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Studio-YaMi  +   1095d ago
I'm surprised that "Logicwins" says Uncharted golden abyss and COD declassified weren't system sellers,of course they won't be ! the first was just like a demo for showcasing what the PSVita can do with the new touch controls and what-not & both of them weren't made by main developers,wait for an Uncharted game made by NAUGHTY DOG or a COD game that's made by TREYARCH or INFINITY WARDS then come back to us and say that these two franchises aren't SYSTEM SELLERS ! :\

LogicWins,lots of times you have no Logic ..!
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PhillipSantanaMusic  +   1095d ago
logic needs to just leave Sony and PlayStation alone if he hates this much! i wouldve sworn he wrote the article the way hes all over this and ANY other Sony and PlayStation posts WOW!

I know i own a 3G/WiFi Vita and 32gb card and its full of PS3 spin offs and/or ports as well as unique little and full games as well as GTPSP And others. i know many people with vitas and they play them all the time. i play Tokyo Jungle via RemotePlay, CoD, Hustle Kings,Chess. there are many many games for it period!

its the price more than ANYTHING on why its not selling like it should altho it IS selling.

to say people don't want full console games on a handheld like the Vita, you must be out your mind! according to all the fans crying for Full RemotePlay For Vita to play PS3 games im inclined to say quite the contrary!

the 3ds also didn't fair well till its inferior hardware till it got a price drop.

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1095d ago
Wait until E3 before you pass judgement.

I also want to offer a contradiction to this article. Whether you like these games or not, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed are both huge franchises. There is no denying their clout and brand power. Now the games may have arrived to middling reviews, but that still doesn't change my point. Sony pushed for these games and even gave them special bundles.

Sony is trying to bring system sellers to the Vita and their actions prove it.
younghavok  +   1095d ago
first we were supposed to wait a full year for the Vita to reserve judgement, now its E3 again? Last e3 didnt the vita get kind of ignored? It is ok to judge the system now. Its had two holidays under its belt and still no million sellers? I believe its a state of emergency for the handheld right now
rainslacker  +   1095d ago
It did get quite a bit of love at the European game show whose name escapes me at the moment. I felt they really stepped up their game with that, but obviously many other people feel differently.
brave27heart  +   1095d ago
FF7 was released a couple years after the launch of PS1 so its no big concern if it hasnt found its crown jewel yet. Also, the NES, Mega Drive and Wii sold well because they were in leagues of their own as consoles. Those games just happen to be the most popular on that platform, doesnt necessarily mean they're system sellers. A system seller is an exclusive game you'd buy a console to play, ala Mario Kart, Uncharted, Halo. Multiplatform games arent system sellers, but new iterations of existing franchises can be, such as FF7 Crisis Core or LBPV.

Vita will get its system sellers, whether its God of War, Gran Turismo or something new. Im not concerned for it.
jakmckratos  +   1095d ago
What? Unchartd was the first game they ever had? It was a luckluster title though..the story and controls left a lot to be desired and the lack of multiplayer or a supernatural twist was weak as Hell. I expect great things from a second Uncharted Vita game though
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Allowen  +   1095d ago
The PSVita rules bc it does not only offer quite a few RPG games so far but it also totaly destroy the old Playstation Portable in terms of action games.
/cough Dual analog sticks+ touch scree/pad for the win )

Can t wait to play Soul Sacrifice. Phantasy Star online 2 and FFX among some action games.
Dam, where is that Siphon Filter rumor I heard a few years back from that rapper dude?
It has been a while since one of his videos poped in N4G site.
Shawtymann  +   1095d ago
Sony really needsto advertise a lot more. out of all the people I've showed my Vita to, if they werent hardcore gamers, theyd never even heard of it
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ninjahunter  +   1095d ago
black911  +   1095d ago
Because games won't help it.
MonopolyRSV  +   1095d ago
If you can play a better version of the game on PS3 then it's not going to be system seller people.
o-Sunny-o  +   1095d ago
Notice how much goes into games like Uncharted...Voice acting, high end detail, touch features, and story. Mario 3D Land (just example) doesn't have a blow away story or a lot of voice acting. Ha, Ha ha, its a me Mario, and the voice actor can take a break for the next 5 games. It has nice look to it and minor touch features on Mario 3D Land.
hadouken007  +   1095d ago
Maybe there going the early days of the ps3 route, putting there games on, 3rd party will follow.
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