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Kamikaze135  +   778d ago
Shouldn't have released it on the worst possible system for an MMO. I'm not trying to hate on the Wii, but it's true.
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herbs  +   778d ago
Explain why the Wii U is worst system for an MMO please.
Blastoise  +   778d ago
Its a Wii game, not Wii U. Comes out for Wii U in March
wishingW3L  +   778d ago
no games, 7 years old hardware, no HDD, no blu-ray playback, $350

Wii U's going through what is known as the "Doom Stage". A phase when the console is relatively new to have a big enough fanbase so developers release games at a slower pace. It can last from 1 to 2.5 years (like the PS3).
Aclay  +   778d ago
"Explain why the Wii U is worst system for an MMO please"

Because the Xbox/Playstation platforms are much more established online-centric consoles than the Wii/WiiU.

I think DQ 10 would've done much better on Wii if it had been a standard JRPG instead of an MMO.
SilentNegotiator  +   778d ago
Wii U is runner up for worst (non-handheld) system to place an MMO; it has few players and a barely active online gaming community.
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NewMonday  +   778d ago
DQ was hard game to flop but Square-Enix managed to do it.

good job Wada
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zillanoir  +   778d ago
@wishingw3L no games? tell me why i have 17games for it?
WildArmed  +   778d ago
Ahh man, I got into Dragon Quest with DQ8. One of the best RPGs, no, best games I've played.

I was hoping to see it's sequels on more platforms with the follow ups. Too bad they are choosing to stay exclusive to Nintendo (w/ DQ9 and DQ10)

I don't mind them releasing it on Wii. I just want to play the game in HD glory, DQ8 still looks great on the ps2.
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herbs  +   778d ago
Ahh didn't realize it was just released for Wii, that is stupid. Why not just scrap the Wii version altogether and release it only for Wii U? Strange business decisions.
TheDivine  +   778d ago
Pc is obviously MMO territory but you forget the wii and ds are the best systems for a DQ game. That's why this is on the wii and 9 was on the ds. The wii sells in Japan, there's a huge audience who play these games. The reason it sold less is prob the mmo bullshit. Should've been a straight jrpg period.
grassyknoll  +   778d ago
It really should have been on the Playstation 3/Xbox 360/Vita or DS/3DS. Square Enix have probably made the worst business decisions out of all the video game companies this generation.
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wishingW3L  +   778d ago
and the worst of all is that they never learn from their mistakes.
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medziarz  +   778d ago
They still have yet to actually execute their bad decisions, that's why no change in course yet.
It's evident that S-E strategy was FF for PS3/360 with the inclination towards Sony, while DQ was for Nintendo systems.
FF14 Online - PC/PS3, still yet to come
FF13 series - 360/PS3
Other FF games - PSP/PS3
DQ - DS/Wii
sdozzo  +   778d ago
Someone get this man a beer.
adorie  +   778d ago
Impart a Haymaker straight to Wada and call it a gen.
ozstar  +   778d ago
Maybe its just a handheld type of game, like Monster Hunter is.
Root  +   778d ago
Gee can't imagine why /s
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Godmars290  +   778d ago
Greed. Greed and exploitation
Thinking they could used brand loyalty to get people to pay for and MMO. In Japan.

Usually they only do such with FF, but that hasn't been working out for them too well.
mrbojingles  +   778d ago
They say MSN Japan is reporting this news, but they don't include a link to MSN Japan?
stickskills  +   778d ago
Forgot to include the link when we cited them. Thanks for picking that up! All fixed.
mrbojingles  +   777d ago
Its cool dude. Nice post btw
Zodiac  +   778d ago
That's what happens when you release an MMO for a traditionally first persona franchise on a console that is about to be succeeded, and that same console was also not built wit online gaming in mind.

They should have just made a single player DQ game.
j-blaze  +   778d ago
they made it an MMO even numbered it and made it part of the main series which is stupid
SuperShyGuy  +   778d ago
Final Fantasy did that too, oddly enough it failed too lol.
phantomexe  +   778d ago
It hasn't released in the states yet and i believe the U.S is getting a WiiU version. DQ games sell well on nintendo platforms. At least on the handheld anyway. I think with the WiiU games drought this would make alot of them happy if it isn't cancelled already. I guess will see soon.
Godmars290  +   778d ago
They may sell in the States, in the West, but nothing like they do in Japan. If it hasn't succeeded or turned a profit in its Home region there's little chance they'll be happy with how it does elsewhere.

Nevermind that we're talking about a paid MMO.
KrisButtar  +   778d ago
I would've bought a Wii U for DQ but then they made it a MMO
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   778d ago
Hmmm... do you think They are waiting for the WiiU version?
ozstar  +   778d ago
MSN reporting on bad sales news for Nintendo product? shocked
BoNeSaW23  +   778d ago
Is your avatar Mr.SATAN?
ozstar  +   778d ago
Relevant to personal interpretation, perhaps.

