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Gamer-Z  +   1025d ago
PS4 it is
Godz Kastro  +   1025d ago
Sony has a patent to do the same... Maybe MS will land more exclusives because the thought of developers not getting shorthanded in the after market might appeal to them. Either way as I have duly noted this will be a moot point once we go strictly digital downloads.
Godz Kastro  +   1025d ago
Guys, I think we can all agree that at some point in the future we will be at digital downloads. Once we are the point of selling game or lending it out will be a moot point. It is inevitable that this is where the industry is going.

No one who buys apps on the ipad can sell it forward or lend it out. I have benefited from the used market as well. However in all honesty where do we get the entitlement that once we buy a game we have "the right" to sell it forward bypassing the developer profit all together?
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Nodoze  +   1025d ago
If true MS just handed next generation to Sony.
whoyouwit04  +   1025d ago
You can tell this site is full of Sony fan boys, here is a article were someone claim to have heard this from a source
and is being taking seriously, why the on the other hand we know 100% that Sony has a patent to block used games and people mostly responded to that by well maybe they just patent so no else can do it to protect us gamers, get facking real, YOU SONY FANS SHOULD WORRY about this more then Xbox fans. use your brain Xbox is 75 mill strong and counting but only 40 mill are using live do you really think Microsoft is dumb enough to cut their sales in half.
Godz Kastro  +   1025d ago
Good point on the Xbox live subscriber base... Bubble for u.
Munnkyman  +   1025d ago
This sux if true. This means I can't use game fly or lend any of my games to anyone. It really hurts because not all of us can afford to buy 60 dollar games every month.
Godz Kastro  +   1025d ago
Sorry Munnkyman; and im not trying to be smart here but maybe this hobby isn't suited for you until you can afford them. What would you do if your financial situation would be the same under a market that only offers digital downloads?
Munnkyman  +   1025d ago
Then it will be a issue. But the thing is people right now are are have a hard time all around, so will this be smart for Microsoft to do. I think not
annus  +   1025d ago
I find it funny that almost everyone complains about second hand games on here. 'Oh no I can't borrow/rent/buy cheap anymore.' Your money isn't going to the developers, it really is just as bad as piracy apart from the fact that you are actually encouraging second hand games even more as real money is involved. Yet a piracy article comes on N4G and you are the devil's child if you have ever downloaded a game. This hypocrisy on this site is amazing, but let me guess, because you paid money it must be okay, right? If I buy a pirated game for $5 is it okay? Where do we draw the line? Why is $5 for a pirated game any different than $25 to a store? Both places are making $5+ profit and neither are giving money back to the developers.
Godz Kastro  +   1025d ago
So true...
cyguration  +   1025d ago
I buy used movies

People buy used cars

People buy used clothes

All those are equivalent to piracy, too?
annus  +   1025d ago
Is a physical copy of something the same as a digital copy of something? No, it is not.

In terms of money not going to the developer/manufacturer? Yes, it is the equivalent of pirating.

You know how when you use a physical object it degrades over time? Car parts start to die, clothes get holes in them etc? Software doesn't. The disk may, as it's an object, but the contents on the disk will remain the same.

Let's be honest here. The two main reasons for this is money and piracy. If CD keys were implemented it would greatly reduce the amount of piracy, especially those online (inb4 no pirates online on xbox live, you are kidding yourself). Now, lets say someone does use this cd key, they can put in 100s of hours into the game, then sell it and the buyer will be playing what appears to be a brand new game (talking software here, not physical object). Then you also have the fact that the previous seller now also has the cd key still. What if they installed it on their xbox and used the cd key still (disk isn't needed if you have custom firmware), now two people magically own the game. See this duplication? See how this mimics piracy? You can't duplicate a physical object, but you can with software.

I'm not for or against either argument, I was just showing that there is a business side to the reasoning behind it.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1025d ago
Here's what really scares me...

I have reason to believe Sony is considering the same option, blocking used games. We have already heard news of this possibility.

I also believe they will have their own paid online service. It will be like a combination of PSN+ and Xbox Live. (free games, paid online, + adds)

I belive MS will follow the lead of Sony, and start their own version of PSN+. Let's call it "Xbox Live Platinum."

