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HG_69   1097d ago | Spam
strifeblade  +   1097d ago
i own over 100 games on 360, and the reason i do is because i buy used and brandnew games all the time- in fact i trade my used games for brandnew games all the time. I have bought used games in a series, to try it out and see if i like it, and lets say the next game that came from the series i bought brandnew since i liked the original.

Used games fuel the brandnew games market all the time- If i was only limited to buy brandnew games at 59.99 and not be able to trade my games in- i would own less than 50 games and never take a chance on average or unknown or less established game franchises since 59.99 is a bit much. Any console manufacturer that forbids used games on their system will not increase the sales of their game products but infact sales will decrease.

Game developers will foolishly think that if we dont have a choice of buying used games all of sudden everyone will buy it brandnew, but thats not the case- most of us will have less money to spend on brandnew games since they forbid us from selling our used games. This will kill the industry for brandnew games and no one will take chances on games they are not sure they will like. This is my attitude towards this topic coming from a hardcore gamer and collector. I for one will not support a console that forbids used games since it does not allow me to buy used or sell my games.

How many of us bought brandnew games we regret but recoup as much as possible by selling? Well without used games no one will take a chance on a game they think they may not enjoy. msoft/sony will think twice before doing this.
annus  +   1097d ago
People need to understand how supply and demand work. Games aren't getting bought? You make it cheaper.

Developers could make more money off selling 2 titles of a game brand new for $40 each, rather than someone purchasing a game for $60 new and someone buying a used game for $40.
ziggurcat  +   1097d ago
there's simply no way that MS (or sony for that matter) will block the use of second-hand games.

that rumour needs to die.
MYSTERIO360  +   1097d ago
WOW it seems gamers will have to have gold membership to play games this time and for it to function.
spacetoilet  +   1097d ago
This HAS to be pure, speculative BS. It would amount to business suicide to ask everyone to be on Broadband to play a game, ridiculous.

Now as for killing the second hand game market, I unfortunately can see that coming down the road in one way or another, and although I don't like it, it may save hardcore gaming, by the increased revenues the software houses will generate, and may increase innovation and investment in future titles as competition for your $75? will be fierce with no used game market.
noobfromindia  +   1097d ago
the xbox will be hacked within 24 hours of launch if this is true.
FlyShootRaceSims  +   1097d ago
Are the N4g people really that dense to even begin to believe such a rumor?
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1097d ago
There were only 2 times I recall truely being blown away by 360 this gen, and that was when Gears 1 dropped and when Alan Wake came out... other than that I've been super impressed by everything on PS3... thus giving me the impression I need to go with PS4 Next Gen for sure!
skyrimer  +   1097d ago
MS, do you want a killer feature for your next console?

1994 technology: Sega Saturn controller dpad, instead of the horrible piece of sh*t in xbox360 controller.

Make it happen.
MuhammadJA  +   1097d ago
lol, if true, Game Stop will suck eggs!
alb1899  +   1097d ago
Why will i say that i wont buy it......come on i'm a gamer, i will buy both consoles no matter what!!!
Gamestop knows something because they will closed 100 stores so maybe is not just Microsoft.......maybe SONY, just maybe, they are together in this.
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Ticklez  +   1097d ago
Not to mention, if your Canadian and they want you online all the time, your Internet limit is going to pass pretty quick.
SpartanQ8  +   1097d ago
screw Microsoft if this rumor is right and ps4 im coming for you man ,,,, paying my respect and loyal to ps4
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spoonard  +   1096d ago
My comment disappeared... :-(
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Enigma_2099  +   1095d ago
The next Xbox: Always online,
(So here's hoping you have a constant connection, or you're screwed.)

no second-hand games,
(You're gonna be paying what we tell you to pay for a LONG TIME. Oh, okay. We'll throw you a bone. See that bin of cheap games over there? The ones that are cheap because nobody wants them? You're welcome.

... what? People are buying it again? HIKE UP THE PRICE!!!!

What's that, Jimmy? That game that came out 7 years ago? You want a new copy of it now? Sorry. We discontinued it. And since we've abolished the sale of used games, I guess you're just SOL.)

50GB Blu-ray discs and new Kinect

(Yeah, because Kinect is just flying off the shelves. And is Microsoft actually going to eat crow here?!?!? Microsoft?!?!? I'll believe it when I see it.)
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