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TheSuperior  +   774d ago
I would love to see John back if they could do it in a believeable way. Didnt care for Jack. so John over unknown but unknown over Jack.
Root  +   774d ago

I thought it would of been good if they did a DLC for RDR which tells us an alternative story about the ending

Like an Outlaw Josey Wales type of story

The government come early for John, he's away, since Abbi and Jack won't give him up they kill them both, John comes home to house on fire and sees the two people he spent days trying to save now gone. Now that he's become a broken man he reverts to his old ways and decides the that "once an outlaw, always an outlaw" so he decides to get revenge on the two government agents with the help on people he's met throughout the game. The final missions in the DLC would lead up to the big fight where he would finally kill them both.

At the end he starts to warm up to Bonnie, hinting at some romance before he rides off into the sunset as an outlaw with nothing to loose


They could continue it using that DLC's ending

The way he went in the game was silly in my opinion, I mean Johns a smart man but how did he know the Government weren't going to go after Abbi and Jack anyway. They did try to kill them when they came for John and they were shooting at the house. Just seemed pretty silly to me.

In my opinion he should of just ran, sent a letter to Abbi and Jack explaining he can never come home. Least then the next game could be John trying to clear his name or something
Blacktric  +   774d ago
" I mean Johns a smart man but how did he know the Government weren't going to go after Abbi and Jack anyway."

He didn't. But that was the only thing he could do to at least have some sort proof that they wouldn't go after them. If he ran, government agents would've easily captured his family again and held them hostage to lure him back in. That was the theme of the game anyway. Redemption through sacrifice. He proved to everyone that he wasn't some cold hearted bastard that killed people for money but was a family man who just wanted to be left alone with his family after doing the dirty work of the government. But I really do like the idea of a DLC that focuses on revenge. Zombie DLC was really fun but if it was something like you said, it would've been better.
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Sandmano  +   774d ago
Jack turned out to be a badass John had his time but I doubt itl be Jack
kingfetish17  +   774d ago
The next RDR, Bully, & Manhunt games on next-gen consoles would be worth hyping about!

I personally want to see the next RDR game set sometime before Redemption in a different location. More with a "Cowboy vs Indian" emphasis. It would be cool if R* implemented multiple playable characters like GTA5. I'd like to play a Native Indian role where bow & arrows are used and the ability to climb trees is possible. All characters can be new and intertwined as the story progresses.
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bullymangLer  +   774d ago
why a sequel when Red Dead Redemption is a Huge game full of different angled slopes and valleys always feeling new online ? ..
in my factual opinion, Rockstar should not work on a new Red Dead Redemptions game, Rockstar should work on the games pop-up, and in adding more weapons like a machete or bow-and arrow etc . and also they should make a new room, a real Hardcore room. not this radar with dots that blow your cover
Awesome_Gamer  +   773d ago
Agree. John Marston is one of my favourite video game characters, ever. I hated Jack, though.
NYC_Gamer  +   774d ago
John is dead and Jack already got revenge for his fathers death
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MestreRothN4G  +   774d ago
Nice spoilers.
ApolloTheBoss  +   774d ago
It's been 3 years since Red Dead came out. There is no excuse why anyone who hasn't played it could have at LEAST rented the game by now.
A2X_  +   774d ago
A little Spoilers tag wouldn't hurt, but the spoilers are well deserved if you still didn't play this game by now..
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greatcrusader44  +   773d ago
Its been out for a few yrs now and SPOILER tags never work, at least for me cuz I still accidentally pick up a few keywords out of focus when I read SPOILERS.
classic200  +   774d ago
rockstar always gives us new characters which is cool
jrbeerman11  +   774d ago
this, discussion over
Reverent  +   774d ago
Not here on N4G though! Lol...
linkkjm  +   774d ago
A prequel would be cool, about John's outlaw days
SheaHoff  +   774d ago
Looking forward to it!
THESHAUNZY  +   774d ago
R.I.P. John >.<
Monkeycan8  +   774d ago
I hope it's someone new. Johns story is over. Jack maybe but his story is also kinda over. All I know is I can't wait for Red Dead 3!
SAE  +   774d ago
I never expected the ending that's why i loved it but i hate what happened :(
KaBaW  +   774d ago
@SAE -
Agreed. I thought it was one of the better game endings that Ive played through, tho.
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Prcko  +   774d ago
i just want new read dead,that game changed my view about new gen(current gen)gaming
Sharius  +   774d ago
of all the game in current gen console i have been played, i must admit that RDR have the most beautiful and dynamic sky and weather, even game like skyrim or AC3 i dont have the same feeling each time i look up to the sky like in RDR
MestreRothN4G  +   774d ago
Maybe because RDR is the only game you mentioned that is more than marketing?
XXXL  +   774d ago
Give me a prequel with Landon Ricketts as the main character and have it follow his exploits which eventually led him to Mexico. John could be included in the latter part of the game when ricketts is in mexico. It could cover the old west and include the industrial change that was a big part of redemption. I personally love the way Redemption ended and feel John's story was concluded perfectly.
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zbg31610  +   774d ago
SPOILERS(even though everyone has beat it.) There is no chance that it could be Jack. If you played and understood red dead you should understand why. A major theme in the game was that times were changing and in the new modern era, outlaws could no longer survive like they could in the old west. That is also why John HAD to die. You cant be a murderer outlaw in modern life and expect to get away with it
Tex117  +   774d ago
Dude, the 1960's anti-hero motif was lost on most gamers.

I thought it was arguable the best ending in video game history.

It actually was complex...just like you said...he HAD to die, and if you didn't see it coming (or want it to happen), then you don't understand westerns or what the game was getting at.

As for the next one (and the thought tickles my loins). Give me some more characters. John and Jack told their story.
snowman2149  +   774d ago
It will be a new character considering what rockstar has done in the past BUT I think it will be set decades before red dead redemption since read dead is set in the year 1910 right before world war there's no way they would have a western set during or after world war 1 that just does not exist. So I'm guessing the next red dead will be set in the mid 1800s either before or after the civil war
akaakaaka  +   774d ago
i don't think anyone care.. we just want another RDR to be bigger and better with a new plot and more bad ass main character.
just like GTA does..
Nodoze  +   774d ago
Make it an entirely new character....OR make it a prequel.
ApolloTheBoss  +   774d ago
It should definitely be a new character. Off topic: Red Dead multiplayer was the best multiplayer I ever played.
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FarCryLover182  +   774d ago
Please no, no Jack.
stefan771  +   774d ago
I would prefer new characters
e-p-ayeaH  +   774d ago
Landon Ricketts story to become a famous gunslinger and maybe a younger John Marston somewhere in the game.

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isarai  +   774d ago
Seeing as how Red from the first game wasn't in the second, i kinda see this series as completely separate tales of redemption, not a continuing story. so that's fine by me
thedarkvault  +   773d ago
since Red dead redemption was set in the dying years of the wild west I would prefer they went back rather than forward in time for the setting of the next game.
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   773d ago
As much as I love John, I would like to play with a new character.
STICKzophrenic  +   773d ago
TheGrimBunny  +   773d ago
i am sure it will still be an amazing game, Rockstar never disappoints.
ZBlacktt  +   773d ago
John will somehow be saved as the wounds he took did not kill him. Guy was to alpha to die.

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