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SybaRat  +   719d ago
Oooooo...permadeath! That makes all three of my nipples tingle.
ThanatosDMC  +   718d ago
HAHHAH! Best comment i've read today. Bubbles for you!
pandehz  +   718d ago
and the game will permadie
deantak  +   719d ago
Letros  +   718d ago
The ultimate video game here
modesign  +   718d ago
this game will either ninja itself a release date and surprise everyone, or it will never see the end of the tunnel and will always be a mutli million dollar project.
Ultr  +   718d ago
I loved freelancer! such an awesome game, also I got highest grad at school when we had to know all american states, waters and mountains, just because of Freelancer!!
Conzul  +   715d ago
Freelancer kicked ass

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