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Cueil  +   1082d ago
What is wrong with some of you? Who wants to see competition removed from the gaming industry? Some of these comments hoping the MS some how fall out of the console race are just mind blowing. It is because of Microsoft that you have PSN and it's because of Sony that Microsoft will have BR disk... competition breeds better experiences for gamers.
aviator189  +   1081d ago
just one of the many reasons I've begun to hate reading comments on gaming websites now...
Roper316  +   1082d ago
I am sure we would have heard about this via mainstream news if it were true, not just from some obscure website.

I believe this is just BS and has no merit behind it, if I am wrong and hear otherwise I will be the first to admit it. He is just some bum looking for attention imho.
Obamanationn  +   1082d ago
so what was the information about durango ? its basically u cant play games w/o online ?
hazardman  +   1082d ago
Sonybots I would like a link that shows that Kinect will always be on watching you. The only thing I've read was the xbox being always online and needing Kinect connected to properly function. I never read that even after you power off console, that kinect was gonna stay on watching you! And also this is all old news we've known for sometime now that the PS4 is gonna be slightly more powerful than the nextbox.

This raid doesn't confirm anything other than some hacker/dev getting busted for Stupidity!!
Obamanationn  +   1081d ago
well guess there goes all the hype about the next Xbox , weve seen the entire blueprint about it already . this raid just confirms rumors now .... should of kept this quiet Microsoft
jacksheen0000  +   1081d ago
Wow! I guess SuperDAE wasn't so super after all
evilhasitsway  +   1081d ago
Anyone cause say that even i can you dont know do you have it in facts no second he says he has no phone or nothing then how is he on twitter........
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Murad  +   1081d ago
After finally being confirmed I can say good bye to you Microsoft. I will see what Sony has, and if they do the same exact thing, I will go and buy the Wii U. I am sick and tired of this anti-piracy, and will not stand using the kinect, and ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS ON ALL THE TIME.
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STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   1081d ago
Um what do u mean police? Um
TronEOL  +   1081d ago
It's so hard to trust this only because of this:

What was gamers largest complaint with the PS3? Install times. Now they (MS) want to FORCE you to install EVERY game you EVER buy. And I know for a fact that 500GB will not be enough after about 4-5 years of solid gaming (not to mention it won't be the simple "6GB" games. Think 15GB and up each).

And what else? Can't use Xbox360 gamepads? DUMB. Considering Sony is rumoured to be allowing Dualshock 3's and Sixaxis.

And then Kinect being forced? My lord. A bundle of bad idea's Microsoft. And not only that but 3GB's of the 8GB RAM are rumoured to be used for the OS (Kinect), so you'll see games take a hit based on that alone.

I don't know what to believe with this. I haven't been a big Xbox fan ever, but even I know this just doesn't sound right. It is literally everything gamers don't want, or care for. Microsoft can't be THAT dumb.
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Max-Zorin  +   1081d ago
Judging from these comments, not only next gen, N4G is gonna be Hell.
Drainage  +   1081d ago
ummmm always online-who cares? my wifi is online 247 too. Walking dead game was also always online to play and no one said shit but now that its xbox...'waaah waaah' lmao ill still get the ps4 but you guys cry too much. who knows, ps4 might also be always online too
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annus  +   1081d ago
Who cares?
1)people without internet
2)people with slow internet
3)people with low bandwidths
4)people who don't have access to the internet all the time
5)peoples whose internet isn't working

There are PLENTY of people who care, and I'm sure there are a lot more reasons why than what I just listed in the entire 20 seconds it took me to think of.

edit: Just to add, Sony said that 70% of PS3s were connected to the internet. That is consoles sold divided by PSN accounts. Think about that, 7 in 10 people DIDN'T have it connected, and you want to know what's even worse? Most people have more than 1 account, hell I had 5. If everyone had two (let's say a dad account and a kid account), that would mean that only 3.5 people out of 10 had it connected to the internet, but I guess you will just ignore this.
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annus  +   1081d ago
Just realized I made a mistake, it's meant to read 3 in 10 DIDN'T* in that 3rd sentence in paragraph 2.
portugamer  +   1081d ago
Lol, we're the 20 today.time for a big show.
Just like the french launch of the ps3, where microsoft used the boat with Xbox loves you shit message, I guess today they will do whatever they can to spoil Sony's party:
No electricity on the street where the show will take place, a fire or a phone call saying there is a bomb inside the building, etc etc.
They would be even able to announce a fake portable console, or say they're gonna donate 10 billions to help reducing CO2, or there could be some fake news saying they're going to buy Sega... or Nintendo..

Never would a Sony company use a boat just like Microsoft did, to spoil someone's show or presentation. But Microsoft.. no honor. Zero Honor.

If Sony manages to announce the ps4 and its final specs, along with some gameplay and the lineup titles, and if it turns out to be a great presentation and the ps4 may be available before Microsoft plans, well, guys, I bet Microsoft, once again, is going to rush even more than with the x360, and they're gonna sell you the x720... in kit:

You buy the console with the motherboard and RAM, 2 months before Sony, and 6 months later, you may upgrade it and add the processor and the GPU... but at least, they will have been the first. And when you buy the x720, of course, Microsoft don't forget their faithful customers, and you may track the progression on the development of the CPU and GPU, via the internet, of course, totally free, using a live gold subscription.

I'm a bit sarcastic, but you may be sure, the Sony party, today, is gonna be spoiled by Microsoft, who will use the most hideous tricks and weapons , to achieve their goal: make the Sony presentation become a simple article on internet, instead of a big show.

Before all the mods mark me as trolling or whatever, and restricting me/banning me, like they always do, whenever i or someone dares saying something or criticizing,(is there a little flag near our username, that helps you censoring everyone who has no 50 stars on his flag? I say this, because whenever I see a guy getting restrictions and losing bubbles, I follow all his comments and see the guy is a foreigner, because, its really strange how we can get a restriction, with dozens of well said/agrees and only one or two disagrees, how can those 2 disagrees,or even 2 single reports as, ex,'troll' can give us a restriction and we lose 1 or 2 bubbles? Can you explain how it works, dear mods? I already managed, with about 10 different facebook friends, to mass disagree with someone, and reporting the random guy as trolling or out of topic or whatsoever, and guess what, never did the guy lose any of his bubbles, no restrictions, nothing. It looks like it doesn't depend 100% on the disagrees or reports, but its more a matter of the moderator not liking a guy, and whenever he opens his month for saying something, the mod kills him, with all his power, sucks his bubbles and gives a 3-5 days restriction. Being a non USA guy is not good, just like being a pro Sony, on n4g. No USA, no Xbox lover? : say hello to restrictions and losing bubbles).
Dear mods, can you explain to the millions of users how it really works? Can you restrict and take bubbles from people, regardless of how many agrees or disagrees or reports the guy have had, with his comment? Do you 100% affirm its automatic, and with x disagrees or x reports, a user automatically looses his bubbles, without a mod pushing a button? Can you confirm it, to the thousands and thousands guys that lost bubbles, with no reason?
Azurite  +   1081d ago
Microsoft were probably the ones who purchased the dev kit back on eBay, they wouldn't let it roam free just like that.
They could see who he was through the transaction on PayPal.
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