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gumgum99  +   1103d ago
For Microsoft's sake, I hope this is a rumor. What if a power outage occurs? Should I just drop my gametime with your new Xbox til the power goes back on??

Its in those scenarios that I question this notion.
ElementX  +   1103d ago
Um... if the power goes out your TV won't work either so unless you have a portable system you won't be gaming anyway.
ApexHell  +   1103d ago
internet outage in his area i think he means.
jmac53  +   1103d ago
If any of this info is true than MS is already bungling this next generation before it even starts. Will wait for official info but it is looking more and more likely I will be getting either a PS4 or a Steambox after two generations of MS consoles. Microsoft really knows how to treat their loyal customers.
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SaxScrotumz  +   1103d ago
I call BS on this.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   1103d ago
if you think microsoft and sony hasnt held meeting about this second hand gaming rejection your kidding yourself...

the only i see this happening is if microsoft and sony agreed on this?

kind of hypocritical of microsoft using blueray this time around, couldnt they go to toshiba and rebrand hddvd?

seems like a horrible business move ?
SDF Repellent  +   1102d ago
"kind of hypocritical of microsoft using blueray this time around, couldnt they go to toshiba and rebrand hddvd?"

That is like telling Sony to support Betamax and rebrand it instead of getting license for VHS because that makes lot of sense!! Nice logic there, buddy.
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landog  +   1103d ago
if sony and ms both do this, i'll just stick with pc, cheaper prices, better graphics, and mods

if only one of them do it, i'll buy the one that doesn't

if they are both cool next gen, i'll get them both

no rush, doubt any ps4/nextbox launch games will be that amazing, they usually never are

hopefuly im wrong and sony launches with uncharted 4 and killzone 4 in 1080p at 60 frames, and ms launches with halo 5 and fable reborn in 1080p at 60 frames and none of this awful alwyays online crap

you can play steam offline anytime you want, even starcraft 2...but this, locking the whole console down/// if my internets out i cannot use it??

hell no, i don't think either ms or sony would be that dumb!

then again, maybe there is some truth to this

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ElementX  +   1103d ago
Funny you mention PC, isn't that always online also? As for internet connection, can't people just do something else for a few hours?
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gtiguy81  +   1103d ago
I'm all for online-only if they're giving me Steam-like prices on games...
Loki86  +   1103d ago
Definitely bs and I look for MS to come down hard on EDGE for posting this crap as if it is confirmed.
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Soldierone  +   1103d ago
I will pass if this is not a rumor. I plan on buying it otherwise. I will pass if Sony does the same thing for PS4.

If I want constant DRM issues, restrictions to playing games, and restrictions to the game I just paid 70 friggin dollars for, I will do it on PC then.
Kidmyst  +   1103d ago
If either company blocks used games, I'd be interested first to hear details of the restrictions before passing judgment. I really don't buy used, just get discounted copies off Ebay or an online retailer. But I have rented games, so it'll be interesting what impacts it'll have on rentals. Also on pirating, cracks for systems to run games, etc.
PooEgg  +   1103d ago
It is probably not true, but if it was I suspect the following will happen:

1) Most Gamers will bitch and moan about it, then buy the console anyway.
2) A couple of gamers will threaten silly class action lawsuits, that are quickly forgotten when they buy the console anyway.
3) A few gamers will write a petition, get a lot of signatures, until everyone goes out and buys the console anyway.
4) And some gamers will spend time arguing loudly online with other gamers/game journalists who blindly support whatever nonsense gaming companies toss our way, before lining up to buy the console anyway.

We really are pretty predictable sometimes, but if this did happen I hope we all grow backbones and not support it no matter how tempting.
drsnoopyseussdog  +   1103d ago
It sucks cuz this is is who made this article and they are always the first to know and are right almost 100% of the time. Hopefully it isnt true because if it is then the only system im gonna buy is wii u.
BladerunnerZX  +   1102d ago
I agree.

I dont like Edge but they are right most of the time.

This is Microsoft who charges $60 for a feature that is free on everyother online connected device made today - online multiplayer for games you already paid for.

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft does the "always online" thing.
1nsaint  +   1103d ago
If this is true (which i doubt) i'll rather buy a decked out pc..
ElementX  +   1103d ago
Here's news for all the people complaining about always online and internet connection going out... there's an entire planet out there with millions of things to do! Can't you go outside for a few hours? Enjoy a walk? Read a book? Go to the pub for a couple beers? Call your relatives and say hello? Go out and do something with friends? Sheesh it's as though none of you do anything else besides gaming.
madjedi  +   1102d ago
Still doesn't change the fact that it is stupid and unnecessary
Why the hell should we just accept that single player experiences should be rendered useless, because the internet crapped out and we cannot do what we wanted to do.

