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Riderz1337  +   1097d ago
I'd be willing to go all the way up to 499$. Any higher and I would have to wait for a price drop.
cr33ping_death  +   1097d ago
Spent 630 first day of the PS3 so yes i would :-)
GoldPunch-TR  +   1097d ago
Yeah. 400 USD is not high for PS4.
coolmast3r  +   1097d ago
I would spend even more if only there is some truly next generation hardware under the hood. If there's no such hardware then I'd stick with my beasty gaming rig until the 9th generation comes out.
So Sony, try to impress us! Good luck!
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1097d ago
Yes I would!!! Bring on the Beast which is PS4 now!!!!!!
Parasyte  +   1097d ago
In a heartbeat!
ziggurcat  +   1097d ago
yes. i did spend $400 on my Ps3...
dee-ecks  +   1097d ago
It depends on how the next gen shapes up to be. If there's even more restrictions on second hand games, on line passes, day 1 DLC, on disc DLC, $70 games,always needed to be connected to the internet, etc. then no I will NOT be paying $400 for it or the Next-Box for that matter. In fact I just may pass on the next gen all together and go pick up an old Sega Saturn, TG-16, Neo-Geo, blow the dust off the ol PSOne and PS2 and have a mother forking blast catching up on some of the best classics the medium has to offer.
Sniperwithacause  +   1097d ago
I spent $787.68 for my ps3 back in February 16th 2007. That was with two games and extra controller and a memory card converter. Plus that was with the $100 off trade in of the PS2. So yes I would spend that much again. I will be keeping my ps3 this time around!
jak27  +   1097d ago
Well i can tell you the answer won't be no cause im getting a ps4 fuck how much it is.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1097d ago
I spent 600 on a ps3 no regrets

games like cod4 and mgs4 totally made up for it.
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Dlacy13g  +   1097d ago
$400 is a yes for me for a launch price point...$500 is pushing it a bit and $600 is a no, I will wait and see.
seanpitt23  +   1097d ago
No I will only get it if it more than £550 if its lower than this then the specs will be crap
Sanquine90  +   1097d ago
KillerPwned  +   1097d ago
I say I would only go as high as $400 but if it was $499.99 and it was as awesome as I think it will be. Then I would probably force myself to buy it.

$400 is the ideal price I am shooting for.
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Npugz7  +   1097d ago
etownone  +   1097d ago
I can't wait for next gen....
Whoever releases first gets my money, whether it's $400-$500
moodgamer  +   1097d ago
ceballos77mx  +   1097d ago
Of course, ill get it before they remove features.
Shacojin  +   1097d ago
$600 would be no problem honestly, for me at least. Considering I would fork over that much for a smart phone or tablet or buying everyone drinks on Friday... but for the general consumer, I would assume $399 - $449 would be there sweet spot for a powerful next generation console.
Ripsta7th  +   1097d ago
$450 max, 400 would be ok. Im hoping its around that price because all of you saying you would pay up to 600 thats too much. I dont think people would be comfortable with that price and may slow down sales. Not everyone has that kind of money for luxuries.
sarshelyam  +   1097d ago
I still can't wrap my head around the concept that a $500 home console that lasts me 7-years, is too much, when a great PC might cost me the same price and need new RAM, additional storage, maybe another graphics card/etc., within a few...and that's not including the option of a specialized display if I'm not resorting to HDMI out through my existing setup, a specialized gaming mouse and keyboard, and any number of other factors that could easily amount to something like $700-$1000 for my first 3 years of solid PC gaming.

Perhaps my understanding of the PC industry and its components is off...but I'm not so sure it is.
madduey  +   1097d ago
I'm buying it regardless of price!!
I'm just hoping its not too much as I want 2 of them :)
jjb1981  +   1097d ago
599 is my limit.... I paid 499 for ps3 so yeah I'd invest my money into great entertainment for another 6 years.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1097d ago
I bought the PS3 at launch for $600. Of course I would spend $400 on the PS4
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1097d ago
I would spend $400 for a quality Sony console.
josephayal  +   1097d ago
I Would spend $700-$1,300 no more
NateCole  +   1097d ago
I spend 700 Plus on smartphone hardware every year and a half.

I can certainly pay 700 plus for a gaming console that will ganruntee to last at least 6 years and great games.

400 is peanuts to what i spend on gadgets and entertainment.
TisMayo  +   1097d ago
I would lie if I told you that 600E for my 60GB PS3 was not worth it.
MeMoGameplay1  +   1097d ago
yes up to 499.99 or maybe 599.99
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