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dboi787  +   1096d ago
Couldn't agree more! Screw those who are still butthurt cause Dante's hair is black, this game is great!
ThatMiamiGuy  +   1096d ago
I still haven't played it, but I'm hearing good things. Another good review.
zerocrossing  +   1096d ago
Wait a minuet, so even though DmC is performing poorly in sales, has some pretty bad user reviews, and most of the core fans want nothing to do with it, we were still wrong? Based on what logic?

Granted, the game isn't the mangled mess I expected it to be, it's nowhere near the standards expected from a DMC game (reboot or not) by many of the core fanbase and that was pretty much the issue from the start, so... How are we wrong again?
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Kratoscar2008  +   1096d ago
CoD sales millions and Activision swims in money.

Journey creator goes bankrupt.

Honestly this has nothing to do with sales, the game is solid and its good, the only reason is flopping is because the DMC fans arent buying it and the marketing of this game seems really slow but is still a good game.

As a fan you are not seeing the game as a reboot, i mean the word "reboot" says it all but rather as DMC 5, wich the game wasnt supposed to be and you are being nitpicky to no end, not saying you shouldnt but the game proves that its good and not as bad as you claim it to be unlike RE 6.
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zerocrossing  +   1096d ago
If DmC is really that good then why isn't anyone buying it? Let alone the core fans?

NT and Capcom have gone out of their way to state that DmC is not there to appeal to the fans of the original franchise, so where is the mysterious demographic they are catering too because they're not buying either.


Im nitpicky because Im curious as to why the franchise was rebooted to appeal to a wider audience, when all it did was alienate the original fanbase and get looked over by the majority of other gamers, this isn't proving any core fans wrong and it certainly didn't prove Cacpom and NT right.
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SoundGamer  +   1096d ago

While I'm not a fan of DmC - There is something inherently wrong with your statement.

If nobody purchased/played it, how can they make the legitimate claim on whether or not the game is good?

It comes down to predetermined, judgmental, bias.

There are tons of great games out there that do not get the recognition or sales they deserve. Makes them no less of a great game. Popularity and sales =/= Quality
Kratoscar2008  +   1096d ago

Again games today cant live on quality, Journey is miles better than CoD but still didnt help at all to sell well.

Being good doesnt instantly result in profit, DMC is a good game that people isnt buying it just speak louder of the bad consumerism that plague this gen rather the games lack of innovation.

What proved you wrong is that is a good game while you claimed it was going to be utter crap. If you said that it was going to flop then ypu were right but the game is good nevertheless.

On quality alone Ni No Kuni should sell millions but sadly it wont be.

Heck ATLUS games are top notch deserving more money than SE but still they live on hundred of sales alone.

While that is true what i meant was that the quality doesnt exactly mean good sales, wich this whole "Fans are wrong" thing goes to.

And yeah i fear that Capcom will can the series altogueter but i suppose fans prefer it to die rather to being rebooted.
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Godmars290  +   1096d ago
The game might be good, but NT and Capcom have just handled this whole thing badly. The fans of this new game are handling it badly.

Insulting and trying to bully, making it only about the hair, aren't going to change minds. Just like all the high reviews wont stop Capcom from dropping NT or shelving DMC because of low sales.

Demo. Why is it that the demo seems wholly forgotten? Though honestly, its not like many hadn't made up their minds before then. Weren't too happy with NT pretentious attitude.

Journey has nothing to do with FPS, and COD has nothing to do with the metaphysical representations of life. There's a chasm's difference between them.

Different verse same as the first between Square and Atlus. One looking at their market and doing the best they can with the tools they have, the other going overboard yet cutting corners because they need - feel that they need - more style than substance. Are really only style at this point.
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zerocrossing  +   1096d ago

When did I say DmC was utter crap? I said "the game isn't the mangled mess I expected it to be" that's hardly the same as saying it is bad.

DmC is better than I expected but it's is still a flop regardless of who enjoyed it and why, I called it a potential flop ages ago, the fanbase either isn't there or jut didn't care about the reboot enough to go beyond vocally defending it over the Internet, you can say it's the economy, you can even blame the fans for lack of interest but sales are what counted to make the reboot justifiable and they are lackluster at best.
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00  +   1096d ago
if that were true
it would have better sales that the last DMC game, there seems to be a big disconnect between reviewers/critics and fans of the game.
zerocrossing  +   1096d ago
There's a "big disconnect" between reality and these review scores if you ask me.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1096d ago
What's wrong with just saying in the title, " I love the reboot. DMC is a great game!" Calling out people who didn't like the reboot is a bit immature even though users would still voice their opinions for or against the title regardless. Fighting fire with fire is always wrong......
j-blaze  +   1096d ago
the topic is made solely for hits, i'm not impressed
ThatMiamiGuy  +   1096d ago
It's just a review. And the reviewer was one of those hardcore fans who was really against the game before he actually played it.

In fact the second paragraph: "Let me start off by stating I was completely against the idea of Capcom allowing for such drastic changes to be made. This, of course, extends past the black haired Dante. The setting changed to a more contemporary, modern day setting and Dante’s dialogue went from smart-aleck one-liners to a profanity spewing douchebag. However, do any of these changes actually bring down the quality of the game? Not at all."

It's a review. Not a debate.
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zerocrossing  +   1096d ago
Let me ask you this question.

I much like the reviewer was against the reboot, I gave it a chance, I played it, finished it and didn't like it...

So I have the exact opposite opinion to what the reviewer has after having gone through the same experience.

So then is DmC good? That's the debate.


People would have looked at good sales as if it's prove DmC is good like they do with the positive reviews.

Im not saying the game is bad and I honestly gave it a fair try with an open mind, so yeah I agree it's not for me, but Im still kind of annoyed the franchise was rebooted in such a way angering the fans was pretty much unavoidable if not the intent.
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ThatMiamiGuy  +   1096d ago

No, it's an opinion. Some on here are trying to say there's no way the game is good. Okay, you might not have liked it - likely because said person went in with the idea of expecting something completely different, or because they already had the notion that they weren't going to like the game.

Or, maybe it just wasn't their thing. Whatever the reason they didn't like it, like the reviewer, it's just an opinion.

Some on here are trying to prove that the game is crap - to look at sales as proof that the game is bad and so on.

Some are saying the review is made to be good just to stir up angst. It's not. It's an opinion about a game that the reviewer thought was a well crafted game.

That is all.
D2Exp  +   1096d ago
So, fans didn't buy the game. Whether it's because they didn't like the game, the hair, NT or Capcom, it's their right.They can spend or not spend their money however they like.

As for the rest of the people who didn't buy the game. Do you honestly believe they didn't buy it because of all the hate? The whole fuss probably did more good than bad, for it attracted the attention of more people, who wouldn't have care for it otherwise. However, it alienated the old fanbase and despite all the publicity it didn't manage to appeal to a wider audience. That's where it failed.
elda  +   1096d ago
Dmc is a great game to me regardless of the hate this game has gotten
sashimi  +   1096d ago
The wider audience doesn't give 2 sh*ts about DmC, thats all it comes down to and the existing fanbase was fractured and ignore by Crapcom and NT. So yeah crap sales and another under performing game by NT & crapcom bravo.
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Hicken  +   1096d ago
All it's proved is that the gaming media is lost.

It did nothing to change the minds of the majority of the naysayers. And despite being a solid game, it's still a crap DMC, which was the whole problem in the first place. The sales reflect that, and yet somehow, Ninja Theory got it all right?

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