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Godmars290  +   1082d ago
I'm sorry but based on the rumors about Kinect 2.0, that it will always be on and watching, be used as a method to monitor an owner's household and habits, be used as a way to set viewing prices based on the number of people watching movies, I hope people don't buy it. That they wise up and don't "Little Brother" into their homes.
jeffgoldwin  +   1082d ago
Ok I understand the paranoid feeling and how some people wear tin foil hats etc. What I don't get is when the paranoid feelings just defy common sense.

Do you really is any way, shape, or form believe any business executives would be sitting around a large table constantly scanning people's Kinect cameras and making business decisions off of what they are viewing?

And not too mention, who ever said Kinect 2.0 would ever constantly be on with no option to turn it off? So you also have speculation involved here, besides unreasonable paranoid thoughts.
Godmars290  +   1082d ago
This article:

Just read the Kinect section. If the article is true, then so long as the system is on then so will Kinect. That such is being done to make it a marketing device.

And yes, if Sony tried pulling this sh*t, I wouldn't touch their next system either. This is just too intrusive for my tastes.
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jeffgoldwin  +   1082d ago
Lol better get that tin foil hat on, they gunna watch all several million customers at once. And if you don't buy 720, you know MS just gunna hack your camera on your laptop or desktop to find out why your didn't buy one....obviously.

Lets be more reasonable (or just pretend for some people), Kinect is prolly on so you can bark commands at it. I can understand people not wanting that aspect because I personally don't either. But you really cross the crazy line when you think they are sitting there watching you. Not too mention, Im certain its highly illegal to spy on your home without a warrant in the U.S.
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Godmars290  +   1082d ago
"Lol better get that tin foil hat on"

Not if I don't buy it. Which I'm not.

Seriously, what is your issue? I gave a link to the article in question and it mentions that MS had patented a method to allow them to track people in a room so they can charge for movie rentals. Not that such doesn't sound like a damn stupid idea. Regardless, as far a personal preference goes something like this would be a general deal breaker. And by a number of comments here and on Kotaku I'm not the only person who thinks that.
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extermin8or  +   1082d ago
I can see the adverts now "Xbox-changing the console experience" - possibly slightly worse than the cringe worth "ps3-it does everything"- but they rarely explained to the uninformed what it did beyond games and blu-ray when actually sony have had most of Microsofts multimedia options, iplayer, amazon, netflix, music unlimited etc since before microsoft implemented it and you don't have to pay just to use the service you already pay for on the ps4 (and i assume ps4 as it only makes sense for these feature to carry over)
talisker  +   1082d ago
Those people who think Xbox will dominate the worldwide console market have no clue how poor XBL offer is outside the US and some other English-speaking countries.

Take out streaming services, take out XBL indies, limit XBLA offer and what you are left with? Online play you have to pay for which is free everywhere else.

Then you have very poor support for localization, most MS games aren't translated which is a serious barrier for many and especially children (Kinect games).

The above results in Xbox being less popular among players. Why would I need x-chat if I had nobody to talk with on XBL? Why would I pay to get those social features like Facebook or whatever if I can get it for free on my PC/tablet/phone? I buy consoles for games, not to stream anything. I can do it on a cheap, energy-saving device like a tablet or a set-top box.

Besides, I don't want to be spied by an ever-on camera, no matter who produced it. I don't want motion games every day either.

MS will fail outside a very limited group of countries if they continue their policy. I don't say they will fail totally because US/UK are big markets but don't expect them to dominate the world.
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PS4isKing_82  +   1082d ago
No they're not, they're changing their own crappy experience.
Sony will stay the same while kicking ass like they've always done.

Nothing Microsoft ever does really takes the world by storm.
Zune? Where's that at? Their kin smart phone? Haven't seen that in 2 or 3 years.
Windows? Even that sucks now from I hear. All they really have ever done is just copy other successful companies ideas and claim it as their own.
jeffgoldwin  +   1082d ago
Everyone copies each other to a certain degree, that's just fact. Sony copied Nintendo by making a game console and Im pretty sure Sony didn't invent the t.v., but they big into it. O btw MS did take the world by storm with about 90% users going with windows OS (you did say nothing). MS prolly copied apple by making a pc OS.

Let's not pretend everyone for a sec is original just to try and make some fanboy argument, because it just fails for whoever does it. Just go with what you like and why. No need twist facts so badly that they are such obvious b.s.
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sdrawkcab  +   1082d ago
They should really stop trying to change the industry. We all saw how it went with the Kinect.
DigitalSmoke  +   1082d ago
They failed at the fundamentals, so now they will try to change them..uhu.
MS is changing path again because they cannot compete without twists turns and media tricks, marketing dollars will only bring you that far.

Xbox doent even know what it is anymore, wile the PS3 is what is always has been, but stronger.
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giovonni  +   1082d ago
did they truly fail at the fundamentals, Digital Smoke? I'm asking because, if you think they did than you are sadly mistaken. It makes me laugh, because no one wants to give ms it's credit for making a system that appeals to millions. Everything is doom and gloom. The desperation is so apparent, people are using information that isn't even fact to fuel their hate. It's down right comical to even state "MS is changing paths again because they cannot compete, with out twist and turns and media tricks"

When in business, you have to change paths and directions to continue to compete and to continue to appeal to the masses because things are always changing, and the last time I checked. Those tricks and turns have been done by your company of choice also. Xbox knows what it is, you just don't want to grasp the concept of MS being the ones to change it (industry.) If your said company said the same thing you would embellish in all the beautiful things your machine of choice could do, wouldn't you?

