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miyamoto  +   1092d ago
Ni No Kuni hangin' on there

lol at DmC

down there in the abyss
GodisaGeek  +   1092d ago
There were stock problems with Ni No Kuni too, so maybe it'll go back up next week.
fermcr  +   1092d ago
Individual charts if anybody is interested...
fei-hung  +   1092d ago
Gran Turismo and Hitman trilogy are outselling DmC :s

Good to see NiNoKuni doing well. Hopefully this game will get a sequel for all the JRPG fans out there. I understand this gen has been pretty hard on them with very little in the genre.

Cant wait for MGR:R and Dead Space 3 when it is a little cheaper. I feel skint from all the games I have pre-ordered :(

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