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Stormflood  +   2900d ago
30fps locked > 60fps with drops
anthraxCZ  +   2900d ago
30 fps sucks. saints row also "runs on 30 fps" and how does it look? like crap and it lags
Stormflood  +   2900d ago
If Saints Row is laggy, it's nothing to do with a 30fps frame rate, it's to do with frame rate drops.
DevastationEve  +   2900d ago
If you have a PS3, you won't be disappointed. If you have a 360, you won't be disappointed. If you have a'll probably buy a 360 or ps3 to play this one, or you're just not old enough to play with the bigs boys. Either way, GTA4's gonna be big! And I'm glad they went back to Liberty City. But I feel like it's gonna be "old hat" for some of the vets out there. I hope they can make this a REAL sequel, and not just a reduex.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2900d ago
People find anything to argue about.

The Genius has spoken.
sleepbox  +   2900d ago
I'm surprised either Shane or Brian didn't find a reason to talk smack about it being MS's fault the PS3 version only runs 30FPS
TheMART  +   2900d ago
"both version of the game look identical however, the PS3 version is a little behind in development but as it stands now, it will be launching along side the Xbox 360 version."

So now we know for sure the PS3 has caused the delay from last year to now. Already the signs were on the wall, GTA early ingame stuff running on devkit 360's.

If they want to release on the same time and the PS3 is running behind a bit, we could still see the superior 360 version in framerate etc. Even then, if they look equal, the 360 version is the one to get for real GTA fans, because of the 2 episodic content downloads, the first already is up for fall just after summer!!!
PirateThom  +   2900d ago
Rockstar said the PS3 version had caused the delays ages ago, it's not news. They had to change their approach and sorted out the problems, it's why it's still a bit behind, because they had to work out the problems. They also said the lack of HDD on the 360 was a challenge as well.

Based on videos, the game wasn't ready for release last year anyway, it looked horrible, now it looks good.
marcdz1  +   2899d ago
The Mart!
Did you get raped by Sony Fanboys or what? WTF is wrong with you? Do you have stock in Microsoft's company or you just like going around talking smack about the competition. The truth of the matter is 7.1GB on DVD9 is not a freaking great thing to brag about you id!ot. You are 1 of the most crazy fanboys on these boards always saying XBOX this or XBOX that. STFU and play the game you want but keep it to yourself. No-one is stupid enough to even remotely thinking you are correct on any subject.
Hooby  +   2900d ago
This is a little old
What I'm about to say that is, but I feel it's worth mentioning:

people put down halo 3 for not running at whatever fps, sub par to cod4, but the situation is similar: halo 3 has much more expansive views than in COD4s claustraphobic gameplay.

This game goes to show: theres more to optimizing graphics than just larger numbers.
RJ2000  +   2900d ago
Anyone remember...
Madden? This scares me. If the game is anything like this we will all be cussing...
ROCCOZILLA  +   2900d ago
for another game to be downgraded because it can perform any better than it did in 2007,P O S !i can wait till ps3 breaks away from multi platform and we start getting games like 8 DAYS and HEAVY RAIN!xbots need a time machine to go back to 2007 when they were on top.PS3 is king now.PLAY B3YOND waaaaaaay B3YOND this mess.
Spike47  +   2900d ago
I agree
with PirateThom, if the game would've been released in its previous release date than it would've been a dissapointment even for xbox360 owners.

The PS3 is a new system, its got so much power in it but developers don't know yet how to use it.

Developers will get familiar with the ps3 system with time. I really don't think Rockstar is gonna have framerate issues on gta4 for the ps3, remember GTA used to be exclusively on Sony's consoles and Rockstar is one of those developers that are good as hell at making games.

If there any differences between the two expect minor glitches with the ps3 version or none at all.

I'm picking up the ps3 version cause I got a ps3, simple as that. If I had an xbox360 too I would buy the xbox360 version. However I'm not gonna buy an xbox360 just because of some extra dlc.
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potenquatro  +   2900d ago
when are they supposed to learn it? 4-5-6 years down the road?
u can get a college degree by that time.
TheMART  +   2900d ago
"The PS3 is a new system"

Haha what a bull.

The PS3 is in shops since nov. 2006 and devkits have been there since 2 years now. New? Come on. Then the 360 is also new. Ofcourse, the longer the system is out, the more they'll discover. At the end of the life cycle games look better then at its launch.

But they should know the hardware good enough by now to get the same results period.
Salta_nelas  +   2900d ago
Never had a problem with other games running at 30fps, Motorstorm for one.

As long as the game runs smooth its ok.

PS- Love to see xbox fanboys pissed because the games look alike...some even spin it in a way to look like the PS3 has an inferiour hardware! lol.
sumfood4u  +   2900d ago
Isn't that good enuff? 30 or 60 FPS is better to wait a Month! Than 1/2 a year!
potenquatro  +   2900d ago
what does anything else have to do with the ps3 version of gta4 running worse. they just said it was identical. it always takes more time to develop a ps3 game, that doesn't mean anything, look at ut. fanboys pick the silliest reasons to rip on a system. i belive them its going to be yhe same. .
Deathbringer  +   2900d ago
sry but wats AA?
Massive-Delusion  +   2900d ago
I think it's short for "Anti-Aliasing," which basically makes the edges of objects in the game a lot smoother and less "blocky" looking.
Deathbringer  +   2900d ago
wats AA?
Mc187  +   2900d ago
check my disagrees for this comment
I never really gave a da@n about the GTA series.
DFresh  +   2900d ago
I seriously don't care about this game.
There's so much more things to look to than this game.
However Rockstar has my blessings on making L.A Noire (PS3 Exclusive).
I'll just skip this game and wait for L.A Noire.
It's just my personal opinion but if your a fan play it but also keep your eyes peeled for L.A Noire.
L.A Noire +> GTA IV
Massive-Delusion  +   2900d ago
War aside, I think this can only be a good thing for BOTH parties.
zonetrooper5  +   2899d ago
Damn next month I will be preordering GTA IV and MSG4, not sure what version of GTA IV to get though and I'm getting a electric guitar. So that means 200 something quid spend next month. Good thing I have a job ^_^ and i get my bonus next month. =D
Citizen Cook  +   2899d ago
30fps is crap! I want 60 damnit!
Next-gen my ass!

brothersimon  +   2899d ago
Even if 360 ran at 30, and PS3 @ 60

The 360 would still be the best buy :) But we all know when its a multi platformer, 360 does it best
kingboy  +   2899d ago
you mean 360 multi ported games right..
SubzeroX  +   2899d ago
Ah the limits of consoles i guess they are saving the best for last, because the pc would never support such low frame rates at the lest.
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