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PopRocks359  +   971d ago
Wait, is that even constitutional? I thought you couldn't put taxes on creative endeavors of that nature. Unless I'm mistaken.

Either way, a tax would not do much outside of piss off many a game customer for having to pay an extra $6 or so however much extra. Kids would still get those games, so if anything, the practice would be counterproductive.

Hey lawmakers? Get your heads out of your asses and start educating people.


That's ridiculous. Why tax M rated games and not R rated movies or maturely themed books and comics? Oh right, this is the lawmakers of the nation. These are the same geniuses who thought heavy metal and comics brought out destructive tendencies in normal people.
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cl1983  +   971d ago
No sadly perfectly legal, how ever I'm surprised its only video games and not other media avenues.
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BrianC6234  +   970d ago
I don't think it's legal at all. California has tried doing this kind of crap for a while and the Supreme Court told them no. I doubt you can pick something like mature games and just put a tax on them. Why not mature movies too? And the evening news is probably more violent than most games.
BLAKHOODe  +   970d ago
Nexgensensation  +   970d ago
America got hijacked
Gaming101  +   970d ago
Whether it is deemed legal, illegal, constitutional or otherwise, I'm just glad I don't live in that crappy state. Or country filled with uneducated, old, out of touch white men.
aceitman  +   970d ago
I thought we already pay taxes on the games it comes to $64.84 instead of $59.99.
The_Infected  +   970d ago
^ they want more. Those greedy good for nothing idiots! Just and excuse to get more tax money like always. Their going to feel stupid when they finally realize games isn't the cause everything bad that happens. Hell if they had their way we wouldn't have good movies, awesome games, or anything because if nothing is rated mature we will be playing fairy tail games and watching love stories all the time! It's just games and movies you know shit on a TV. Keep that stuff on TV and peace on earth simple as that. Enjoy life both ways the entertainment side and reality.
rainslacker  +   970d ago
Things can be taxed differently depending on what they are. For instance in NC groceries only have a 2% tax, but regular sales tax is 7.5%. However prepared at a 8.25%, supposedly to pay for health inspectors and stuff. All states also tax cigarettes and gas with a separate tax in addition to sales tax.

Supposedly this tax will be used to pay for mental health services. However it seems silly since a vast majority of people that play Mature games don't have mental health issues.

I'm glad at least this news source showed people responding to it with a sense of " doesn't cause violence", and "parents should be censoring their kids exposure to violent media" paraphrase.
mandf  +   970d ago
By targeting video games a tax was coming. It's a huge multi billion dollar industry. They want special interest money, that's how it starts. Start imposing laws before you know it we are paying for politicians with our video game money.
SilentNegotiator  +   970d ago
Maybe instead of blaming games, having redundant studies on video games, and taxing video games....politicians could blame criminals, study the effects of psychotropic drugs, and tax bullets.
PopRocks359  +   970d ago
It's, this and more this. Bubble.
dlpg585  +   970d ago
and give atf some type of actual power and legalize and tax marijuana and give universal background checks and get things done instead of rejecting good legislation and causing standstills
xtheownerzx  +   971d ago
SMH Just another uneducated politician. no facts to back up claims proving cause and effect. I honestly hope this doesn't get through at all.
PockyKing  +   971d ago
More taxes yay! - No one ever said...besides politicians of course :)
JaggedCarpet  +   970d ago
I wish people would just accept that it's because of bad or ignorant parents that kids get M rated games. Video games is the best regulated form of media. If anything, they should educate people about the ratings, rather than just pass stupid laws or increase taxes. Neither of those will help any.
Soldierone  +   970d ago
They do realize we left Britain due to stupid arse tax problems right? They proposed this, and are already pushing for a "soda" tax too....

Keep taxes us, soon we will have another Tea Party to attend.
KMCROC54  +   970d ago
I say instead of leaving the country & wasting tea, we have ourselves a revolution but we started it by offing the politician . Don't think they will be missed.
Soldierone  +   970d ago
They probably realize how useless they are, thats why they are trying to take our guns away before we get mad at something they plan to do.
SilentNegotiator  +   970d ago
Some Americans are under the impression that Europe is a paradise and that we should do absolutely everything to be like European countries, especially have ridiculous taxes.
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Max-Zorin  +   970d ago
KMCROC54  +   970d ago
My condolences to those whose loved ones who were taken from them ,but to tax something extra cause of it content is just wrong. That like me a voter pushing for a tax or a fine leved against politician that fail to produce or make do on all the campaign promises that were made to the voting public. But all political figure would be against it
just like am against this idea,beside where would this money go & who will be responsible & who will watch those responsible for them.
kingPoS  +   970d ago

A state representative, whose district includes Sandy Hook, is proposing a 10 percent tax on all Psychotropic Drugs.
A7XEric  +   970d ago
If these douchebag politicians spent as much time explaining the plotholes in the "official" sandy hook story as they did trying to ban violent video games, we'd have a much better country to live in.
Hicken  +   970d ago
Not this crap again...
MxRBrobaFett  +   970d ago
That'll fix all the problems!
ACEMANWISE  +   970d ago
Sometimes I just can't respond after reading things like this. I'll spend time at the keyboard wanting to say so many things only to delete and start over. Then I realize just how similar I felt when writing to a woman that broke my heart.

I'm still sane. Yet it doesn't appear so.

Emotion is a factor present in each example. Something of value is too. In both cases each were (or are) in threat of being taken away.

Grasping for the one response that will satisfy all the inner turmoil to be expressed, I continue to fail...only left with rationalization to sort it all out.

I find the simple truth. It is the reality brought forth to me that is crazy and stupid. Not me, the game player. It is what these people do to our values that drive us we try to process the madness they bring to our table.

They should be taxed...the politicians I mean. 10% tax everytime they open their mouth and say something untrue and easily why haven't they included violent movies?
Legion  +   970d ago
"Then I realize just how similar I felt when writing to a woman that broke my heart."- WTF?
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   970d ago
What a JOKE. Mission accomplished NRA - you weren't mentioned once in the article.
shivvy24  +   970d ago
slay dat bastard
rainslacker  +   970d ago
Here's the text of the bill for anyone interested

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

That the general statutes be amended to establish a sales tax on the sale of video games rated "mature" at a rate of ten per cent on the entire sales price and to require the moneys derived from such sales tax be used by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services for the purpose of developing informational materials to educate families on the warning signs of video game addiction and antisocial behavior.

Basically says applying a 10% tax on mature video games to develop informational materials for the warning signs of video game addition and anti-social behavior. Well I did a quick google search and found plenty of informational material that is free to use for whoever wishes. Looks like I saved Connecticut a lot of money.

Also 10% excise tax is ridiculous for a video game.

Edit: I'd like to add that NJ and Oklahoma are also looking at having a video game tax. NJ may include rated T titles as well.
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sonicjam  +   970d ago
Only way this will ever completely stop if more gamers became politicians everywhere in the USA and over run it. So the votes for any law that it is of the wall towards video game will be denied.

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