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fluffydelusions  +   1095d ago
Only if they enjoy crap games
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1095d ago
According to this article EGM gave it a 9/10. For reals?
Jobesy  +   1095d ago
I really don't care what reviewers think. I played Duke Nukem despite reviews and enjoyed it moderately. Theres many other poorly scored games I've also enjoyed.

I don't own a Wiiu, but I'm hoping it's a good game for them considering it was a highly anticipated title and supposedly the definitive version.
Venox2008  +   1095d ago
you speak truth about Duke nukem, I liked it too and didnt care about its reviews, I'll gonna take a look at aliens too
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donman1  +   1095d ago
No... GearBox is going to be in serious financial problems with this EPIC FAIL.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1095d ago
I reckon it's still going to sell loads because of the licence. There are a lot of Alien fans out there that just want a taste of the old movies again (me included) but I won't be buying this garbage. Instead I'm going to just watch the films again for the millionth time and hope one day they will make a game worthy of the title Alien/s.
Venox2008  +   1095d ago
heh, say that to Aliens vs Predator which came in 2010 with not so good reviews and it sold decently
Starfox17  +   1095d ago
All depends how the wiiu version plays out ?
ZeekQuattro  +   1095d ago
The overall consensus seems to be that the game sucks unless you play multiplayer and thats hardly a reason to be excited about it. I'll pass on any version of the game and I was originally thinking about picking it up to.
Elem187  +   1095d ago
I can't imagine not playing multiplayer on a FPS shooter. You mean there is people that buy FPS for a singleplayer experience?!?!? (Minus Metroid)

Call of Duty has one of the worst Singeplayer experience, but I don't know anyone who buys call of duty for singleplayer.
RFornillos4  +   1095d ago
having found out it's only 5-6 hours long, i doubt that I myself would get this. with such review scores however, the Wii U version may only be a notch or two higher, that is if the gamepad implementation is as remarkable as Randy Pitchford says it is (he did say the Wii U version is gonna be the best version).
Elem187  +   1095d ago
It will probably sell better on the Wii U because of the huge game drought currently... I'm tempted to buy the first Wii U game to be released.
lovegames718  +   1095d ago
lol always finding a spin to make the wiiu version better. So so pathetic. This game will be trash just like Ninja Gaiden was and the sheep will flock to it because their is nothing else on their system to buy.

Yeah the wiiu version will be the best trash out of them all lol and only because its delayed and their shine the turd a little more. Pc version is even super mediocre and you really think the wiiu version is going to be worth a purchase. You listen to Randy Pitchford? really? the same person that made it seem as if this game was epic!!!? So gullible.

Wiiu fanatics wanted this game to be a measure of how the Wiiu is next gen because they listened to a dev that was trying to hype their system up for more sales!!!!! This game doesnt break any graphical benchmarks and is mediocre. Save your money!!!!!
Nevers0ft  +   1095d ago
Gearbox themselves said the Wii U version would be the "definitive" version... But the definitive version of sh*t is still likely to be sh*t - so why the "attack" on Wii U owners? Actually, it's odd that 50% of your posts are in Wii U threads yet you don't own one but let's assume you're just an avid gamer and not a troll.

I'm expecting to be disappointed with the Wii U version, the games overall design is a mess... But I don't think that reflects on the Wii U or its owners, to think that would be kinda stupid.
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Elem187  +   1095d ago
He's just like any other Sony fanboi out there who hates anything not Sony, and saves all of his venom specifically for Nintendo because Nintendo has the nerve to make a video game console that doesn't cater to him, the spec whore.

A company not going after raw power doesn't deserve to be in business to Sony game snobs..... But I cannot WAIT to see the look on his face when the PS4 is unveiled later this month because Sony themselves said the next playstation isn't going after raw power, but new ways to play instead...

in other words, they saw the massive sales of the Wii and want a big piece of that casual pie, so PS4 will be a "new way to play" instead of raw power. Can't really blame Sony here, as being the fastest console was rewarded with coming in last place.
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lovegames718  +   1095d ago
No I just hate shit talkers and love. see them eat their words after they hyped wiiu to death blindly and bashed ps3/xbox.

You sound like a bird (Elem) and I wish you did see my face during the ps4 unveil bcus I will be pre ordering it immediately. You think most ppls gripe with wiiu is over specs? Maybe half the other half is over stale $Ss ips ppl are already, tired off and nintendo talking about innovating just to sell some weak hardware and make tons of first day profits. Your an idiot if you think ppls disdain for wiiu is some. loyalty lol most ppl grew up on Mario, but that same Mario and other regurgitated ips is why I didnt buy a wiiu. Thank god for games like Tlou, lbp, starhswk, demon souls, ni no kuni, etccc that bring life into a repetitive gaming world. Nintendo hasnt innovated insifteare since the 90S its quite sad.

As for insight idk who the hell your quoting but jack tretton himself said ps has never rushed their product or been cheap and the next ps would be a noticeable difgedifference so go check your sources stop quoting morons off of this site.

I wish I could send you a pic if and when the ps4 Is revealed bcus ill be happy no matter what knowing I get to look forward to new ips and sequels to recently established once, not stale games stuck in the 90S

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