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Vickistheman  +   1024d ago
$400 easy no questions asked.

$500 tops, as long as the hardware is a huge jump, which it is pretty much guaranteed.
seifer085  +   1024d ago
Yes sir!
mi_titan27  +   1024d ago
i would spend $500, because this time im NOT wasting my money on nextbox!
DonFreezer  +   1024d ago
No.It's too much you can get a much better gaming pc with that money.Wii U is too expensive too.Let's see if Microsoft falls to the same trap.
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Mithan  +   1024d ago
$400 for me is the abolute highest price I am willing to pay this go around, and that is even pushing it.

I just don't get the enjoyment out of these things that I used to get, or find them to be worth that money anymore.
$250-300 is more in line to what I think a new console should cost.

Either way, while I will follow the new ones closely, I may hold off until on purchasing them. The XBox RROD problem and the PS3's 900 different versions make me about 75% sure I want to wait for 12-18 months before purchasing either system. Now if something "awesome" comes out that I just "gotta have", I will break that, but we will see.
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esemce  +   1024d ago
$400 - £253 but is the price before tax ? if so how much tax would be in the USA? Us in the UK will probably get ripped off as usual anyway. i think the PS4 will cost £50 more than the WII U.
DivineAssault  +   1024d ago
ill buy it but no higher than $500.. Maybe $550 if its cool enough
Saleem101  +   1024d ago
$499.99 for great tech is worth it for me...
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   1024d ago
KrimsonKody  +   1024d ago
Would I pay $400 for the PS4?, yeeaaah!

BUT, some factors can play a huge part, like if the PS4 is not backwards compatible or doesn't let me use my content from PS3, then I may not rush to get it day one, because I have a ton of current gen games that I haven't even touched yet. & with a newly launched console comes very few titles to play. & even if it launches with, say, 20 games; how many of those do you actually want to buy/play?
We all know that launch titles are pretty much extended tech demos with very little to no substance.

Also, I noticed alot of posts saying "phew, $400s' the most I'll pay, $400 is steep, etc.", but think about it like this; how many of you have a IPhone, or Galaxy, or tablet? Those items easily exceed $400. I understand that in todays' world, your phone is like your own personal pokèdex, supplying you wit portable web service, phone service, daily info, etc., but in value, I think its equivalent to having to spend $400 for a cutting edge gaming console.

Day one, the max I'll pay is $550, depending on the significance of the leap in tech.
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FunkMacNasty  +   1024d ago
Hell yes i would spend that! But I don't forsee that pricepoint happening for the start of the next gen consoles. The trend has always been more advanced hardware = more expensive consoles from one gen to the next...right? Wasnt the ps2 $500 at launch, where the ps1 was $200 when it first came out? MAybe I have my numbers jumbled
Roper316  +   1024d ago
I personally don't care about price tags as long as the value is there for your money and that goes for anything not just consoles.
lifesanrpg  +   1024d ago
I currently own a PS3 and Xbox 360. I plan on only owning one of the consoles for next-gen (at least for the beginning)...So far I'm leaning toward PS3, but the price has to be right. I think $400 is decent.
lovegames718  +   1024d ago
Iwould spend 500 if what is offered is comparitively similar to the tech advancement we saw with ps3.
As i stated before Ps4 will be around 400 to 450. Imo 400 is a great price point which still guarantee s it will be cutting edge console wise because Sony generally sells at a loss.
Munnkyman  +   1023d ago
400 dollars is a great price. If it cheaper awesome but 400 is perfect if true
Greeny1972  +   1023d ago
Yes and a bit more
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   1023d ago
hell yea i would...i spent 6 and change for the ps3 and it was well worth it
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   1023d ago
all i want from next gen is cgi like graphics and ill be a happy man, oh and a 3 game disc changer would be nice
Dubfella  +   1023d ago
HeroPsychoDreamer  +   1023d ago
Don't care what they'll charge. Will get one no matter what.
tidusforeverx2  +   1023d ago
I would spend a grand on a PS4 if it was clearly a valid premium version. I would want unlimited cloud saves. 5 years of PS plus... Versus XIII... 1tb internal memory and FULL BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. excluding stuff with special peripherals like DDR or games using the guncon.
Studio-YaMi  +   1023d ago
400-450 tops and you have a buyer here day 1 :D
I may go up to 500 but that depends ..!
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