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WilliamH  +   968d ago
It failed because the evil was not resident in it. Nothing scary about it at all.
Dylila  +   968d ago
this game needs a ps vita release
blitz0623  +   968d ago
They couldn't even make decent controls for the console versions. What more with the Vita
zeee  +   967d ago
Even re5 wasn't scary. Re6 is well... even worse than re5.
matgrowcott  +   968d ago
Yeah, they ONLY sold nearly five million copies brand new. They'll never make THIS mistake again1!!!!!!

Seriously. They didn't hit seven million units, but it was stupidly overambitious. Very few titles have sold that many, including hardly any of the titles in the Resident Evil series (maybe RE4?).

Personally, the most interesting part of this story for me would be finding out how much it sold pre-owned. It dropped in price quickly pre-owned and month 2 adopters probably had it at a quarter of the price (I can see at least another million sales there, as a result, probably more). Of course, that wouldn't show on Capcom's records.
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fei-hung  +   968d ago
Complete agree with matgrowcott

If they consider 4.8million bad, how will they react to DmC not meeting the 5mill, then 2mill and finally 1.2mill sales expectations?!

Currently I am very disappointed. I just made a cup of tea. Was expectng it to say warm enough to drink for 10minutes but it went cold within 5.
Kevin ButIer  +   968d ago
god... if people keeps buying this garbage... they'll keep making garbage
zeee  +   967d ago
Actually, if you think about it, 5 million spread across two consoles (not sure if it's out on PC) along with such a rich history aannddd devoted fanbase, is not a lot and I can bet that PC gamers are not going to like RE6 either. Well, maybe a few but you can't expect this to resonate with long time RE fans regardless of the platform. They made a baaadd game.
matgrowcott  +   967d ago

RE4 has "only" sold 7.5 million units, and that's the standout for the franchise. That was amazing though, since Zero and the REmake both sold well less than 2 million units (1.2?) and Code Veronica hardly made it above 3 million over 3 consoles.

Five million for this franchise is about what anybody being realistic could expect. Aside from destroying the pre-owned market and reducing the price of games, there's nothing to suggest RE has it in it to sell any more.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   967d ago
I completely agree. The series may just need closure since it has dragged way too long. A reboot would just limit the creative freedom the current development team has plus they could pool less money in creating the new IP. A new horror game wouldn't be bad honestly and if they said their goals realistically it may payoff in the long run.

As long as Capcom dont believe they have to scare with budget in order to create a good horror game, I would support it.
LOGICWINS  +   968d ago
No, it "failed" because it was a mediocre action title that launched in the same timeframe as AC3/COD etc. I put failed in quotation marks because I don't see on what planet selling FIVE MILLION copies of a game in just a couple of months is a failure. By your logic...95% of videogames are failures.

Also, even if RE6 was "scary", that doesn't guarantee it would have sold 7 million. In fact, historical data tells us that it would have sold LESS considering the the market for the horror genre is NOWHERE near as big as it was last gen.

Name ONE traditional horror game this generation that broke 7 million? Can you even name one that broke 5? How about 4?
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   968d ago
That is true. Horror will never be mainstream and publishers just need to establish a fanbase and stay consistent which would save time and money. The biggest sales figure for horror was Resident Evil II for the Playstation One (5.86 million) and that's on one console.

Edit: It was a slip of the finger :P
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LOGICWINS  +   968d ago
Exactly. If Capcom were to release a TRUE RE game for next-gen consoles that was a throwback to the originals, it probably wouldn't break even.
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matgrowcott  +   968d ago

Then Nemesis dropped to around 3 million and the traditional series never recovered.

And Capcom were consistent to the point where even a massive bump in hardware only saw a graphics change and a slight increase in the number of enemies on screen.

