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ylwzx3  +   1085d ago
They are skipping to Playstation 5.
Big_Boss91  +   1085d ago
shit just got serious
HeroReborn  +   1085d ago
Streaming old games is cool but looking backwards is no way to move forward to the future
NastyLeftHook0  +   1084d ago
thats funny
stefan771  +   1085d ago
Everything I've seen points to Gaikai
annus  +   1085d ago
The fact that not every country has fast speeds, and bandwidth limits, will mean that Gaikai isn't going to be the 'thing' of the next generation. Sony knows this, they wouldn't risk a huge amount of their customers for it. It as an addition like netflix is more than likely, so you have the choice to buy the game with a disk, or have the option to stream/rent, but I'm pretty certain most people find that conclusion quite obvious.
NeoTribe  +   1085d ago
Ps4 cures aids.
xc7x  +   1085d ago
jakmckratos  +   1085d ago
Still looking forward to the PS9..which you should be able to teleport to you. ANy one else remember that commercial?
tweet75  +   1085d ago
the ps4 will be completly free you only have to pay for games and apps
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brave27heart  +   1085d ago
Said it the other day on an article almost identical to this (so much for variety in the gaming media) and I'll say it again...

Gaikai may be big news. PS4 is still bigger. Much much bigger.

The reality is the sort of games that will be streamed through cloud gaming are already playable on that shiny black box that most of you have called a PS3. You're not going to be playing PS4 games on your tablet or phone. So while cloud gaming has its uses, and backwards compatability without the expensive tech is a good one, its not going to take over the world anytime soon.
xAlmostPro  +   1085d ago
I think bigger still means the PS4 will be announced.

However announced along side the intended use of gaikai, which i'm hoping comes loaded with all(or around 80%) of PS1/PS2/PS3 titles.

Meaning it has backwards compatibility and allows all 'Sony' devices to stream these games, so the vita has them.. your sony laptop has them etc. Which would give them a great advantage over the nextbox and also a new source of income, PS+ people coul get it free and they could offer an annual fee for none console PS+ members.

I also see a big refinement in the PSN and user interface coming. Such as cross game/platform chat. Maybe this is why they have been slow with the Vita so far, waiting for the updated PSN to launch with the PS4?..

There's so many things that CAN happen, we just need to wait and see what they run with :)
Wesley85  +   1085d ago
The only thing possibly bigger than the PS4 is the PS4 with an amazing games line up. Eye watering good graphics/physics/AI and gameplay. As a games machine that is all I want. If it can stream games to a vita then great, but wouldn't be bigger than the PS4 itself.
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black911  +   1084d ago
4G built in. To allow players to stay connected at all times. Did I mention it's Free.
memots  +   1084d ago
i hope they have poncho and elephant
ShutUpDonny  +   1084d ago
I think that the PS4 will be your personal «Gaikai» server, like remote play. Sony would need to much power to stream all that HD content. They will have a lot more costumers than Onlive. That way, you still need to buy a PS4, but after that, you can play all your games on all your PS compatible devices, mainly the PS Vita.
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