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decapitator  +   2899d ago
Sounds like, whatever R* has done with the multiplayer aspect of the game is sure to blow gamers away. I seriously cannot wait. Also good to see the PS3 version up and running. Seeing as how I only have a PS3 now (my 360 died), this is certainly good news for me.

EDIT: Also anyone that thought this game would run at 60fps isn't thinking realistically. I mean it could be done if it was a first party game aimed at a particular game system but it aint so 30 is definitely good news.
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sonarus  +   2899d ago
even if it was a first party game, 60fps would be extremely hard to pull off for an open world game as expansive as GTA. The older versions didnt always run steady at 30fps though so a constant framerate is all i require
pharmd  +   2899d ago
...sounds like a win-win for everyone...

get ur game on:P
Vash_The_Stampede  +   2899d ago
Maybe 60fps
Maybe.....just maybe in the future R* will have the new GTA's running at 60 fps. By then the new microsoft console will be out, but the PS3 will still be here kickin strong and running it with ease.

Launch 60gb upgraded to 320gb.

Launch 360 downgraded to........well you know.
jackdoe  +   2899d ago
For the incredible size of the world, I think a stable 30 fps is good. Also, even though some people *cough* PoG *cough* want to dispute it, the fact is that the PS3 version looks and runs great. Which is a plus. I don't know how many more shoddy ports I could take. But different sites have the PS3 build being anywhere from one (1up) to three weeks (spong) behind which is strange. My guess is one week, or else they wouldn't have shown the game to the press.
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Odion   2899d ago | Off topic | show
sonarus  +   2898d ago
lol @ odion hope he didnt hurt your feelings. For a game like GTA i dont think 60fps is a necessity
RecSpec  +   2898d ago
60fps is not impossible.
By the end of the gen I think we will see it. The series has advanced a lot from 3 to San Andreas.
etownone  +   2898d ago
Gears plays great at 30fps.
GTA4 will play at 30 fps.

so how come a game like COD4 that looks better than both those games run steady at 60 fps on both 360/ps3?

open world? nah..... just pay infinity ward for their game engine.
sarcastoid  +   2898d ago
@ 1.8
COD 4 is an extremely linear game for starters... IW has said that they do NOT like open world, sandbox style gameplay and that they want their games to be heavily scripted and linear. It's debatable whether it looks better than GoW but IMO it certainly does not. But you can't honestly imply that if Infinity Ward was doing GTA that it would be 60fps if they were to make it the same look and openness as Rockstar is making it. You're kidding yourself.
sonarus  +   2898d ago
everyone talks like gears of war has mind blowing graphics. Yes it did 2 YEARS AGO. There are so many games that will (and already have) surpass gears of war graphically and i think call of duty was one of them.

I was a big fan of gears of war 1 i just wish Epic didn't license the unreal engine to every tom d!ck and harry to play with and f up making countless numbers of ugly unreal engine games. It has essentially killed that unique look. No matter how many textures or pixel shaders or polygons they pack into gears 2 it prob won't be very impressive to me because i am tired of the look.

Hopefully i am wrong i really enjoyed that cover based game play in gears. Thats prob what i liked most about uncharted too. Its nice to slow it down sometimes and not run around getting shot like a buffoon.
Kr155  +   2898d ago
some of you make it sound like 60 fps is new to this generation. You do realize that there are PS1 games that run at 60 fps. the fact is it's a development decision, and it always has been. Run the game at 60fps, or make the game look better, render more detail and run it at 30 fps. and if you actually think that COD4 and GTA4 are comparable you really need to think about that. In COD4 the maps are small and claustrophobic. It allows for a higher level of detail and a fast frame rate because there really isn't much there. GTA4 is one enormous map and while the whole thing isn't rendered at once, alot more has to be rendered at any given time than COD4. Take a look at the screen shots of GTA4. look at all the people walking in the streets that not only have to be rendered but have AI too. look at how many buildings there are and how large they are. Look at how far away you can see. COD4 while certainly one of the best looking games around doesn't make the console do half the things that GTA4 does. It is likely that if R* continues to develop this franchise that thier goals are to make the game more expansive and get much more on the screen at once. Not increase the frame rate espesially with how cinimatic the game is. Games focused on competition, or racing games are better served by the faster frame rate thats just the way it is.
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VigorousApathy  +   2898d ago
Right on Kr155. Comparing COD4's framerate and graphics makes as little sense as comparing the graphics of cars from Gran Turismo 5. COD4 would be 5 frames a second if it was trying to display the same amount of information that is in any moment of GTA 4.
Seraphim  +   2898d ago
@ KR155
bubble for you...

