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2pacalypsenow  +   893d ago
Comon guys everyone know that xbox 360 is the best entertainment platform I mean it has Mcdonalds ADS!! ps3 cant beat that!! /s
Lifebanisher  +   893d ago
shet man! you said it! They make you pay for their online crap and then they litter the dashboard of ads like wtf is that right? Arent you making me pay for the online service already? Then you still make some money out of ads from me? HaHa looks like we got ourselves a greedy company my friend.
TheOneEyedHound  +   893d ago
M$ is feeling the pressure,first the europe comments and now this.

Please feed those trolls.
evilhasitsway  +   893d ago
thats all ms can do is talk they not have the power of sony even though they have more money how sad. and they said to sony flashing lights wont win the next war and that is excatly what ms is doing they really dont know what there doing when it comes to home systems there better off makeing programs for computers.
evilhasitsway  +   893d ago
not only that real gamers want a system with games not apps.
AusRogo  +   893d ago
Go home Microsoft, you're drunk.
evilhasitsway  +   893d ago
here is the vid
the reason people do media crap on xbox is cause they have no games lol.
7.08 is when they said they were better if you want to skip through by the way its the first vid.
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Martywren  +   893d ago
Lol kiddie console wars, im glad i left the consoles for PC:-)
fsfsxii  +   893d ago
Console kiddies are glad because you left. ;)
MultiConsoleGamer  +   893d ago
Pay attention to this phrase:

"Entertainment Console"

There it is folks, the death of the traditional video game console. "Entertainment Console" is what they're all thinking now.
Buzz7S  +   893d ago
There hasn't been a video game console since the PS1. =/ Most, if not all consoles since then have been able to support the playback of audio CDs, DVDs, media files via USB or other means.
Bathyj  +   893d ago
Doesnt mean its not a games console.
It matters more how the platform holder supports it, not the extra functions it can perform.

All playstations have had extra features and have always been a games machine first. PS4 will be no different.
jetlian  +   893d ago
what about nes and snes hmmm?
7SBuzzLightyear7S  +   893d ago
What? You're comparing NES and SNES to the PS1? You do realise that the NES console released in 1983 and the SNES console was released in 1990, right? PS1 console released in 1994..... not sure how consoles with cartridges compare to a console with a CD player.....

And @Bathyj, it doesn't matter. Pop in a DVD on your Xbox 360 or a Blu-ray on your PS3 with no internet connection and see if it works. It does? Well my friend, it was available out of the box, thus making it an entertainment console and not just one for video games.
jetlian  +   893d ago
Im just saying they both had entertainment in the name. AKA nintindo entertainment system/nes and super nes

Consoles have always tried to get a hold in the living room
Buzz7S  +   893d ago
I am an Xbox gamer and I will continue to be for the remainder of this generation. I do await the release of The Last of Us and until then, my PS Plus subscription is used mainly for the free PS3 games and the few PS Vita games that are/were on offer.

The PlayStation 3 was and could still be argued as the complete entertainment package. It was future-proof the day it released (Blu-ray as opposed to Microsoft's HD DVD) which died not too long after release.

The ONLY negative thing about the PS3 and its entertainment is Cinavia. Other than that, Microsoft could only wish it started off as good as the PS3 did, regardless of whether it was used for games and other forms of entertainment or just as a Blu-ray player.

Microsoft will be playing catch up and this comes from an Xbox 'fanboy'.
Clarence  +   893d ago
I could have sworn the PS3 is use more for entertainment hub than the 360 is.
The 360 couldn't even surf the Internet when it came out.
It didn't even have hdmi ports. Still uses DVDs. Also didn't M$ say the that the PS3 has lost it way.

M$ is scared and they are doing anything they can to try and stop Sony's momentum.
Buzz7S  +   893d ago
The only person(s) who will stop Sony's momentum is Sony. NO one else can touch them at this point. I am sure that they have learnt from past mistakes, especially when they announced the price of the PS3 at E3 a few years ago. :p
dcbronco  +   893d ago
Playstation fans are confusing. I thought one of the reasons the PS3 was supposed to be better because the 360 was too focused on multimedia. But now most of you are saying the PS3 is actually better for multimedia? I thought you guys hated a console being used as a entertainment hub.
BlackTar187  +   892d ago
i think you completely missed the point. HE SHOOTS, IT'S BLOCKED GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER
dcbronco  +   892d ago
You missed the point. Most of the people here are arguing that it is. So Sony fanboys don't even agree with Sony sometimes. Sony themselves can make a true statement about the PS3 but if the statement means the 360 is better at something or MS does something better, fanboys will disagree.
BlackTar187  +   892d ago
Again you miss the point. PS3 focuses on Games 1st Multimedia second or even equal where MS says they are a gaming machine 4 years ago and then today say they are a MM machine. The differnce being MS litterly has nothing in the way of news and has been lackign core games ever since they tookt he Media hub approach where as PS has always had the Media HUB approach but has not lost anything with the gaming approach either. You are just not thinking right. I also have never heard anyone say they hate a media hub they say we want games first and sony provides those in fresh new ips and apps. Where again MS seems to have taken the casual first approach and that is whats being hated on.