Watch Enter the Void.
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RFornillos4  +   778d ago
Ah. But if you read the article, it says 'the Wii (and soon Wii U) game is making steady progress. I believe this will pick up once the Wii U version comes out.

I myself wouldn't get it on the Wii when a U version is coming.
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krontaar  +   778d ago
50% of them being from togashi
tweet75  +   778d ago
im loved dragon quest for 25 years since dragon warrior came out on the nes and stared my love for rpgs. However MMOS dont appeal to me i like my dragon quests single player
godofboobees  +   778d ago
Wrong system
Oh_Yeah  +   778d ago
I doubt it would sell well even if it was on all the systems. 3DS and Vita would have been the best way to go.
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DragonKnight  +   778d ago
That's because it's not DQ8, is an MMO, and was released on the worst console to release it on. Square-Enix have tossed out all semblance of intelligence this gen.
Infernostew  +   778d ago
They should've made DQX a single player game for Wii and developed a DQ Online title for PC/PS3/360.
Black-Rock-Shooter  +   778d ago
Japan has that annoying thing of making MMO's on systems just before the newer version comes out and they end up having to support it while trying to fix the mistake of putting it on something that's gonna have less people playing it like how there is a final fantasy 11 game on xbox but I have never heard =/ also this is what's gonna happen with 14 as its gonna be going out for the ps3 in a few months.

but back to Dragons Quest X i think that they should have just concertrated on the wii u version as it would have ended up being a way better version that could have alot of players and be upgrade over time.
yogaflame  +   778d ago
Release the game to PS3 and im sure it will sell big
WeAreLegion  +   778d ago
Looks like you guys are nothing without Level 5...

Let Level 5 make the next Dragon Quest. Release it on PS4 and Wii U. You will have the sales you want. They did DQVIII...the best-selling DQ of all-time. They also did Ni No Kuni, the highest rated and best-selling JRPG of this generation.

Good luck without them.
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Zodiac  +   778d ago
Highest selling DQ is DQ9, which was also worked on by level 5 lol.
WeAreLegion  +   778d ago
Lol. Was it? That's surprising, on both accounts.
WeAreLegion  +   778d ago
Oh, come on. I didn't double post. Lol. Dang it.

While I'm here...

Don't forget to watch Community on Thursday nights 8/7c on NBC. ^_^
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Erdrick  +   778d ago
can't wait for this game to hit the wii u in the states, sales will boost then
uuaschbaer  +   778d ago
*Wada.... You must make an MMO...* (I'm playing the fortune teller right now.)

*But our company is in the business of storytelling! We can't do those!*

*Trust me Wada... It will be an MMO, on the Wii*

*But the Wii's demographic probably doesn't even know what an MMO is! And MMOs are very expensive!*

*You want me to leave?*

*No, but...*

*My son says it should be a Dragon Quest title.*

*Your son?*

*I mean crystal ball.*

*... What about a separate franchise, then? On the PS3, that'd be much better!*


*It would help.*

sherimae2413  +   778d ago
i think youre good at story telling oni-chan ^_^
clintagious650  +   778d ago
Square enix deserves it because they have been lousy this gen. How in the hell is ff versus not even done yet. Hope they keep failing until they understand not to ever screw over your fan base when u were square soft.
SuperShyGuy  +   778d ago
I like how some people are saying it's cause the game is on the Wii (some are even blaming Wii U) man you guys really do like crapping on Nintendo.

It's Square Enix's fault the released a game last year on the Wii then announced a few months later that the game will also be on Wii U and look much better. A smart consumer would just wait for the Wii U version.

No one blamed MS for FFXI bombing on 360
FinalomegaS  +   778d ago
jeez, was reading all the comments and wondered when will someone get it right.

instead we have the typical N4Ger's that don't bother to read anything but what the imaginative title teller puts up there...

megamanX2  +   778d ago
"Dragon Quest X' sales below expectations"

lol oh really maybe because the game is a piece of sh**. Wake me when they decide to make a real dq game again.
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what in the hell a wii u is doing with mmo's? they have no one to play with online save those mmo crap for p.c.
ohh and can someone explain why the wii u version of alien colonial marines is not confirm for tuesday relese? im running out of patience with these delayed wii u games omg!
RFornillos4  +   778d ago
because the confirmed date for Aliens Colonial Marines is on March (around a month or so after). it's not delayed, that was the confirmed date for the Wii U version.
Phil32  +   778d ago
The fact of the matter is that SE released Dragon Quest X on a console that at the time had already been abandoned by Nintendo for the Wii U. Not to mention they released the game on a system with a very weak online infrastructure. No wonder sales weren't great in the long run.
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