This is the same dumbass mentality that defended blizzard forcing people playing diablo 3 solo to still connect to a server and deal with meaningless lag and other net related issues despite having no contact with other players.

"Enjoy a walk? Read a book? Go to the pub for a couple beers? Call your relatives and say hello?" Likely if that was what they wanted to do they wouldn't be trying to play a game would they?

Are you playing a multiplayer game online, no then you don't need to be connected online, why the hell this is a hard concept to some people i don't know. We have understood this for 20+ yrs.

Remember the psn hack and the network being down for a month, picture that just with all your games being always on. Your few hrs is nice and cute, but not all interruptions are so brief.

Perfect example of why always online is always stupid
clintagious650  +   1103d ago
I dont think ms would be stupid enough to do such a move but knowing that xbl is one of their money makers, i would not be suprised with this move from ms just like when they 1st sold 360's with no wifi adaptor. If this is true, i think it will be a huge mistake on their part.
BLAKHOODe  +   1103d ago
Always online, plus Kinect.. Let's SPY much, Microsoft?
smashman98  +   1103d ago
I wanna believe this is a lie but at the same time. totally based on ms recent path I can see this becoming a reality. But you cant see it as a gaming machine you have to look at it in ms eyes. they've been saying for years they want to own the living room and this definitely fits
and its scary
spoonard  +   1103d ago
So do you think Sony will take this chance to leave their console used-game-friendly?
BLAKHOODe  +   1102d ago
IF Sony did allow used games and Microsoft doesn't.. SONY WINS. Period.
Dlacy13g  +   1103d ago
So here is an idea... I know there were lots of rumors a ways back saying PC's would be able to play Xbox games with the new Windows 8 direction. What if its actually the opposite? What if games that are certified for Windows 8 Store can actually be run by the next Xbox? I mean if rumors are true and its running the Windows 8 kernel... As long as those games had controller support?

Sure its out in left field but man, that could be a huge move... MS still can create 1st party exclussives to come to the xbox only but now those publishing to windows 8 store get a second audience.

edit: Skulls of the Shogun certainly shows that MS might be thinking something similar.
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hazardman  +   1103d ago
Man I hope this is not true. I thought I was gonna get both consoles but now its PS4/Wii U.. I think its true , Edge mag has been around for a very longtime. I'm assuming this info is good to go! Damn MS I wanted to buy your console, but your stupidity we be the end of you. Instead of going forward you are going backwards, I've never seen a company thats its own worse enemy than MS, really!!
josephayal  +   1103d ago
Next-gen consoles will be the last
evilhasitsway  +   1103d ago
well as is you cant play online line without gold memeber ship wouldnt surprize me if they pulled something like this just another reason not to buy over other systems
masa2009  +   1103d ago
If they do that, they must have absolute certainty that Sony is doing it as well.
So there msut be some kind of illegal anti-competition arrangement behind this.
Captain Tuttle  +   1103d ago
If MS did this and Sony didn't would third parties abandon Sony? Honest question
Dlacy13g  +   1103d ago
Now that is a very interesting thought. IF not abandoning I would expect we might see a lot of timed exclusives again. The duration of exclusivity also might be a bit longer than the typical 1 month stuff we saw this gen. I have no doubt EA and Activision would embrace such a move.
Captain Tuttle  +   1103d ago
1 year COD exclusivity? Battlefield? GTA? Fallout 4? Next Elder Scrolls?

Could be devastating. How many people would wait to play those games out of principle?
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hazardman  +   1102d ago
I was thinking same thing man. I remember reading an article on here about developers wanting this. So you never know I know that if I was a developer I like the sound of some extra $$$ but I bet you Sony will sue cause they got that patent if something like that happens!!
BitbyDeath  +   1103d ago
Always online so everyone is forced to pay for gold?
I don't think so.
playstationfreak  +   1103d ago
if this is true playstation 4 will destory xbox 720
GraveLord  +   1103d ago
Looks like we're all buying PS4s next-gen.
Microsoft, you dug your own grave.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1103d ago
Whoa now, I understand these are rumors but I don't need a rumor like this to make me second guess on buying the next Xbox?

these are rumors so I will patiently wait until MS announce something, Like we gotta choice.
Qrphe  +   1103d ago
Very doubtful
Npugz7  +   1103d ago
Well if this is true than I might have to go with the PS4 this next generation!
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