What's even worst is PS3 is the company that failed at the fundamental aspect, but caught itself before it fell too far, and no ps3 is not what it always has been. The company had to change its path, and strategy a few times to gain back market share. So, the same thing you chastise MS for, you Praise PS3 for? Come on, man.
kingPoS  +   1082d ago
Next gen seems to shaping up much like the old rivalry between the Genesis & Super Nintendo. Both had titles worth owning back then.

I hope it dosen't turn out like Sony's & SEGA's second battle or worse... their first.
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MartinB105  +   1082d ago
This article seems to be stating that the next Xbox is going to require an Internet connection because... well... that's just the way things are going?

What kind of lame excuse is that? Sorry, but as someone who only plays single player games, Microsoft will need to do much better.

If they want my money, then they will need to give me a justifiable reason as to why I need an Internet connection when I'm trying to immerse myself in the world of a game like Skyrim or Assassin's Creed, otherwise I'm not buying their console.

I can see myself being a PS4 gamer in the next generation.
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TheSurg  +   1082d ago
Why so many articles still writing about that next xbox needs to be connected to internet to function!??! That was debunked long time ago. Whoever think MS would do that is an idiot. They're not that stupid
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1082d ago
More Kinect and Halo for the suckers.
TheGamerSays  +   1081d ago
Your point is? If you like the series, you'd buy it. What type of logic do you have? I could equally say more move and naughty dog for the suckers as well.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1080d ago
You know it won't happen... so stop lying to yourself.
josephayal  +   1082d ago
Microsoft plz no! don't even think about it
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SOULJER  +   1082d ago
Kinect these nuts to your face.
-Gespenst-  +   1082d ago
I think all people really want is a good console with good games. Do people really care about all this stupid "innovative" nonsense?
_LarZen_  +   1082d ago
As a gamer and not a multimedia hub consumer I do not like the turn Microsoft has taken with the Xbox360 these last years.

So if this means they are going to focus more on the same I might just skip the new Xbox this time. For multimedia there is better solutions...

That is if not this new Xbox is going to deliver something new in that regard that is a must have.

I am skeptical but at the same time it's exciting times.
nevin1  +   1082d ago
Microsoft AdBox
Funky Town_TX  +   1082d ago
The 360 will fail
That's all I read before the PS3 launched. I remember being in Best Buy after the 360 launch and the employee told customers not to buy a 360, because once the PS3 came out the 360 would die like the Dreamcast. 7 years later and look. I plan to get a PS4 and a nextBox but who knows what will happen.
Jek_Porkins  +   1082d ago
Looking forward to seeing the actual reveal, the ball is clearly in Microsoft's court. You always want the last word in a conversation, and considering how well they did this generation, the people who own an Xbox 360 are going to be anxiously awaiting what the next Xbox has to offer.

Not buying into any of the rumors from either the Sony nor the Microsoft camps. Looking forward to a well rounded experience on all the consoles.
djthechamp24  +   1082d ago
Man i just wanna play some fucking video games man, if i want entertainment i just hop on the fucking computer,watch t.v, or go outside and just hang with a couple of friends
Dfooster  +   1082d ago
Basically if all the rumours are true I'm moving to playstation next gen. I love my Xbox but its becoming increasingly difficult to defend it anymore even this generation.

• I'm not interested in kinect whatsoever
• my Internet is always dropping off its that slow so I probably can't use nextbox
• the ps4 specs look better
• exclusive games look better from Sony
• PS+ this gen gets free games
• hopefully Sony have upped the controller to be on par with the Xbox pad.
• me and my friend(s) love to swap play and discuss games and try things we wouldn't pay full price for unless we loved the series from there on in and wanted any sequels spin offs etc. I feel we will just buy the games advertised as the best mainstream games should we get nextbox so we don't get burnt on trying something new we don't end up liking for full price but if sonys machine still allows used games to work this is practically a deal clincher for me.
MAULxx  +   1082d ago
My my... getting all worked up over rumors?

It is fun speculating.

I don't think MS will require a net connection to play games or kill used games. I think its very likely that a kinect connection will be required though which would be a downer for me.

Wait n see before writing things off too quickly. You might miss out. That said, if MS charges sub to play MP again I will miss out on the Haloz.
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dee-ecks  +   1082d ago
No thanks!! I as well as most gamers, like it the way it is.
Yodagamer  +   1082d ago
I think microsoft is going to have to try this gen. This gen i think most of their success came due to the fact they came out first and people had xbl, so when it came down to choosing a console people went were their friends went. They need to go back to what made the original xbox a good console imo. They need to create new ips, or atleast bring back some they didn't bring over from the original xbox, blinx, conker, Grabbed by ghoulies, Crimson skys,and numerous rare character's they have yet to use.
KumquatGOATBEEF  +   1081d ago
Requiring an internet connection just to work devices is beyond asinine. Never mind the fact that a lot of people in rural areas have trouble getting internet access in the first place... Something mundane like moving, ISPs having technical difficulties causing intermittent service, or simply a console being in a completely different room from where modems are with no wireless capabilities would all cause issues with gaming for what reason?

I see this happening with PC games, too. Online requirements are too much to ask of some people and even people who travel would have difficulties gaming because some hotels without internet would mean that that idea you had of bringing your system with you on a business trip to pass time in a hotel room wouldn't happen anymore.

I just don't understand why companies can't leave well enough alone. Just because they've invested so much in their online experience doesn't mean they get to FORCE people to use it. If that's the case, Microsoft should make every single game company incorporate online play with their games.
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