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DivineAssault  +   653d ago
too early
decrypt  +   653d ago
Naa not too early, they just didnt know what they were targeting.

They could have easily designed a much more powerful machine, sure it might not have been as powerful the next PS or Xbox, however it could have been enough to run the same games as the next PS or Xbox albeit with a lower settings (maybe run games in 720p vs 1080p on the other consoles).

Problem is Nintendo had no clue what they were going for. They literally banked the console on a tablet controller gimmick.

The tablet costs so much and isnt really what the core gamers want anyways. If the casuals wants to play on a tablet they might as well pick up a Android or Apple product.

I think it was a bad decision on Nintendo's part.

The next consoles are coming equipped with something around the power level of a HD 7870 (which is strictly mid range by todays standard).

No reason why Nintendo couldnt have kept up with those specs(as in get very close to that performance).
"Problem is Nintendo had no clue what they were going for. They literally banked the console on a tablet controller gimmick. "

I think I know who they were going for. They use the wii name for a reason.

The name wiiU is awful. Should of just called it mega awsome system of at least wii2.

"Next-gen might not be backward compatible with the system's original software and accessories (Wii U is, though). "

How will this appeal to people who want to play ps3 games next gen?
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darthv72  +   652d ago
knew what they were doing when they designed the system. There had been reports of how the cpu is weaker than the gpu. If memory serves...wasnt the SNES criticized for having a weak cpu as compared to the genesis? And yet the snes was able to compensate with the mode 7 and enhanced visuals from the rest of the system. So in effect, the wii-u is like the snes.

We only react to what we think its capable of but over time there are things it can probably do that will elevate it to the level of next gen as compared to the offerings by sony and ms.
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kneon  +   653d ago
No, they released too late. Had they released a year earlier then they would be better off. It would have been separated enough from the other consoles that it would really be in it's own generation.
solidt12  +   653d ago
It wasnt too early. They just should of put a better Cpu and Gpu in there hardware. I love the tablet controller though.
user3915800  +   653d ago
No, they released the console too late, the wii-u competed with ps3 and 360, not the next gen. Wiiu its stock in the past, Too late, too little.
Jadedz  +   653d ago
Too early to tell
After reading the Gamasutra article:

Next-gen might not be backward compatible with the system's original software and accessories (Wii U is, though).
Jakens  +   653d ago
I would hope Nintendo Annouces some $600 system at E3, however unlikely.
Skate-AK  +   653d ago
Not unlikely. Impossible.
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Jakens  +   652d ago
Nintendo makes me kinda bitter because of that simple fact. (see above)
stragomccloud  +   653d ago
Time will tell.
I don't think they did. The 3DS on the other hand.... yeah... too early for sure.
wiium64  +   653d ago
no with nintendo releasing mario 3d, 2 zelda games, mario kart, smash bros. and more, they will compete.
Oh yea... I forgot the Wii U was out.

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zerocrossing  +   653d ago
Without any of us knowing the specs of the PS4 and nextbox, none of us can really say for sure.
user3915800  +   653d ago
we do know the hardware will be stronger then what it is now, thats what the wii u competes with the current gen, so yea ps4 and 720 will blow the wii u by a few hundred miles.
rezzah  +   653d ago
Too early in my opinion. Were they trying to get a head start?

The games they released thus far are not exceptional.

As far as I can tell their first heavy hitter seems to be MH3U. Arrives to NA on the 19th of next month.

I believe they should have waited until they could release a game based on a typical Nintendo character. Maybe opening with MH is enough, which means releasing the Wii U next month.

If you think about it though, a new console released in February wouldn't seem to gain many sales. In terms of business decisions of making a profit, their original release date prior to xmas is a good decision. If anything they just need to hang around until their big games come.