The only evidence we have on the possibility of Capcom going back says they definitely shouldn't. Nothing about current gaming trends suggests otherwise.
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Pintheshadows  +   968d ago
I'm not disagreeing with you chap but how did Dead Space 2 sell. That is fairly horror-centric.
matgrowcott  +   967d ago

According to VGChartz (I know...) it sold less than 3 million copies. Not bad, but by the standards in these comments a complete flop.
csreynolds  +   967d ago
Very well said.
OmegaSlayer  +   968d ago
It's fun because...Capcom is doing everything by themselves.
Capcom, listen to the fans.
Or you will keep failing.
Knight_Crawler  +   968d ago
Are these devlopers for real?

DMC hardcore fans - Hey we want the old Dante back and dont f#$k with the formula.

Resident Evil hardcore fans - hey we want RE evil to go back to its roots and be more scary instead of being a run and gun shooter.

Ninja Gaiden hardcore fans - Please make the game hard again and stop catering for the casuals.

Developers - Screw you we want to make money from the casuals just like how Acitivion is making millions from COD by releaseing a casual game reskinned game.
thaking155  +   968d ago
Agree with everything you said buddy! But come on with the Patriots avatar. Killing me guy! Go Broncos.

But Resident evil 6 was just flat out terrible. I remember back in the day when shooting a zombie in the head with the Magnum or the Shotgun mean't that zombie was dead, period. Now it's dropping almost a clip in his head then it explodes and some long tenticle comes out WTF?! A positive was the being able to move with shooting. Oh and remove the partner/co-op, it takes the scary out of it and the tactical conserving of the ammo.

Go back to the original formula Capcom, just like with DMC, not DmC.
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j-blaze  +   968d ago
one will think Capcom realized what went wrong with RE6 by now but wow they're still puzzled about why it sold less than expected 一_一

i liked RE6 to be honest, but it wasn't better than the previous ones.... want to make better sales with next RE? here, one of the main reasons RE6 turned into what it is now is developing the game with Capcom's US and Europe branches so stay away from them next time, second thing, ask Mikami or Kamiya to lead the development and everything will be fixed automatically .. very simple :)
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Root  +   968d ago
"“We are currently analyzing the causes, which involve our internal development operations and sales operations. We have not yet reached a clear conclusion"


They make it seem so hard, like it's some secret CIA crap, it's not that hard to understand it failed because it wasn't RE and you ruined the plot.

It wasn't scary, you had pointless characters Piers, Helena, Jake etc and you guys tried to shove too much into the game to please everyone but failed.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   968d ago
resident evil crawled below expectations in a slimey twisted gooey way.
abzdine  +   968d ago
"we believe there was inadequate organizational collaboration across our entire company with regard to marketing, promotions, the creation of plans and other activities"

they are still so arrogant and they dont admit their mistakes. as long as they are like this they wont get a dime from me.

give me a real Resident Evil with puzzles, maps, a good amount of stress and i'll immediately sign in. stay away from action you guys suck at it.
MilkMan  +   968d ago
It didn't fail. It sold below expectations.
They will go back to the drawing board and make another in the same ilk, and they will pace their RE games so that by the time the game comes out...action heavy or not it will sell better.

If this series kept with the same truck driving, molasses movement and cats jumping from corners for scares, it would have died.

They did an excellent job of bringing this old dog to the modern era and taught it some new tricks.

It just needs a little massaging to get to where they want it to be.

The worst part was releasing it. Now gamers know what to expect. The second time around it will sell better and make sure not to release it during COD (spring) break.
DivineAssault  +   968d ago
because they made it too mainstream run n gun style.. similar to gears of war
Son_Lee  +   968d ago
Cause it tried to be action and horror and ended up failing at both.
bryam1982  +   968d ago
The thing that surprise me the most is how in hell this trash sold 4 million????? Kids nowadays can distinguish garbage just look at how they love mcdonald and their trash food!
Roper316  +   968d ago
Because it was only RE in name and nothing else. After RE5 most of the real fans of the earlier games knew RE6 was nothing more than a clunky, QTE infested POS. So basically Capcom you drove away the people who supported & made the series what it was to attract the twitchy COD gamers.