I was wondering how far I'd get in this before seeing some .... make some crap statement about frame rates. The modern gamer is so misinformed. Both are essential for gaming and both have their strong and weak points. It's up to the developer to create what kind of game they want and they take many factors into consideration when deciding 30 or 60 FPS. Now if only all these idiots [in general, not toward anyone directly] can get that through their thick and narrow minded skulls. What enrages me is all these so called "gamers" crying about Frames Per Second. Oh, I'm not buying *insert game* because the developers suck. They can't even run 60 FPS. I refuse to buy a game that isn't 60 FPS. This and the no online play card are my two pet peeves with gamers.

Fact of the matter is that I hope developers stop disclosing this kind of information. If another developer wants to know, fine, tell them. But there's no reason for the average gamer, or reviewer to care or know how many FPS a game runs. It's irrelevant to the game and quality of. Both are a necessity for gaming and that's the simple fact of the matter...
poos3  +   2898d ago
cogd4 does not look better than gears of war ,kids these daysdont even know anything about graphic processing play gears of war on a 40 inch hd tv ull notice gears is still the best looking console game atm followed by cod4 singleplayer only.
godofthunder10  +   2898d ago
as i was reading all the posts,i knew it was to good for everyone to have a grownup i started reading the first few post people talking about the game but when i got to Vash_The_Stampede he had to mess every thing up and post a fanboy article.
it's people like him that act childish and never make's a kid that says the 360 want be around long and then the ps3 will beable to run at 60 fps,hell they both can run at 60fps sometime the 360 version of a game runs at 60fps and the ps3 version runs at 30fps.i bet if you put them side by side he want even beable to tell the difference,he's just a childish fanboy that had to bring up that his system is better then the other when he doesn't even know what's he's talking one person said they had games running at 60 fps on some games last gen.
he act like a child that doesn't want anyone to play with his toys when he says things like he posted.he acts as if he will lose something if the 360 have the same games like the ps3 have and hopeing that the 360 fails.but he might as well shut up about it because the ps and xbox will be here to stay as long as people want to play video games,alreay micro and sony are working on their new systems already.
i wish that all this childish talking stops and all games were on all three systems and their isn't even any exclusive(it's almost there now).why do people like him that have a certain system hope that the other one fails or hope that a certain game will be on their system and not the other.they act as if it will hurt them or they think that the company that made their system will give them a free game or system,but they couldn't give a sh*t about him or any other fanboy all they want to do is sell systems and they will lie to do it,hell they already did.
i own a 360 and i wish that a certain game was on the 360 that's exclusive to the ps3(like kill zone)and i know that they have an exclusive game on the 360 that he wish he had on the ps3 but he will never admit it because he's childish and will never admit that the 360 have good games.
the truth is that they are both damn systems with good games.the developers already said that the 360 does dome things better then the ps3 and vice versa but he will still say it's not true.
i wish that people like him will stop acting childish and like they own the company that made their systems.why would a person like him wish that the syatem that he don't own fail because it want help him one damn bit all it will do is stop people from playing games and it want help him one bit.
he need to just enjoy the system and games he have instead of wishing that the other system fail because it doesn't concern him one damn bit and all the fan boys should just enjoy their systems and games and don't even worry about the other,unless you are like me and wish that everyone will enjoy their systems and wish that every one could enjoy all the games because every one deserve to enjoy them not just a person with a certain systems..i own a 360 and i admit that i don't like sony but i don't wish that the ps3 fails or break down on anyone and i'll even admit that the ps3 is a good system unlike people like him that will never admit that about the 360 hell he will never admit that the 360 have any good games because he acts childish and it's about time he grows up.
TriggerHappy  +   2899d ago
Day one. Purchased confirmed.
EZCheez  +   2899d ago
Was there ever any doubt?
sonarus  +   2898d ago
i dunno. am still sort of meh on GTA4 to be honest. I will still be getting it for sure but i seriously doubt it will be a day one purchase
ikiru3385  +   2898d ago
me, too!
-EvoAnubis-  +   2898d ago
...see you guys in Liberty City on the 29th of April. Just look for the fireworks and widespread panic. I'll be in the middle of it.
niall77  +   2899d ago
this will be the biggest selling game this Gen...
... well until GTA5 or GTA4 Vice City
ELite_Ghost  +   2899d ago
w/e my tv upconverts games to 120hz

