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Dee_Cazo  +   829d ago
So surprising this came from playstation fanboy site.
dkgshiz  +   829d ago
Pretty much damage control. MS next gen is going to have to make some massive changes to the xbox live formula or otherwise nobody is going to care about it. Who would want to pay $8 or more for a service that is free on other consoles? Then as of right now all you ever see on xbox live is ads 24/7.
o-Sunny-o  +   829d ago
MS Best Games are Halo, Gears of War, and Fable. The only reason those sell well is the multiplayer. People try to justify there charge fee. Is any one buying God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us, or Beyond 2 souls for multiplayer? No they want quality games for playing like days of old.
Droid Control  +   829d ago
Sony has M$ running scared. The 20th is fast approaching, the world is waiting...
Tzuno  +   829d ago
ow shit!!! kick to the balls :)
Twinzclipz  +   829d ago
M$ the Most stupid people ever
Gamer buy a Console only for Games and not Netflix or something else
plaZeHD  +   829d ago
"M$ the Most stupid people ever"
You aren't serious about that statement, are you?
LAWSON72  +   829d ago
Ok lets see ps3= netflix, youtube, file sharing from pc, and amazon prime. Xbox= all that and pointless apps that are not very popular. Not only that thr damn xbox interface is so fucking terrible, its like most w8 apps. The ps3s only issue is the freezing other than that it is much quicker.
jocomat9  +   829d ago
wow i might not actually look at there next console because of this comment. smh you know their scared.
RevXM  +   829d ago
Well 360 may got more streaming apps than ps3.

But Netflix, Viaplay and Vidzone gets around to the most Content Id like this far, only the Norwegian Netflix is piss poor with content ATM as it just came here before christmas.
And outside america the difference is...?

Also the ps3 can stream from a pc or website.
Play blu-ray and you can play pretty much any video format except MKV and you can store them on the HDD.
The options and playback is better and more technical while easy and intuitive on the ps3.
360 can copy files to its HDD from a disc ONLY.
Ps3 can laod and store files to its HDD from anywhere you like, wether it is a server, Internet/website, disc or USB/flash device.

Ps3 supports proper 1080p, and stereoscopic 3D movies AND lossless 7.1 surrounds ++++ through HDMI and optical.

Ps3 is the superior entertainment system END OF. If number of APPS is the only thing to go by then Microsoft should feel real bad because Im pretty sure the number of streaming apps for IOS or Android would completely devastate MS offer on 360.
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GamerSciz  +   829d ago
When it comes to "entertainment" the funny thing is, is that Sony can monopolize that industry. By that I mean that you can get the Sony PS3, with a working Sony TV, and Sony Surround Sound system. Microsoft doesn't sell TV's, or speakers...they are strictly on the computer/gaming side. So it's amusing how they want to be an "entertainment" console yet you can have the Xbox but still support sony by getting a Sony TV and Surround System.

Also, most of the time, different products by the same company work better together. That's just a fact.
HailSithis  +   829d ago
I'm more of an Xbox fanboy, and ive supported them since launch. But ever since they released kinect, they've been making a lot of bad moves. The hardcore seamless dashboard at launch has turned into an add market, and they're focusing on core gamers. All the amazing exclusives are now multi-platform, except gears and halo. Sure entertainment is good, but all you really need are the essentials, apps like netflix and pandora. Also a web browser, which took microsoft like 5 years to add. Sony had this at launch. If you need anything else that's what your computer and smart phone is for. If microsoft's next console is expensive at launch and they continue down this path, they're sales are going to suffer. MOST CORE GAMERS DO NOT BUY CONSOLES AT LAUNCH. I want a console for GAMING, not entertainment. I've always supported microsoft, but if push comes to shove, I might have to side with the PS4 over the new Xbox.
Twinzclipz  +   829d ago
next time get a Playstation ;)
BladerunnerZX  +   829d ago
The Playstation 3 is an incredible entertainment machine - Blue Ray , easy access to netflix and many other great apps that do not require an additional subscription to use.

As a gaming machine I find the Playstation brand to be far superior to Microsofts Xbox since the Playstation consoles provide a much broader gaming experience with a wide variety of genres for all types of gamers from God of War and Uncharted to Liittle Big Planet, Grand Turismo and Killzone.

The Playstation has your back if you are a gamer. Hardcore or casual.

I have been a gamer for over 30 years and Playstation Plus is the best value I have ever seen for hardcore gamers, New games to play every week is a gift from the gaming gods.

Xbox is only better if you are a Call of Duty or Halo fanatic.

Xbox live is a rip off of epic proportions in every way. The Xbox360 dashboard is full of ads and the fact that you have to pay for Xboxlive to access netflix and a web browser is ridiculous.
VR-4nic  +   829d ago
The mere fact that you have to buy a Gold subscription to Live to use most the 360's features is what makes the console worthless to me! I already pay for Netflix but can't even use it in less I pay M$ too! Its just ridiculous how much better the PS3 is. And the PS3 actually has a ton of exclusives!
kewlkat007  +   829d ago
I think MS has really made a push for all the digital on the Xbox 360, with plenty of content partners..and I can go on.

