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wingman32x  +   973d ago
Can't wait for the festivities. I wonder how much we'll actually get to see. I don't think they need to show too much on the 20th. I think we'll see the system/controller and some sort of graphical demonstration, along with general announcements like 3rd party studios working on it. I would save any huge game announcements for June. IMO.
Plagasx  +   973d ago
I keep coming back to that little doubt in my head that it might not be the PS4...

It must be..right?
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wishingW3L  +   973d ago
you really think Sony would do all this just to announce some new games and Gaikai? They made a teaser trailer, a website for fans to subscribe and get the latest info as fast as possible for an event where they are inviting the media, investors, developers and are even going to stream the thing for fans to watch. I mean... What else could it be that it is so big for Sony to do all this?
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cedaridge  +   973d ago
Sony Live stream sound's AWESOME to me! Must say it's got to be somethin Major for a Live stream. psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder
Pillsbury1  +   973d ago
This is like the finals and E3 is OUR (gamers) Super Bowl!
DivineAssault  +   973d ago
so pumped for the 20th.. I hope they show it
Omar91  +   972d ago
Thats just fantastic! It starts on the 20th which is a lab day for me and starts at 6pm!! my lab starts at 6:15pm! It's like sony tailored this event so that I wont be able to see it live :/
CalvinKlein  +   972d ago
hesido  +   972d ago
I hope I don't have to log in to Home to view the event. That was a total waste of money for Sony, btw. ...unless of course they are making money out of it.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   972d ago
thnk god for the next gen, aside from sony exclusive, no other games are improving, i want next gen fifa asap.
Cormadee  +   970d ago
Where can I stream the news on febuary 20 about the ps4?
Cormadee  +   970d ago
Where can I stream the event on feb. 20?
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