i have the samsung LNT 4671
ravenguard88  +   2899d ago
i dont think you get it...
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Primetimebt  +   2899d ago
I have a Bravia XBR4 with the 120hz motion flow I doubt your TV is going to upscale the frames per second but it will make it alot smoother.
MrWonderful  +   2898d ago
no need to make remarks like that. he really may not be able to afford that, but since we are on the subject i could crush you with my wallet son!...................serious ly

chuck has spoken
ELite_Ghost  +   2898d ago
k that's what i meant, it makes it smoother, period!
and my tv owns you, bravia boy!
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Bonsai1214  +   2898d ago
120hz only impacts movies anyways. it has nothing to do with games.
gogators  +   2898d ago
The 120 hz you speak of is the refresh rating for your tv,
and it's supposedly helps improve against blur in movies by clearing each frame more quickly. It won't help improve your game's picture by increasing the number of frames. Though my 81F 52 inch Samsung back lit LED LCD with 120 hz refresh rating looks very nice when just about any game is played on it.
Seraphim  +   2898d ago
4.5 -
k that's what i meant, it makes it smoother, period!
and my tv owns you, bravia boy!

Lol, last I checked Sony and Samsung LCDs are produced on the same line. They're essentially the same flipping thing from top to bottom. The only real thing that differentiates them is the case and name on them. All important features and lcd panels are the same... Matter of fact, the production line was a joint effort by Samsung and Sony. Probably the sole reason Samsung is in the position they're in right now in the LCD market. So for starters get educated on the subject. Secondly don't go talking crap like your Sammy is the bomb and all that over the Bravia. Especially when the words XBR4 come after it... :P Sony and Samsung = Same Quality from top to bottom. No question about it.
SUP3R  +   2899d ago
I was hoping really hard it would have been 60FPS lol although I was positive it wouldn't happen, but I'm glad it doesn't drop lower that the 30FPS in all of the previews.
skynidas  +   2899d ago
Really good news
JUST 60 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jwatt  +   2899d ago
Yep just two months!
Spike47  +   2899d ago
for all, Hopefully there won't be any comparison videos between the two versions.

This game does'nt deserve that.
niall77  +   2899d ago
GTA4 is offically out next month (its march 1th here)
MailMan  +   2899d ago
They FINALLY got the 3Fixme version to run at 30FPS
REJOICE Xbots,your MEDIOCRE console will be getting a SLIGHTLY INFERIOR multiplatform title.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND
jwatt  +   2899d ago
I don't know why I had to look at the open zone. I'm a Sony fanboy and even I know that comment was uncalled for. Read the artical they said both versions look Identical. I know it's the open Zone but come on now!
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2898d ago
It's obvious that you didn't read it, or listen to the podcast. You could have at least got the information from the title alone, but I don't even think you read that.
InYourMom  +   2898d ago
Don't mind him
he's just mad because he gets the inferior GTA without all the extra's.
ikiru3385  +   2898d ago

I think I'd take an "inferior" game over an inferior 2008 lineup.
baxter  +   2898d ago
the ps3 version will have HOME integration

Both versions will be over 100 hours long . I seriously doubt whether there is anyone who would even finish the game.

April is a great month for me . GT5 P and GTA4 followed by Haze in May and the MEGA HITTER MGs4 in June.

I am so proud to be a ps3 owner. Not only would i be enjoying the 50 gig MGS4 BD game i would be watching BluRAY movies at 1080p.

Paramount is planning to release Transformers BD in JUNE----WOOOOOT
Play B3yond  +   2898d ago
The PS3 has the superior game because it is the superior console,on the other hand the 360 has the inferior game because its the inferior console...Now ya see how that works?
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2898d ago
But i just walk into the store took my deposit from GTA and put it down on MGS4 . The clerk said why ? I told him I bought every version of GTA and never finish it...So whats so different about this one ? I probably never get a chance to play with it anyways with all the other games.. Now call me an idiot but i think i made the right choice ...$89.99 or $99.00 for the limited edition....BARF

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Snukadaman  +   2898d ago
Hey got a link too that news of home intergration in gta IV?
I will await that link because being on n4g all this time I have never seen anything about that...and Im sure most of the droids would of used that as a excuse too claim the ps3 version is better....again..I will await that link....on topic...I guess thats why we have not seen any comparison shots of the games since the ps3 version is still not finished....I guess mailman hasn't seen madden 08 in all its 30 fps glory and doesn't know the xbox version is in 60 for him.
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baxter  +   2898d ago
Burnout ran at 60 frames on ps3 and 30 frames on x360.