Glad to hear it back fired and that it didn't reach expectations. It couldn't have happened to a greedier bunch of losers than Capcom and that makes me happy.
Jakens  +   968d ago
+bubbles...You got it right.

So many things wrong and so little right with RE6.

Please Fix the camera, Please Remove or fix the co-op, Please No more QTE, Please No more trial and error deaths, Please Don't give me 30 hours of blah. Please try being scary.

Please have believable characters that I want to be around. Please fix the inventory system, Please give player choices, Please don't limit player movements and interactions, And so on, and so on...
DevilishSix  +   968d ago
It failed because of poor design. This resulted in a poor game as evident in the majority of reviews and gamer opinion.

No need to sugar coat failings, how else will one learn from their mistakes.
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tigertron  +   968d ago
It failed because not only was it not scary, but they substituted Tyrants and hunters etc for tanks and Apache helicopters...
XXXL  +   968d ago
Capcom exec: what the hell happened? I told you it didn't have enough action!!!!
Underling kiss ass: more QTE's also sir gamers love that!
Exec: ok, squash megaman development, outsource Resi to Nihilistic and let's go full blown 1st person shooter!
Tzuno  +   968d ago
i like the game but not as much as the old ones this one feels inclined to a movie.
Lionalliance  +   968d ago
Oh come one Capcom, it's pretty obvious, open your eyes!
kratos17  +   968d ago
How about not releasing so many RE games so close to each other.

Also the game's quality wasnt there.
TheCopyNinja  +   968d ago
Nothing like Resident Evil
Forced co-op
Lame over the shoulder camera angle still
Still very actiony
Zombies with guns
Not scary
Very little puzzles

Those are just are some of the problems.
maddfoxx  +   968d ago
Mmmm, aren't those the things that made RE:4 popular?
InTheLab  +   968d ago
I think it failed because...*mash "A" to continue post*....
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Deadpool616  +   968d ago
*mashes "A"*
Please continue your post.

Capcom is tanking so hard this generation, all I can do instead of getting angry is gain a few laughs from it.
Qrphe  +   968d ago
After the success of Monster Hunter, Capcom kept on comparing all of their franchises to MH. Even though their other games sold, they STILL didn't sell as well as MH so it was a failure in their eyes. They'll try to "go back to the roots" in the next iterations of games, maybe this time they'll sell better.
dmN_114  +   968d ago
Capcom knows the answer very well but they just want you to donate some to release the "real reason why RE 6 was below expectation"-DLC

Honestly i love and hate Capcom. If you would stop being so greedy you couldve achieved more...listen to the hardcore-fans damnit...
kma2k  +   968d ago
well if the keep "failing" we can hope for a THQ auction then someone will buy them like EA...oh wait no god no!
Krew_92  +   968d ago
They wonder what went wrong, when the answer is clear in front of them. It's so infuriating when Capcom does this, they always try to find another reason for their failures when it was clearly the fault of their own incompetence.
Kingscorpion1981  +   968d ago
Here's a hint - it sucked. Terrible pacing in chapters, redoing areas over and over, bland combat and enemies, awful story, boring and extensive boss fights, focus on useless coop and repeatedly tiresome mercs mode, levels that make no sense at all and a pretty consistent skull-fucking of every long-time Resident Evil fan who wants nothing to do with this garbage title. Bigger doesn't mean better, neither does throwing money and developers at it and seeing what sticks.
Pintheshadows  +   968d ago
Capcom made an action game but forgot about making it handle well. It felt dated to the extreme and the stupidity of Chris's campaign really showed everything that was wrong with Capcom's approach.
matchu_peechu  +   968d ago
Our expectations and the developers' expectations aren't of the same nature
Drabent  +   967d ago
RE6 is worse than RE5 lol did they see this?...and that online spin off crap they released last year sucked a bowl of d@@ks.
Neo-Axl  +   967d ago
Word of mouth as well as reviews gave us enough reason to avoid this one, sales weren't as high because the game itself is a bit crap.

Action Evil 6.

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