Also no one here is saying Media hub is stupid no one they are saying
1. paying multiple times for APps is stupid
2. That Media hub - core games is stupid
3. I don't see how you are missing the point so wide TBH.

I don't believe anyone to be saying Media is bad or good they want it all in one and one company definatley pursues Media without losing track of the core games and new ips. One doesn't
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0pie  +   893d ago
lol microsoft is in full damage control ... Pathetic to see.

Why they dont do like Nintendo, its really unusual to see nintendo talkshit about other console. Ms should do the same thing, what they do is just immature

blah blah blah we are the best and all of the others sucks... yeah yeah microsoft...
Obamanationn  +   893d ago
i own both consoles , entertainment value/better experience = ps3 ...
communications/inter-connecti vity = 360 , now communications will be fixed come next generation on sony's end what will Microsoft do next ?
jakmckratos  +   893d ago
Lol why? Cuz it used to have 1 vs 100, and still charges $50 a year for network connection and it has public opinion polls??

There is legitimately nothing about that console that provides a substantially more entertaining experience than my PS3 which is consistently has decent title releases, free network so I can play my games without restrictions or watch Netflix.

The one thing they're doing that I don't like is that you have to pay $10 for another online pass for a game..gets reeeeeal annoying when I bring a game to my friend's house
strigoi814  +   893d ago
i wonder who is he refering to when he said "everybody". He is probably out this world..NASA shoud send him to outerspace
devilhunterx  +   893d ago
I can pay for X-game chat?
arbitor365  +   893d ago
we ps3 gamers dont have dat Nickelodeon

all we have are mountains of exclusives
MadMen  +   893d ago
Neko_Mega  +   893d ago
360 is dead, what killed it? Microsoft with Kinect, nothing new can come out without something Kinect added to it.

Alot of the stuff they are making you use Kinect for can be done by just using a mic (plus it would keep Kinect from picking up other sounds so easy).

Plus less I heard, Sony was out selling the 360 now. Halo 4 is good, but what else is their? Kinect this Kinect that and nothing good coming from RARE anymore. Micrsoft is the new Wii (just without the games like Mario/Zelda and without the huge sales numbers).
PopRocks359  +   893d ago
Jeez, this entire article was a breeding ground for a pissing contest. Both are successful consoles. The only thing that makes one better than the other is which exclusives you like more and how badly you want party chat.
smashcrashbash  +   893d ago
Now I am not sure Microsoft actually said that and i am sure everyone has said everything I wanted to say already in the above responses. But if Microsoft said that I would like to ask them and everyone who is defending them what happened to 'PS3 should concentrate on games, not a bunch of useless features. That is why the 360 is better because it is a GAMING console.Who wants Bluray and Internet and Home etc.'And now Nintendo and Microsoft finally pull their heads out of the sand and decide to make 'entertainment consoles' the very same thing Sony has spent the last few years trying to sell to you and convince you to buy into is suddenly the greatest idea ever and they are geniuses for thinking of it. And to add to it people are actually ADVISING Sony to make their next console not only about games but to make sure and add extra features and apps the very thing they constantly kicked Sony in the balls about having in the first place?

So to sum it up people are boasting about and advising Sony to do the exact same thing they have been beating their heads against a wall to convince you about? Is that about correct? And these are the very same people who bite our heads off if we change our minds about anything that Microsoft and Nintendo do that Sony decides to do later?
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Mookie  +   893d ago
Microsoft kill yourself
Lavagasm  +   893d ago
It's nice to see PS3 fans getting a ton of disagrees for once.
Ser  +   893d ago
What a pigheaded thing to

"Everybody knows"? lol
contradictory  +   893d ago
why the hell is there always talk about consoles being entertainment heavy?

i dont know about you people but i buy consoles to play games
for entertainment i got a PC hooked on my tv
jairusmonillas  +   893d ago
Microsoft is desperate.
babis1974  +   893d ago
ok, ps3 vs xbox360,which is a better console? WHO CARES? if you like games you just play and you don't care about this. i am playing Uncharted and someone else is playing Halo. who is enjoying better the gaming? i think that everybody should be just play what they want in the console they want. it's a "FREE WORLD"...
vyralx  +   893d ago
Sounds like the crap MS talked before the first Iphone was released

Related video
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brave27heart  +   893d ago
"Xbox is a better entertainment device"

Isnt it such a shame for you that I buy my games console based on how good a gaming machine it is.
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