So no matter where you turn, you're getting screwed. And so the question becomes, which company is going to screw you more?
jjb1981  +   1025d ago
Ill just keep my 360 forever!!!! Mwuhahaha...
CaptainPunch  +   1025d ago
I doubt Microsoft would be this stupid.
optimus  +   1025d ago
I wonder what Edge will do once the specs are released and it's the opposite of what they printed...will they fire their "sources"?...should be funny to read what excuse they come up with.
rawshack  +   1025d ago
good bye xbox nice knowing you back to the PlayStation i come
Prcko  +   1025d ago
that would be suicide for m$
Feldman9000  +   1025d ago
Games are DRM on PC. Broadband is the majority. This seems about right.
brianunfried  +   1025d ago
The sheep will buy it anyways, they've been buying their broken crap for years and will keep buying it over and over again.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1025d ago
Microsoft just slammed wallets shut all over the world, AND it had nothing to do with windows 8!!! GASP!
steve30x  +   1025d ago
I dont mind if the console requires online all the time. The thing that would hack me off is if the games are unplayable if my internet goes down for a few hours or days and if my game wont save if its playable offline but my internet goes down. If thats the case They can keep their console.
kingPoS  +   1025d ago
I don't think that's such a good idea. Currently the only thing we have to worry about on present consoles is whether or not a game disc is scratched or cracked.

If this is implemented, we might have to deal new worries... such as, WTF! did my network just nuke my game or OMG! someone hacked my game before I even opened it. And last but not least, Arghh! the scanner airport borked all my F*****g games!
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SwiftArsonist  +   1025d ago
I dont have any comments on rumors. Nothing to say at this time. Will wait for an official word from both companies.
gamefanatic007  +   1025d ago
if this is true, I will NOT be buying that garbage.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1025d ago
Wow, MS crushes the competition - again.
ACEMANWISE  +   1025d ago
This is going to happen to all online enabled consoles at some point. This is an industry change largely in demand by developers. They want a platform that will benefit their company the most.

They don't see used games or the physical format as beneficial versus the digital format and an online system governing it.

In their final vision every game will be digital. Each game will be playable under one account. This means every person has to pay to play. That means no more lending or letting the household play. They will enforce it by integrating your face and/or voice with the account.

Online pass will evolve to include access to an entire game, instead of just the multiplayer. Since the entire game will be located online so will the enforement. It will be there especially if the courts allow the resale of digital licenses. Much like how Online pass is punishing used buyers now, it will be implemented to discourage the sale.

Console storage of digital games will evolve to the cloud. In both cases the game doesn't belong to you. Therefore storage is useless. They want to shift toward cloud gaming before the public becomes aware of this and starts demanding compensation for taking up their space. Then they will keep the games and stream them instead.

At this point subscription prices will rise as the industry will be completely founded on service instead of ownership, or entitlement of any kind. They will justify their rising prices by making the consumer think they are doing them a favor by holding on to their content instead of keeping it on the user's hardware.

After that they may end the use of your purchases with the release of their new product. This is why backwards compatibility has been dropped so fast this generation. They will, instead offer the same game (remade and improved of course) and sell it to you all over again.

The final effect to the industry will be a serious and unexpected downsize. Games will no longer be granted a longterm culture. They will lose the ability to be social in its purest form (person to person gaming). They will lose a sense of history as games will disappear, possibly forever.

It will then fizzle out for a time and later revived as a new service offering by cable/satelitte companies. They will offer a box that streams games much like Onlive has now and what Apple is planning. They will upgrade the hardware power or just make the gamer pay more to access it.
HaVoK308  +   1025d ago
Yeah, I am sure Microsoft wants to lose half its current market. Over half actually.
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Drainage  +   1025d ago
most people buy new anyways, why are people crying? the 50 million or whatever CODs first week says enough
IaussieGamer  +   1025d ago
If and thats a big IF this is true then the 720 is destined for last place even behind the Wii U
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1025d ago
You'd have to be an idiot to believe this. Sony makes an announcement that they're going to say something on the 20th, and then all this "bad" press for MS starts coming out about their next gen console. Lol... it's smoke and mirrors right now guys. The game is being played.

Begun the Next Gen Wars have... /Yoda.
iliimaster  +   1025d ago
damn this sounds too radical but who knows if it is true nintendo WII U will be the savior nintendo = amazing catalog and now HD games with a normal controller id imagine id look into steams new console aswell
arbitor365  +   1025d ago
if this is all true, then microsoft just handed the victory to sony.
DevilishSix  +   1025d ago
Always online won't work
Governments in many countries including th US are considering internet regulation from bandwidth caps, speed, content, etc. They already charge me when i exceed 60 gigs. Not knowing what regulations may come they couldn't possibly think this would work.
tubers  +   1025d ago
Hopefully not.. if they also just have Gears, Halo, Fable and several Kinect 720 exclusives, I'd rather get a new GPU and then a PS4.

Online only would definitely hit this thing as far as international sales go.
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