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megamanX2  +   781d ago
lol no video game console iw worth $400 let alone $600, especially when its outdated as soon as it is released.
tndtloveu  +   781d ago
$400-450 is a reasonable price, < $500 I will buy it day one. I hope PS4 is PS3 backward compatible and all the trophies are carried over. Otherwise, i will be pissed!
dani25pr  +   781d ago
complain about the wii u that this expensive and a playstation 4 is not if it will cost $ 400.00 not think will make a big jump as happened with ps2 I have a wii u ps3 and wii u graphically is much better and does not carry or five months Imagine when you have 5 years
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KevPC  +   781d ago
i would spend $600 Sony is worth it. People complain about the price tag when the ps3 first came out, however a year later when the iphone came out it, everyone bought it like it was the cheapest thing in the world.
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TruthbeTold  +   781d ago
I would, but I prefer that it release at a price that won't alienate too many gamers. I don't want there to be a significant struggle.
MrMayhem28  +   781d ago
Yes. Would easily pay 400 for the Ps4.
mochachino  +   781d ago
399.99 is my max. I don't really care though, I'm waiting for the second batch anyways - being an early adopter has never gone well for me.
Enigma_2099  +   781d ago
Depends on what it's capable of... and what they took out.
FITgamer  +   781d ago
Easily would spend $400, hell i'd spend $600 with no issues.
fourthpersonview  +   781d ago
Nah. I'd wait for a slim version.
InTheZoneAC  +   781d ago
I spent $600 on a ps3 that will have lasted me 7 years

I will gladly spend another $600 on a ps4.

Hell, people with 360's/live have spent much more than that on their launch console, let alone how many after they RRoD after their warranty replacements...
isyourhouseonfire  +   781d ago
The PS3 is really just a blu-ray player to about 80% of owners, so the PS4 MUST bring something awesome to the market to be worth the money, as we all already have blu-ray players.
Soldierone  +   781d ago
I won't be able to buy a game at the same time, but sure why not.... ugh lol

400 dollars, I might have to wait till deals kick in. 400 dollars + a 60 dollar game + plus tax, I'll be paying over 550 dollars for it all. This is why if backwards compatibility or second games are blocked, I'll be out.
USMC_POLICE  +   781d ago
Well I spent 600+ on the ps3 sooo... um yeah. You say 400 like that's bad in comparison.
Jamaicangmr  +   781d ago
Hell yes!!!
Yes as im expecting them to launch at this price point id say yes. For get my avatar but i spend more than $400 on Videocards for my PC so a PS4 for that would be a bargain. US$400 would be a steal for what they are rumored to be offering.

While im an avid gamer and would even spend more (I spent $650 Canadian for my PS3 fat) being realistic i think US$400 would be the perfect price to launch it at.
Silly gameAr  +   781d ago
I got my first PS3 after the first price drop but still ended up paying over $500, sooo, that's a big yes to the 400.
momthemeatloaf  +   781d ago
I would but 90 percent of casuals/kids would not. 400.00 is too much, because u have to consider the 20 dollars tax and 60 dollar game purchases. you're gonna approach 500 dollars and parents just wont spend that on their kids unless its a birthday or holiday present.

299.99 at most.
BaconBits  +   781d ago
$20 tax? that would be great. Paying 12% HST tax here in Canada so that would be $48! Plus probably some stupid recycling fee.
sandman224  +   781d ago
400 with out a problem. And if its as good as we think its going to be ill give Sony 500.
frankiebeans  +   781d ago
im fine with spending up to $1000 as long as it can justify the price better than an apple computer.
Tristanh82  +   781d ago
Try paying close to $1000 here in Australia. I think I paid about 900 for each PS,first day buys. And our dollar is worth more then most countries including the USA.
BaconBits  +   781d ago
Well I spent $950 on the PS3 (first launch phat died so bought a 160Gb slim) I would pay about $500 for the PS4 if it was decent tech and offered something unique.
NonApplicable  +   781d ago
I never buy consoles at launch. $400 is the sweet spot for early adopters. I'd probably be whiling to spend around $450 a year later for the console with more storage.
fallensniper77  +   781d ago
Yeah i would, and even though I don't wanna say it i actually would pay more. I felt like I overpaid for my $550 60gb ps3 but I've had it since almost the day it came out, no problems whatsoever, and I've really put it under strain too so I feel like I really got my money's worth!!! So excited for a new console, im broke now but if its out by the end of the year then 10 months to raise $400 isn't that bad.
Clarence  +   781d ago
Without flinching! I'll spend up to 600 for it if need be.
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Steadyhndz  +   781d ago
I understand the hardware in this thing is going to be literally superb but I'm more interested in what else it has to offer. Depending on that my limit stands at $300-$500. If it's just an upgraded hardware version of the PS3 with nothing really added on...then $300, but I know that isn't the truth. So in other words...yes I would spend $400 on it.
dmonee  +   781d ago
IaussieGamer  +   781d ago
I would be happy to pay anything up to $600 AUD for a new PS4
TBONEJF  +   781d ago
Better than spending 600$ on the PS3 when it first came out. i think 399$ is a fair price. but we don't even know exactly how much till SONY put the price tag on it
worldwidegaming  +   781d ago
Most people will pay top dollar but the big problem is software. No matter how powerful and grand a console is you still need a good game to back your product.
personally I am tired of sequels and reboots.
(But, if its all that is out there I do not have much of a choice...either buy or skip.)
remanutd55  +   781d ago
Well ps3 will get New IPs this late in the console cycle so im pretty confident the ps4 will have some at launch, dont worry just like sony created Resistance, Motorstorm, inFAMOUS, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain and others im pretty sure they will create new franchises on the ps4.
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DarthBigE  +   781d ago
I just hope game prices dont go up to $70.
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