DMC4 occasinoally ran at 60 frames on ps3 and 30 frames on x360.

ps3 already has a lot of games which run at 1080p Native at 60 frames per second --examples being NGS,RR7 and the upcoming GT5. same cannot be said for x360.

Had GTA4 been ps3 exclusive then it would have run at 60 frames per second. Graphically GTA4 isnt impressive enough to bog down the frame rate
Pain  +   2898d ago
woo for 360's inferior~nes...
would be 60 fps and and just plain beter if xbox2's crappy old gen hardware wasnt holding this game back.

But hey atleast ill play multiplayer for FREE and be care free minded that my perrty PS3 wont RROD on me for bagging out a 5+ hour killing spree~

and befor the xbot scream DLC!! yawn~ ill be playing LBP by the time that extra snooze fest will be out.
Snukadaman  +   2898d ago
hey baxter..aka nasim aka nicholascage...
there you go again claiming ps3 burnout is 60 fps...I knew it was you ans your bullsheit.....thanks for that confirmation...and whats funny is you have no link for EITHER claim...good job douchebag...both versions of burnout run at 60 fps dummy..stop trying too spread your propaganda... its confirmed the ps3 "bogged" down development of the whole game...seeing its not even out of development if all the trailers and pics are from the xbox version your claim that the xbox bogged down development fails.....nice try anyways blind droid...go home.
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InYourMom  +   2898d ago
Yeah, I bet you weren't saying that last year about the PS3.

Gears of War 2, Halo Wars, Ninja Gaiden 2, Left 4 Dead, Banjo Kazooie 3, Splinter Cell 5, etc. Seems like a not so inferior line-up to me.

I won't say that MGS4, LBP, KZ2, RFOM2 are not some heavy hitters but it's the PS3's second year and just like the 360 in it's second year of course big games are going to come out. Considering Uncharted was the last exclusive game to come out for the system it is about time.

Since I own both systems I will own them all! Minus LBP and Halo Wars.
baxter  +   2898d ago
@hey snukadaman aka TheMART aka INYOURMUM
Burnout runs at 60 fps on ps3 and 30 fps on x360 ---said by IGN

The video was posted on youtube which was later removed. You can get IGN insider pass and watch the comparison

Ps3 version has better graphics and better and faster framerate. The news was also posted at N4G

***WATCH IGN insider video here :-



you dont own a ps3.

SC:CONVICTION is on PC too with better graphics

LEFT 4 DEAD -- a mediocre looking game also on PC with b graphics

lol at Ninja Gaiden 2 ---what a shame ? is that even a game. Banjo Kajooi ---lol. The only game x360 has is GEARS 2 .

However both Kz2 and R2 will rape Gears 2 in worlwide sales. PS3 would have 2x/3x the userbase as x360 when those games are launched.

MGS4 is alone way bigger than all of those inferior x360 game lineup
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Snukadaman  +   2897d ago
hahahaha poor nasim aka baxter..
You cant comprehend the idea of one one person having one account...sorry person...You can believe everything you want but please stop trying too spread your have been on this website for so long you think your a fixture here...your only fodder for n4g because you bring in alot of traffic with your many accounts....theres not many people with enough time on their hands to make several accounts and log on and agree with themselves but I guess you do....whats even funnier is your such a moron your style can be pointed out every time...both games are 60fps....if not there would of been plenty of articles showing that fact like there were plenty of articles showing madden 08 at being 30 fps....since you cant bring up one link...but a shoddy youtube video that aint even up no more further proves my point that you cant even back up your claims. enjoy this past article nasim.
IzKyD1331  +   2899d ago
lets just hope the 30 FPS holds up
gEnKiE  +   2898d ago
30 FPS???!?! WTH Rockstar? Lazy devs.......

squallsoft  +   2898d ago
great news, i cant wait for this release.

