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ziggurcat  +   1022d ago
"Will Sony's Premature PS4 Announcement Pave The Way For Microsoft At E3 2013?"

... assuming that they're even going to announce the next playstation on february 20th...

which i don't think they're going to do. people jump to conclusions all too quickly.
Jdoki  +   1022d ago
That's probably a really good point.

It would be odd for Sony to go to all this effort for something else... but who knows. I certainly wouldn't be shocked id we're all left thinking WTF!
noobfromindia  +   1022d ago
Its a good move by SONY to unveil the ps4.. because i think sony went into ps4 development the day the ps3 launched. And with the ps3 they achieved nothing sort of spectacular on the hardware front even including its flaws. And with the ps3 hardware botchup at the last moment and selling consoles at a loss, SONY has learned from their mistakes and this time around they are planning to plough ms into the ground. The reveal is absolutely not premature, its infact a very mature move... they are already making microsoft sweat, and it shows the confidence that SONY have in their product this time... i mean the reveal is on Feb 20, but the hype is growing like anything... last time wit h the ps3, SONY had very little confidence, even then the ps3 is one of the critically most acclaimed and successful console at this time.

Another thing people dont realize, is that at the time the ps3 launched there was a media war between HD-DVD, and BLU-RAY...(this was one of the reasons why the ps3 was delayed, because of shortage of the blu-ray diodes) but in the next 2-3 years the media format is unlikely to change... hence even if microsoft reveals the next xbox, it wont have a large difference than the ps4. .. and the ps4 will have managed to grab a huge market share..
Jdoki  +   1022d ago
I would say that it's likely Sony are announcing the PS4 early because they need the breathing space at E3 for all their platforms.

Imagine trying to fit a PS4 announcement and all it's features, plus a focus on games, plus all the latest PS3 stuff, plus PS Vita, and maybe even some PSP talk... all crammed in to a 2-3 hour E3 show.

It makes total sense to announce the PS4 now, and then focus on the PS4 games and other platforms at E3.

I would add that by doing an independent announcement of PS4 it makes it feel more like an inclusive global announcement - E3 is the biggest show, but it is still slightly American-centric.

It also does two more things. It shows the confidence Sony have in themselves - even with their financial troubles they believe in Playstation. It also puts MS on the back foot - especially if the specs are true and the PS4 is superior to the 720. The last few E3's have been poor for MS - so if Sony do a good Feb announcement then blow it away at E3 as well, they will certainly be building momentum.
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Kidmyst  +   1022d ago
How can it be a premature PS4 announcement when Sony hasn't even made it yet to confirm they did announce the PS4> it's all hope, remour and speculation right now. Plus what is premature? is there a month when big announcements should be made or just whoever announces first is premature. Not going to the full article, no hits from me.
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