  +   1088d ago
Cool; I'll send you my gamertag when the game is released. Brace yourself!
CaptainSheep  +   1088d ago
Aw, c'mon! I was hoping for a scan confirming Madara. -_-
tayz  +   1088d ago
i know lol. hopefully next week!!
Y_5150  +   1088d ago
I love Tobi! I kick butt with that goofy character. There is going to be around 3 different kinds of Tobi in this game?
tayz  +   1088d ago
i think so... maybe even 4!

1. goofy tobi
2. serious tobi
3. masked man tobi
4. white mask tobi
Y_5150  +   1088d ago
I think serious Tobi would be the same as white mask Tobi though. :P

But it would be cool if thy had Tobi's real identity be playable but that's very very unlikely.
Gregard  +   1087d ago
5. Swimsuit Tobi
6. Happy Tobi!
7. Sad Tobi :(
8. Angry Tobi >:[
9. Depressed Tobi <:*(

Sorry couldn't help it :P
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Irishguy95  +   1087d ago
His awakening is ****ing hax as ****
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kingPoS  +   1087d ago
I can't wait till the demo finishes downloading. What I've seen so far has me excited.

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WTF!? How are these spam bots gaining bubbles???
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