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PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   815d ago
ok is anyone really shocked here?? duh ofcourse another C.O.D is coming out
aliengmr  +   815d ago
Apparently some are.

Though I suspect its CoD fanboys who think expressing a complete lack of surprise at this announcement is hating on CoD.
TBONEJF  +   815d ago
NOPE. same shyt every year so what's the point?
PastyGangster  +   815d ago
Man, didn't see this coming.
Kidmyst  +   815d ago
They release new COD games, then DLC and expect gamers to dish out $$$ for maps. $90.00 for each COD if you include the DLC. No thanks, quite milking it.
HeroPsychoDreamer  +   815d ago
What a surprise
Gamerita  +   815d ago
black ops 2 isi the last one for me,i have only done 6 hours of online gaming since i got the game on release day,the compensation LAG on PC really put me off cod for life. no joke 6 hours only !!
Erimgard  +   815d ago
contradictory  +   815d ago
rehashed, reskinned CoD?
it's bound to make money again!
fresh2death93  +   815d ago
Lol i don't get why this is news.
thomas8mc   815d ago | Spam
landog  +   815d ago
the only wait this would be suprising is if its a totally new engine on next gen consoles and pc, runs in native 1080p at 60 frames and looks like a modern game

other than that...yawn
YodaCracker  +   815d ago
Phew, I thought I was going to have to go through 2013 without shooting anyone in a video game. What a relief!
rapidturtle  +   815d ago
I'm beginning to see a pattern here.
Conquerbeard  +   815d ago
Breaking news: sun confirmed to rise tomorrow
Ps3-PCgamer  +   815d ago
COD4 MW was a classic!! The rest of the Call of duty games aren't even worth taking a shit on.
ps3_pwns  +   815d ago
I feel bad for people who bought every game lol. I only bought one for 20 bucks so i saved lots of money and could just play the one game becaus they all have the same gameplay and mp.
TBONEJF  +   815d ago
My GOD man same PIECE OF CRAP AGAIN? COD still haven't change.
matchu_peechu  +   815d ago
Psychonaut  +   814d ago
Whats more common is the "call of duty jokes." that accompany the yearly releases of the titles cause while the games may slightly change, the same complaining comments never do change.

I will pick up the next Call of Duty Modern Warfare since skipping BlackOps 2. don't care for the future setting. and no matter how you feel about it, chances are the same people who complain still pick the title up. All I know is the next entry will have me, and my friends playing it together online, with a few beers. Good times.
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