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black911  +   1095d ago
What happened to Gaming,TV,Movies!?!?!?!

I miss the 90's and Shows like. Post your Favorite 90's TV Show.
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BanBrother  +   1094d ago
Although it started in the 80's, it was still in the 90's. That is the awesomness that is TMNT. Oh, and Biker Mice From Mars. Even DBZ lol.
Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, sonic the Hedgehog, Xmen.

There were many others. Just some of my favourite.
TooTall19  +   1094d ago
street sharks, biker mice from mars, mighty ducks cartoon, animaniacs, freakazoid, awesome possum, pinky and the brain, batman and superman adventures. Recess is hands-down my personal favorite.
BanBrother  +   1094d ago
Yes, Street Sharks and Mighty Ducks. I had the Street Shark figures, which were pretty awesome. The mighty Ducks had those cool vehicles and you press a button and a hockey stick flick out lol. Good times. Pinky and The Brain was a riot. The right hand man guy sounded so funny lol.
BootHammer  +   1095d ago
The 90's were amazing. Old school platforming classics like no other. Here was mine of my favorite cartoons from those years...Pirates of Dark Water!
showtimefolks  +   1094d ago of my favorite and feel like very under rated show

lol i feel old

i don't think kids today understand what TV shows meant in 80s and 90s along with better movies and music
BootHammer  +   1094d ago
Totally agree. Saturday cartoons aren't nearly prevalent as they were now and the games and movies just seemed to have more passion, devotion and originality than they do now (for the most part).

One thing that is nice however are the technological advances in terms of graphics, physics and presentation of the films and games so there is that =)
morkendo23  +   1094d ago
yeah, you must be in your late 40s Roseanne,the Nanny,Home improvement,Fresh prince of Bel Air,Newsradio,Married with children poor AL oops poor peggy.

while i had IN THE 60'S: Bewitched,Hogan Hero's,Batman,Green Hornet,Dick van Dyke show,Leave it to Beaver,Ozzie and Harriet show,Lassie,Have gun will travel,DANIEL BOONE,HOP-ALONG-CASSIDY,ANDY GRIFFTH show,THE MUNSTERS,SHIRLEY TEMPLE,FLASH GORDON, ROBIN HOOD, Dennis the menace,My 3 sons,car 54 where are you,Hazel, RED SKELTON show,JACKIE GLEASON show,Milton berle show,JACK BENNY show, GEORGE BURNS GRACIE ALLEN show. you guys dont know what real tv is compare to those days. most of them was LIVE!!!! as today recorded junk.
Have not started on cartoons of yesteryear lol.
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PurpHerbison  +   1094d ago
90s will forever have my heart.
BootHammer  +   1094d ago
Best decade EVAR...
MightyMatt101  +   1094d ago
Awe man I miss the 90's I feel like I was born at the perfect time in 85 I grew up with so many classic shows, music, and games. I love Sony but nothing can top my NES/SNES days.. That was some serious classic gaming the PS1 came close ;)
I miss shows like eerie Indiana, salute your shorts, the samurai pizza cats, eek the cat, old school rugrats, and Doug there's a ton more. For gaming ZELDA link to the past, super Mario world, yoshi's island, clay fighter, primal rage, killer instinct, mortal kombat, donkey kong, super Mario RPG, MGS, final fantasy, and the list goes on. I could talk on and on about the 90's xD
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BootHammer  +   1094d ago
I grew up alongside the NES, Genesis and SNES too...amazing time for gamers. Like you stated, it was classic gaming where the focus was on gameplay and FUN!
deSSy2724  +   1094d ago
SNES and PS2 best systems ever made in my opinion...... glorious days. But i still like N64/PS1/NES/PS3/Wii

Ontopic is about old games... so, Illusion of Time PAL version (or Gaia NTSC) is one of the best games ever made for SNES published by Enix but at the sam time one of the best action RPGs aswell IMO.... its a very underrated game but try it, this game is epic (its actually a triology), but i like this game more than those other two.

EDIT: when i said underrated i dont meant in terms of reviews..... i meant, no one knows this game ever existed... well, mostly no one.
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dboyc310  +   1094d ago
90's was basically the best time to be a kid. We had the play station, power Rangers, pokemon, the iconic Disney movies etc. God I wish I can go back in time and enjoy my childhood again.
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MightyMatt101  +   1094d ago
Agreed 100% wish I had a time machine today kids just don't get it and I swear are dumbed down by the music and crappy tv shows.
BootHammer  +   1094d ago
I second that. Hot Tub time-machine back to the 90's, LOL.
TooTall19  +   1094d ago
And space jam, and nwo wolfpack
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TooTall19  +   1094d ago
I remember seeing this game for the first time. I thought it was the best graphics possible for a video game.
Skate-AK  +   1094d ago
Damn time warp in the comment section.
typeN8  +   1094d ago
Frackin loved this game

Also really loves the 64game packaging
Tzuno  +   1094d ago
Greatest Nintendo times.
Tainted Gene  +   1094d ago
I remember my two brothers and I got 20 dollars each as a gift from our aunt. Each of us wanted our own things being kids and all... however I somehow convinced my them to put our moneys together to get Donkey Kong country 2 for the SNES (which was $60).

Man that game us at least a year of enjoyment... got all the hidden spots, got all the DK coins and got the real ending.

Best decision we ever made in our young lives.
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