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sknygy  +   1095d ago
tomorrow? 47 minutes...
GribbleGrunger  +   1095d ago
Have you got a link to it?
Godchild1020  +   1095d ago
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GribbleGrunger  +   1095d ago
Cheers, fella. And it starts soon?

edit: 5 minutes!
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nirwanda  +   1095d ago
Thanks godchild have a bubble.
sknygy  +   1095d ago
Seriously doubt there will be anything massive for the Wii U, this is more about the 3DS. Wii U isn't even being talked about on the European and Japanese Directs.

You seemed to of missed the point of the Bayonetta 2 video, the reason they showed that was because its too early to show any footage - two weeks man, two weeks.
Thepcz  +   1095d ago
come e3 there will be nothing new to show
nirwanda  +   1095d ago
Ha ha ha the ear of
lovegames718  +   1095d ago
lol gtfo out of here go read my comment history on the article about Nintendo Direct today!!!!!! I said they are either going to announce a Mario 2000, Donkey Kong 20 or a Luigi mansion 6 lol bwahhhhh (plz ppl chk the article. Omg its sad when ppl already know Nintendo s routine and what they will announce.

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