Now that windows 8(desktop + mobile) is out + Skype acquisition/integrations, they are really just adding to XBL experience(which I think overall has been better than Nintendo or Sony albeit the cost, which is not so bad per month.

Microsoft's plan all along was to unify the Desktop/Mobile/Console with Windows 8 Release on all sorts of levels.

Just like apple dominates when it comes to it's eco system, I think Microsoft will try do the same in the coming years. Most are probably using 1 or 2 of their products for entertainment.

They really should focus on more first-party titles though. Then again, with all what was said about Microsoft this generation, they have carved up quite a good spot with the 360 and XBL. Is Microsoft's weaknesses so bad that they can't compete? Didn't look like it financially.

With new decked out consoles upon the horizon, will the hardware really matter?

We are just getting 2 year old computers as consoles any ways. It always comes down to taking advantage of what the developers have in front of them. I got a feeling we will still get shitty games + tacked on DLC and bad glitches.

Gamer stating hardware facts towards the end of this gen's life cycle is pointless. Nothing we have not known or touched since 2006.

Microsoft - Gained a lot of ground this gen compared to the Original Xbox.

Sony - Though has done well, has been shaken this gen and have been in a financial shuffle all over compared to the PS2 dominance.

Nintendo - Somehow keeps on ticking with low-cost hardware.

Start moving HARDWARE(excluding Nintendo) will be much closer based on the rumored architecture. If blu-ray is here to stay then just like Sony this gen, Plenty will be buying new Xbox 720's just to play Media as well...should be interesting.
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PurpHerbison  +   829d ago
I shouldn't even be replying to this but once again I cannot stop my fingers from typing. PS3 has an edge on the 360. Everybody knows this.. but at the end of the day you are comparing a piece of poop, to a slightly more polished piece of poop. It's still poop.
cheetah  +   829d ago
Oh, a PC elitist! What a clever comment.

How's your moms basement?
PurpHerbison  +   829d ago
I started off the comment with acknowledging that I shouldn't even reply. Why would you reply to me only to say the most typical "comeback" ever? Or was that your way of saying I am not clever, and then going on to say something far from clever yourself? You and I, we aren't so different.
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optimus  +   829d ago
wow, i guess people forgot the true console wars of the 16 bit era where they would take shots at each other in commercials and everybody enjoyed it. Now one guy says what he feels in some small interview and everyone gets up and arms? competition is good for EVERYone.
when boxers have a big match they talk trash about each other in order to get people to buy tickets. car manufacturers put out ads claiming theirs has this and that better than the other cars.
i don't get why gamers today are so defensive; there was one comment in here that actually said that because of this article they will not be buying the next xbox, even though they planned to originally...REALLY??

notice that the article is from a playstation site and it did exactly what they wanted to do and that's create loyal 1 console consumers...
I'm pretty sure that after e3 sony will come out and say what the disadvantages are of the next xbox...of course all of their fans will say... Tru-dat!
Just as i'm sure that if sony doesn't reveal the ps4 next week and it ends up being yet another revamped vita announcement they will come out in droves with every excuse in the book saying sony did good in saving it for e3 so that microsoft doesn't come out saying they were the sole winner of e3 blah,blah, etc...wait for it.
TechOne  +   829d ago
Really M$? -_-

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Zancruz  +   829d ago
My stomach hurts from laughing so hard at the article and all of the disagreements....
Father Time  +   829d ago
A company says their product is better than a competitor's.

In other news the sun rose in the east today, it was dark out at 10 pm and Francisco Franco is still dead.
sdplisken  +   829d ago
cant wait for ps4 to steamroll the kinectbox 2.0

Get em Sony!!!!

FU** micro$oft!!!!!!
QuantumWake  +   829d ago
I've been on this site for I would think a pretty long time. And this is probably the first time in a while I've seen an article have over 300+ comments. I knew the moment I saw this in the pending feed that this would get 1000+ degrees.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   829d ago
well,at least everybody knows that Coke is obviously superior to Pepsi.
Coca cola openly admits to Pepsi's inferior taste,texture,carbonation,etc.

MS/Sony....who can truly know.I'm awaiting an official statement before making that toughest of decisions....
MrRaccoon90  +   829d ago
With The Rumors Of "Always Online" and Microsoft Not supporting use games. IF these rumors become true. Then Sony already won the next gen war before the war can be even started. I always hated how Microsoft treats their customers. There getting scared of Sony's big announcement in 4 days. Just sad
DonFreezer  +   829d ago
Cry all you want Sony maniacs.
cheetah  +   829d ago
MS is scared. I always knew that Sony would have the jump on MS this gen purely based around the fact that MS needs to license bluray for the new system. Sony should deny them the license, maybe they have.....
maddfoxx  +   829d ago
My pS3 plays blu-rays. . . so yeah.
aftershock  +   829d ago
It's not as good of an entertainment console but it IS a better gaming console, and that's why I bought one, ya play games on a gaming console
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