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schmoe  +   1097d ago
not to mention no word on local servers :-(
bosbvok  +   1097d ago
Quite right , have not seen anything about dedicated servers for this title like GOW3.
TekoIie  +   1097d ago
Dont worry dedicated servers were confirmed! Heres the vid:
Dwalls1171  +   1097d ago
If the online is bad as gears of war 2
schmoe  +   1096d ago
Pekolie we meant local dedicated servers here in deepest darkest Africa. We actually do have gamers, and Internet connections as well as electricity and running water
TekoIie  +   1095d ago
Ok... Bosbvok's comment made no mention of Africa and yours did not either. I dont have access to every N4G members location. So misunderstandings happen when theres a lack of info ;)
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bosbvok  +   1097d ago
And this from a Gears of War fan :(.
PandaMcBearface  +   1097d ago
Youtube "the worm camping in Call of Duty". That's pretty much what it sounds like this is going to be :/
StrongMan  +   1097d ago
Those are all legit reasons but I'd like to add that Gears of War Judgement only has 90k pre orders. Other Gears games had over a million pre orders.
Root  +   1097d ago
They've changed the controls aswell.....thats off putting enough to me

Unless you can change them back
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