PSN: squallsoft
DJ  +   2898d ago
I declare that...
Everyone must buy this game! -pending reviews-
ben hates you  +   2898d ago
@ mailman
fanboys are stupid
Darkiewonder  +   2898d ago
it's hard to get money nowadays without a job. Have This and then MGS4 the following month. Time to sacrifice!
EZCheez  +   2898d ago
Maybe it's time to get a job!
Just kidding! It would help though.
GETPWNED  +   2898d ago
"the PS3 version is a little behind in development ."
lol, duh. PS3 sucks. ;)

And how can they claim they look the same when the PS3rd version doesn't use AA? ROFL. blind money hats.
Ri0tSquad  +   2898d ago
It doesn't use AA?
Link? Yeah, exactly.
ikiru3385  +   2898d ago
i read in one of the n4g articles that the ps3 version actually uses better AA than the 360 version but the 360 version is smoother. kinda like a reverse on how the console versions usually are.
tweaker  +   2898d ago
No AA? you are a misinformed fanboy.
gEnKiE  +   2898d ago
So is that your sister suckin on a banana? cause she fugly....
Sovannah Phum  +   2898d ago
if she's of age, i'd hit it!
Play B3yond  +   2898d ago
thats nasty bcuz if shes of age or not of age shes still ugly as hell
gEnKiE  +   2898d ago
omg GETPWNED...Awesome picture! LMAO! I disagree with your comment, but great picture. You should def use that one instead. XD
nomad117  +   2898d ago
Seriously I have to save up money for Rainbow six vegas 2 in march
Gta4 in april, Haze in May, and MGS4 in June. Hopefully I get that 600 dollars in the mail from bush for the whole economy thing. I get it like sometime in May or June.
Tecra_X  +   2898d ago
Sound great!
I must admit that I were a bit afraid that the PS3 version would be plagued by the same problems as all those crapy ports made by EA.

I never understood why Valve would trust EA with Half-Life 2 - The Orange Box. Since I only own a PS3 and never played it on PC I decided to get the PS3 version.

Don't get me wrong, I still consider it a great game which for the most part looks stunningly, but there are still issues that has been left unresolved. On a AAA title like Half-life this seems almost criminal!
Alcaponeyou  +   2898d ago
if it were exclusive to the almighty ps3
60 FPS, 1080p
o well, you can't win everything
Kr155  +   2898d ago
no it wouldn't. if there were really any extra room to play R* would add detail and expand the game, environment, textures, AI. GTA will never be more than 30FPS because the goal is to cram more in not make it run faster. good to hear it runs slick though
baxter  +   2898d ago
@155 yes it would have
GTA4 doesnt have 100 things on screen so yes had it been made exclusively for ps3 then we would have seen 60 f . How can you run faster at 30 fps. Face it the game was downgraded for making it multiplat
#19.2 (Edited 2898d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kr155  +   2898d ago
baxter thats not my point. My point is that if R* did have more power available to them and the game was exclusive then they would not have used that power to make 60FPS. ^0 frames per second has been around on consoles for a long time, they could have made this game 60 frames per second if they wanted too. Locking a game at 30FPS is a development decision. they can either do less graphically and make it faster. or do more and lock it in at 30fps. With this game rock star would have opted to do more rather than get a faster frame rate. Have you seen screen shots of this game? Tell you what, when you get this game goto times square and look down the street and tell me again there aren't hundreds of models being rendered at once not only rendered but moving and interacting with each other without even your imput. There is alot going on in this game thats why it doesn and never will run at 60 FPS.
InYourMom  +   2898d ago
Maybe you missed
all the news that the reason for all the delays in the game was due to PS3 problems. Be happy it's going to even be 30fps.
Kr155  +   2897d ago
SOME of the delays. Check the hand on of the game back before the original october release date. They all ran like crap and they were lal on the 360. it's not like the 360 didn't benefit from the extra dev time. be happy the game runs well on the 360 to.
Thepro318  +   2898d ago
i hope Phil Harrison wasn't lying saying Home intergration in GTA IV is still part of the game hope it didn't leave GTA IV like he did Sony
harv052  +   2898d ago
Identical....We'll still see those annoying comparison videos....
Grown Folks Talk  +   2898d ago
Can't wait for the rebuttal article
that claims 1 version runs at 30 FPS even, while the other is actual 30 1/3 FPS. We all know it's coming. If they are virtually identical, what will people argue & call each other names about?
kwicksandz  +   2898d ago
i think i know
360 exclusive dlc!
Kr155  +   2898d ago
the games 100 hours long. I don't think most people will finish that let alone care about DLC. no saying noone will and if you do then get the 360 version. Just saying alot of people, myself included, will find it's not a big deal
-EvoAnubis-  +   2898d ago
As far as the DLC is concerned, I feel like this. The Shivering Isles pack for Oblivion cost $30. If R* follows a similar pricing structure, then the two episodic DLC packs for GTA4 will cost $60 together. Sixty bucks is a whole new game! I'm sure some will argue with me on this, but I'd much rather buy a whole new game than extensions to one I already own. Particularly in a year when I'm going to be seeing Fallout 3, Prototype, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Haze, Eight Days, and possibly even God of War 3.

