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Root  +   527d ago
I understand Light because we have Dark but Sound....really......unless it's to counter it so Sound is effective against it while Light is good against Dark.

Wonder if they would change older Pokemon types if they suited these types more then the ones they were given

Last time we had new types it was in Gold and Silver with Dark/Steel types
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Snookies12  +   527d ago
Yeah, I like the inclusion of Light, but I'm not sure if Sound is necessary. Still, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. Just now getting around to Black/White 2, so I'll be ready to go for X/Y.
Root  +   527d ago
I wonder if they'll change things around now

Psychic was orginaly the counter to Dark which is why we had Espeon and Umbreon in Gen 2 when the Dark type came around but I wonder if they'll change it now so Light is the counter to Dark while Psychic is the counter to Sound.

Psychic is about your mind and using that in battle while Sound is about using another sense, manipulating sound waves.
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Blastoise  +   527d ago
Wonder if they'll go back and change older Pokemon to suit the types

For example


I imagine they will, they did it with Magnemite

I'm all for a Sound type personally, don't see why not. More additions the better
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helghast102  +   526d ago
A Dark counter doesn't make sense though, Dark was implemented as a direct counter to Psychic and the direct counter to Dark is Fighting
bullymangLer  +   527d ago
i want pokemon rated T, and a kirby game rated T
RTheRebel  +   527d ago
rumors I heard X and Y story will have a story dealing with a world wide crisis.
animegamingnerd  +   527d ago
perhaps we might finally go back to a old region perhaps but i don't get my hopes up
animegamingnerd  +   527d ago
@bullymangLer seriously
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bullymangLer  +   527d ago
pokemon rated T and kirby rated T is more suitable for those who want to see more violence . ..
Snookies12  +   527d ago
Well I mean, having it rated as T would give more room for pushing some boundaries... I would be okay with the series maturing a little (although it seems to have done that a fair bit with Black/White already).

It's not something that's necessary, but it would be neat to see a darker story/scenario perhaps.
SilentNegotiator  +   526d ago
Pokemon (Rated) X? lol
kirbyu  +   517d ago
Then play Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   527d ago
Psychic already fulfills the role of the Light type and Sound doesn't make any damn sense since all Pokemon make sounds. Whoever even came up with these types as possible additions to the series obviously didn't think it through.
ironfist92  +   527d ago
I think Psychic is contrasted to Ghost, whereas Light contrasts to Dark
Root  +   527d ago
Yeah but at one time they made it out that Psychic was the opposite of Dark

It's why when we had Evees two new evolutions in Gold and Silver, Espeon and Umbreon they were considered opposites to counter one another.

If they had two new Evee evolotuions in this game one for Sound and Light then they could counter one another but with just the one, in the picture, it seems odd not to have one for this new type.
animegamingnerd  +   527d ago
interesting we haven't had a new type of pokemon added since gen 2 light will most likely counter dark but what will counter sound?
Black-Rock-Shooter  +   527d ago
i can believe light but sound is just odd.
GreenRanger  +   527d ago | Funny
They'll make a deaf type to counter the sound type.
BlaqMagiq24  +   526d ago
LMAO! Then how will they respond to your commands? Sign language?
PrimeLantern  +   527d ago
I don't mind Sound as much as others do and Light does make a lot of sense.

What I find interesting is the mention of a Digital type and bringing out some techno species and such. That would make for some killer designs.
jakmckratos  +   527d ago
Sound is dumb. I was kinda hoping there'd be a cosmic(alien looking) or mystical(magic users) type added. Light is kinda expected. Personally Id say Sylveon looks kind mystical and uses a card-like move.
Shiva64  +   524d ago
Um, what? Cosmic and Mystical typings make far less sense than Sound does.

Pokemon are already a crazy mesh of science-y/alien (cosmic) and magical elements, so these typings you want are kinda redundant. We don't need a Sound type, and we probably don't even need a Light type, but Light would make the most sense and would actually have an effective use in the long run, if done right.

If anything, Yveltal is Dark/Flying, while Xerneas is Light/Grass. The light would overpower dark, while the flying would overpower grass, which makes them more or less equal to eachother.

But this is just a theory and it could work to give the Light type the stage in an effective way. It's at least my hope for non Dragon type legendaries... for once.

My guess for Sylveon? Normal type. There's nothing about it that screams any of the rumors of it being Dragon or Flying (except name but...). It doesn't even scream Light. Give Eevee a ribbon/bow item to hold and raise its friendship level, and it evolves into Sylveon during a level up. It's most likely not the case but it works.

Eevee is capable of evolving into any type, so why couldn't it just become a stronger normal type as well if the situation is right?

And that card-like move is most likely Trump Card, which Eevee learns naturally by leveling up to 57 (Gen4/BW) or 45 (BW2).
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-Gespenst-  +   527d ago
Hooray!! Finally some new types. Sound is an awesome one if you ask me. Why are people so hostile to new types?

I always thought magnetic should've been another one, or gravity. Spirit, Time and Space should've been types too for the Platinum, Diamond and Pearl guys, and they could make others.

I thought of wood once but I suppose that's not that far from plant... Then again it's not like Ground is that far from Rock.

Another thing they should really include in this game is one of the previous regions. Doubt they will though.
HexxedAvenger  +   527d ago
Rather interesting news. If sound is actually real, then I can't wait to use Exploud! I wonder what the type advantages and disadvantages would be for light and sound.
SoulsticeTwinkle  +   523d ago
Maybe there could be a migrane type.
GravelerMagnitude9  +   527d ago
The speed of light travels faster than sound, so light defeats sound, light defeats dark and ghost, ghost and sound defeats psychic. Sound would defeat psychic because psychic is a matter of focusing mind and meditation, and sound disrupts that . Grass would defeat light because grass absorbs light. I would say ground would defeat sound because sound would not penetrate.
Matt0611  +   526d ago
Sound? Really?
r21  +   526d ago
Sound type? I dont...what? Light i get but sound?
RockmanII7  +   526d ago
A rumor and a theory are two different things, literally the only thing backing this 'rumor' is the fanbases imagination
R_A_LEE20  +   526d ago
I can see where this is coming from but I'm not so sure about the Sound type. Light type on the other hand has been long rumoured since the first days of Gen 3 (R/S/E).

Besides that the only other type I'm hoping to see is a Magic type. Which would also work in the world of Pokemon.
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kirbyu  +   517d ago
Do you think Sylveon might be a Magic type?

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