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KontryBoy706  +   776d ago
This is unsurprising news. I'd rather hear the next call of duty will be launching on PS4/720. They are releasing COD right around the time the consoles will possibly come out
TheHardware  +   776d ago
Wait, I think in this one you will shoot people on tiny maps and get perks and be able to prestige and kill zombies...

I am just guessing though.
mendelboaz  +   776d ago
'We are happy to report...'

HA! Master troll.
TheGameHuntah  +   776d ago
air1  +   776d ago
How the hell am i supposed to prestige 16 times before the next game!
jaundice  +   776d ago
This is the most tired and overrated piece of shit franchise in the history of gaming. They release a new Call of Duty every fucking month, and the bottom feeding cellar dwellers go out and spend 60 fucking dollars on it. How fucking stupid do you have to be to drop 60 bucks on what's essentially a substandard expansion pack? I get it, the sports morons buy Madden every year and pay their 60 bucks for roster changes, but seriously? It's the most generic and hold-my-hand-through-everythin g shooter that's ever been made - let this old dog die.
x5exotic  +   776d ago
No shit, Sherlock.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   776d ago
Confirmed! We will all be riding armored dolphins to invade the little mermaid's sea kingdom!

Losers get to ride Manatees.
hano  +   776d ago
As if this is news. It will probably take 5 more years of this shit before people get tired of it.
DonFreezer  +   776d ago
goldwyncq  +   776d ago
COD has officially become a sports game.
Kratoscar2008  +   776d ago
Moms get ready those wallets already!
Moonlizard  +   776d ago
call of duty never heard of this game!!, someone tell what it this iz aboot plez!
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   776d ago
OMG I am so excited I never thought they would announce one this year. This is so awesome it has been so long since their last game it is about time they bring the next one to market... the Development time on these are too long I need more COD not less..

Man I can't wait... I am looking forward to this game so much. I hope it is the COD MMO they have been talking about because I have 15 bucks a month doing why not an mmo COD they could have stats and clans and MP and 4 or 5 maps with map packs every 3 months that will expand the mmo for only 29.99 a map.... it would be awesome... we could have a crafting system where you have to type in your credit cads number to unlock guns at 1.99 a pieces and attachments could be like 99cents...

it would be awesome....

Can't wait...

FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   776d ago
LOL a Disagree, It was sarcasm asshat...
ChickenMan34  +   776d ago
i can only speak for myself but who gives a fuck !!! cod has been dog shit last 3 games im done with cod especially any infinity ward slash sledge game they are the worst game devs in gaming today
IQUITN4G  +   776d ago
One day even this bubble will burst but I honestly can't blame activision for for pumping these out. People continue to buy them and if there is any blame at all, why not just level it at the huge fanbase. One day the audience will eventually tire of the whole thing generally speaking though

I wouldn't mind too much about the franchise being as I don't have to play it, but it does have a very big influence on the games industry which I see as more harmful. Truth is a majority of console purchases it seems are from those that play cod or just Fifa say, and while that's fine, these aren't really gamers as such in the sense that they have a love of games or their mechanics- outside cod etc- and you have to wonder what happens to the install base when they start losing interest
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FunkMacNasty  +   776d ago
*insert generic comment grumbling about over rated FPS games with old game engines...grumble grumble herpaderp
coolmast3r  +   776d ago
People who'll buy this trash are poor people as they don't know that there are lots of GOOD games around them...I feel really sorry for them...Not trolling, this is really sad...
Droid Control  +   776d ago
Call of Duty - 2003
Call of Duty 2 - 2005
Call of Duty 3 - 2006
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 2007
Call of Duty: World at War - 2008
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 2009
Call of Duty: Black Ops - 2010
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 2011
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - 2012
Call of Duty 9: Future Warfare - 2013
Call of Duty 10: Black Ops 3 - 2014
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Hayabusa 117  +   776d ago
My source tells me there'll be a COD game in 2014 too, released sometime in the 2nd half of the year. Treat it with a pinch of salt like every rumour.
givemeshelter  +   776d ago
Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel folks...milk it baby milk it
Gino_Dino  +   776d ago
Can't say I'm surprised anymore. A tad bit annoyed, but I'll still play it for kicks.
csreynolds  +   776d ago
"No new Call of Duty game for 2013"

That would be news. This article is confirmation of the inevitable, nothing more.
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   776d ago
It's business people! If it makes a lot of money, then why abandon it?! Tell me if you wouldn't do the same if you're on the other side of the fence?
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LordHiggens  +   776d ago
The franchise is killing the franchise.
Tzuno  +   776d ago
Well no Shit!!!
Steadyhndz  +   776d ago
Damn I was hoping 2012 would have been the end...please let this be the last one!
Jamaicangmr  +   776d ago
No wait are they sure im sure no one expected this. Oh Activision you sly dog you pulled a fast one. /s
cooksauce  +   776d ago
This just in... Grass is green
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