However if no big changes occur with the releases of the first heavy hitters, then they have some big problems.
-GametimeUK-  +   653d ago
Don't know if it's too early or not, but I am not buying a Wii-U yet because of Nintendo's original Wii.
GadgetGooch  +   653d ago
I have a Wii U and also a 360 and i will also be getting the new Xbox when it arrives, I believe it can co-exist with the new generation just like the Wii did with the current generation. They are in different league's to one another and as long as Nintendo and 3rd party support release innovative games over the course of its life i think they will be just fine.
sprinterboy  +   653d ago
Never owned a nintendo console but my neices have always enjoyed them, I just think Wii U will become what the wii market had with 360/ps3 once ps4/720 come out. i think if ps3 can do games like the last of us at the end of ps3 cycle then surely wii U will have games like that for its cycle throughout its life and I dont think thats a bad thing for nintendo or its fanbase imo, wont buy one myself but my neices will enjoy those games for years to come if they develop games like the last of us (as in graphics) not shooters/gore etc.
ceballos77mx  +   653d ago
Its too early to tell, once the the other consoles are announced, and developers start showing their next gen games we will know, if they start skipping it then its going to be the wii all over again.

One advantage I think is those developers without big AAA budgets may go only for the wii U.
joeorc  +   653d ago
In my Opinion
It is In my Opinion Nintendo's release for a Living room console will be on a cycle that will be in advance of Microsoft and Sony.
Thus when both the PS3 and the xbox360 release, when would Nintendo release the New replacement for the WiiU?

I think the larger Question is will this matter in the grand scheme of thing's, for me I really do not think release of the system is not going to be what mainly matter's anymore because there is so many player's in the Console gaming market now that release of said system will matter less and Less when there is already a saturation of Gaming systems on the Market already.

Which for me is the entire market May have more of a problem in showing any real strong stability of sales and Market trends due to so many dynamic's that the market analysis driven Media outlets obsession with the 24 hr News for market watching will do more hard Harm than good for every new Product that it seem's will be a failure against the "this is the IT Hot product right now" vs your new Product that just released, why is it not performing well right now attitude that's

Infested the world wide web and new's media where these new product's are given poor product market performance before it even makes it to the market, than continues durring the entire product cycle of the product. Not letting the Product getting a breath of fresh air instead keeping it drowning in a perpetual Flow of FUD to help it along in maintaining that said product is Drowning.

its not about information about the product's anymore its about making sure FUD flows to keep generating Money.

FUD generates Money!!
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lovegames718  +   653d ago
they released too late actually. Had they released a year after Ps3 then all things would have been even and competition close. This system is far from nxt gen we all know that lol
RevXM  +   653d ago
How about too late?
Being about as powerful as the two current HD consoles it should have came out years ago.

But now that it is out it will need stellar first party support and seeing that third party support s shrinking they must fight harder to get more.
And it will most likely get just harder with the probably way more powerful ps4 and a next xbox coming up.
Wizziokid  +   653d ago
Nintendo were never going to try and target sony and microsoft in terms of hardware power if they wanted to do that we wouldn't have seen the new gamepad, it's not a question of 'too early' they could have released the system after MS and Sony and it would have been the same.
KillrateOmega  +   653d ago
It wasn't that they released the WiiU too early. It's just they had very poor launch title success. Hell, at times I forget that the WiiU even exists. It's just not making waves (atm).
RyuCloudStrife  +   653d ago
Nintendo is dead.
PopRocks359  +   653d ago
Considering they're still making software and hardware... yeah, I'm gonna go with "you're completely wrong" on that one.
josephayal  +   653d ago
The Wii U is a powerful, powerful machine
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   652d ago
Rick James?
lilbroRx  +   653d ago
Can Nintendo compete with themselves? What type of a question is that?
wiiulee  +   653d ago
nintendo release wiiu at the perfect time...since wiiu can show whats truly next generation , uniqueness and if nintendo can get the games out show there is not much of a graphic leap between wiiu and those machines....therefore it only makes wiiu truly next generation and the others just an upgrade of the previous generation....wiiu is nothing like the wii...but the xboxnext and ps4 will be just an upgrade of the consoles before them

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