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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   755d ago
You pay for what you get... PS3 offered so much more out of the box than the competition along with their exclusive games graphicly looking better! I now am more than confident they will provide equally as good of games and a quality system this time as well!
dcortz2027  +   755d ago
Shizz yeah, without even thinking about it!! I payed $600 for my PS3. I wouldn't mind paying one hundred dollars plus less for a PS4 :)
vlonjati77  +   755d ago
I payed the same for my ps3 MGS4 bundle.
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vlonjati77  +   755d ago
Maybe next week I buy 2013 Honda civic or 2013 Toyota Camry over $30K.Would I buy PS4? Been playing since ps one never disappointed so I dont know if im buing it :b
sporge1989  +   755d ago
I would buy it depending on the launch games which most likely I will because Sony has so many exclusives and continues to innovate with new IP's
jakmckratos  +   755d ago
HonestDragon  +   755d ago
Four hundred sounds good to me. The Wii U was worth the three hundred, so I wouldn't mind an extra hundred for the PS4. This new generation sounds very affordable.
Platinum_k  +   755d ago
Yes! The playstation brand has never let me down in terms of content and hardware quality. Now that Sony is even more competitive than before, I'm even willing to spend 499$ on one. It's almost definite their improvement on the PS4 is worth the money.
pedroyamato  +   755d ago
R_aVe_N  +   755d ago
I would spend 600 again dont bother me none at all. If it is 400 sweet but I dont think it will be
urwifeminder  +   755d ago
No not after i paid 600 bux for ps3 and it died after 17 games in three years hell no.
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Broburger  +   755d ago
bluem00se  +   755d ago
400 is pretty fair for a launch price. I'd be willing to pay that much for new hardware, especially considering that this console cycle has been quite long...
edonus  +   755d ago
I would do $400.

Nothing over $500, but for $500 it has to be something a lot more than just a graphics and power upgrade.
PFFT  +   755d ago
Hell yeah i would!!!!
Pestre73  +   755d ago
Does not matter what the prize is, as long as the next consoles have the latest tech. It's better to have a beast of a machine than something that's straining the developers. I would rather see a 999 tag than 499, and tech that will be on pair with a high gaming pc.
delboy  +   755d ago
Only if the launch price was 599$
rytlok  +   755d ago
way to much money for a sony console,very dissapointed!!!
Blacklash93  +   755d ago
Many of us spent over $500-$600 on a PS3. I assume this sounds like a relatively good deal to most.
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talisker  +   755d ago
I'd love to but I'm afraid I'll have to pay more than 400 Euros. Anyway, it seems I'll be buing it day 1.
landog  +   755d ago
considering i spent almost $750 after tax the day i bought my ps3 (launch 60, with extra controller and a game)

heck yes i'd spend $400 on a ps4, but i am quite sure it will be $500 or more, and i actually hope it will, i want great parts in the thing, even if its $600 again i'll grab one, though i think sony will tone it down to $500

my prediction, $499.99 us retail price, 500 gb hd and two controllers

thats a fair deal imo!

cannot wait, less than 9 months we'll all be playing on one, (or wanting to if you're gonna wait)
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optimus  +   755d ago
I wouldn't spend more than $150...but that's just me.
NeoTribe  +   755d ago
Id pay up to a grand. This is suppost to be a big boy toy for those who work for a living. Not somethin mommy and daddy buy there kids (wii u).
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   755d ago
i pay 599 us dollars for it,,,

i just have to push karts harder and ask for more hours at walmart...

if you want something special you have to work for it.
DigitalSmoke  +   755d ago
If a 10 year console cycle from a 3 console generations winning powerhouse like Playstation is NOT worth 500$ to you, then you my friend, need to go play with marbles.
JayD-1K  +   755d ago
RevXM  +   755d ago
400 USD?

Probably, it really depends on the hardware, features and games.

I bought a PS3 60GB for its full price, with 3 games and an extra controller.

So Id do the same again if the system and games are good enough.
Go big or go home.
Kos-Mos  +   755d ago
I will buy it. Hope they don`t screw up with the bs again.
kupomogli  +   755d ago
I'd sell a kidney to get a PS4. Unless I have enough money otherwise.
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