And as good as those games are going to be and as much as I'm anticipating those, E3 hasn't happened yet, and I'm sure Sony has some cards in their hand that they haven't played yet.
ChrisGTR1  +   2898d ago
this is horrible news for ps3 owners...

"however, the PS3 version is a little behind in development but as it stands now, it will be launching along side the Xbox 360 version."

what does that mean? it means the ps3 version isnt done but they dont give a sht and will ship it as-is...buggy, framerate drops, just like assasins creed which had problems due to it being rushed for ps3
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slapsta72  +   2898d ago
what makes the most sense is that they could release it on april 22nd for 360 and ps3 on the 29th, but instead they finish development on the 360 then catch up for one week on the ps3 version.

then they release both versions on the same day with the same amount of development behind each version

that what i think anyway
ATLRoAcH  +   2898d ago
Quit comparing Assassin's Creed to GTA IV.Theres a big a$$ difference between Rockstar and Ubisoft.Sell your PS3 and quit hating.Always talkin' sh!t about the PS3.What a shame.
littletad  +   2898d ago
Bah, I'm sure both systems will run the game the same for a franchise this big. There's no way Rockstar would upset Sony fans like that.
ChrisGTR1  +   2898d ago
lol! im shure the companies that make multiplat games dont have a grudge on ps3.. but the development is what messes it up. the ps3s architecture is gonna be the same convoluted mess its been since launch and will always be for multiplats.. a huge open world game like GTA is no exeption.. anyone remember a similar game called assasins creed?
toughNAME  +   2898d ago
With the $$$ Rockstar is about to bring in
Don't count on them giving a fcuk about 'loyalty'
ikiru3385  +   2898d ago
recent multiplats like DMC4, Burnout Paradise, and COD4 have shown similar performances on both console versions. the trend of buggy ps3 ports/versions need to break sometime and they're making progress on that.
Grown Folks Talk  +   2898d ago
I can't understand why
people expect devs to get a grasp on this new architecture so quickly. Look how long the PS2 has been out. Compare a launch title on it to SotC or God of War. No comparison. If they are still reaching new heights on the PS2 after all this time, why would they get to the top of the PS3 after just over a year when it is so much more complex? Give em time. All 3 systems will show new things as they finally start to get pushed to their limits.
360_Rules  +   2898d ago
PS3 finally is catching up to the 360. Good to hear! Hahahahahhaaha
uYaSouL  +   2898d ago
you seriously need to shut the f*ck up already.
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power of Green  +   2898d ago
I wonder if the PS3 version being behind as it always has been(caused the delay due to its inferior hardware) will they hold back the 360 version not adding more polish before release to match the PS3 version due to angry PS3 fanboys?, or will MSFT make Rockstar take advantage of the 360's hardware the best RS knows how to at this point?.

MSFT usually has a requirment for pushing quality with software I couldn't see them not being envolved with developement allowing RS to handi-capp the 360 version for PS3.
ikiru3385  +   2898d ago
for the sake of every gamer out there, R* will optimize both console versions.
Big Jim  +   2898d ago
Microsoft "usually has a requirement for pushing quality with software"? I guess you've never heard of vampire rain, bulletwitch, two worlds, perfect dark zero, turning point fall of liberty, and so on and so on? There are so many terrible 360 games I can't even remember them all. Yeah, good quality software requirement there.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   2898d ago
Even though it has 1/3 the library
PS3 has just as many crappy games. Again for those that still don't get it. Developers make the games, not the system. If it were all about the system, every single game would be on par with each other. Clearly, they are not. Some are great, some average, & some just plain suck. Always been that way, always will be that way. 1 last time. The movie doesn't suck because of the theatre, it sucks because of the director.
Faztkiller  +   2898d ago
cant wait
xg-ei8ht  +   2898d ago
30fps is plenty for most games.

Even racing games are fine at 30fps(Dirt), heck crysis is smooth at 30fps.

Just enjoy the game, as long as it does not chug, it'll be sweet.
THE TERMINATOR  +   2898d ago
Power of Green is the biggest fanboy on this site (after the Mart that is).
InYourMom  +   2898d ago
He is one of the biggest 360 supporters on this site. Nothing wrong with that. When you have a comment like #1 from MailMan, how in the hell do you say he is the biggest fanboy on this site??

I think I see your logic: Defend the PS3 vigorously and smack talk the 360 = Gamer Defend/Talk positive about the 360 and smack talk the PS3 = Fanboy.

Get off your high horse!
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