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Whitey2k  +   909d ago
please someone give me more bubbles!! but i really do think they will show off the ps4 at e3 considering E3 is one of the biggest events.. think there are 2 options its either about the vita / gaikai or its the games that has been developed but never showen or a a game that everyone could be after
chukamachine  +   909d ago
+1 whitney2k, i'd some of my own back.
tigertron  +   909d ago
If Sony doesn't announce the PS4 (they will do) then Sony will go down as the greatest trolls in internet history.
ziggurcat  +   909d ago
i'm kind of looking forward to seeing all of the bellyaching when they don't announce the next playstation.

it'll learn 'em to not get sucked into awful, unsubstantiated rumours.
DivineAssault  +   909d ago
I think Sony wouldve came out & said if it wasnt the PS4.. Last E3 they said "we arent showing it" just like the previous year... I think this is the big reveal of a prototype at least & it will launch at the end of this year or spring 2014.. Its the 7th year people.. Its got to be the next console just like the previous console reveals being on the 7th year..

Possible PS3/PSV price cuts too..
Jamaicangmr  +   909d ago
Oh my imagine the horror. There would be widespread kidnappings of execs families and ransome threats. It wouldn't be pretty for those involved.

No i think its best they reveal it.
Tultras  +   909d ago
helghast102  +   909d ago
"Future of PlayStation"
>Invites all of the "top" gaming "journalists"
How anyone can think this isn't the PS4 is beyond me
seanpitt23  +   909d ago
They are not they are waiting on Microsoft
Fateful_Knight  +   909d ago
Seriously listen. Sony has publicly stated that they will let MS make the first move. If they announce this early they give MS the chance to gain the upper hand in the year or two left before they release their next console. Why would Sony willingly do that? They're going to let MS announce first, show the public what they've developed, then announce the PS4. Then if MS steals any of their ideas the entire world will know it. The beginning of this new generation is critical, and Sony is not going to blow it to succumb to inpatient fanboys. Expect an E3 announcement on PS4 at the very earliest, but only if MS announces first.

Sony still has a lot of mileage left on PS3 will the tonne of great titles coming out in the next few months. They can sit back and chill, and then gain a secure hand when they choose to announce. It sucks, but it's smart business.
helghast102  +   909d ago
You think they'll wait 2 years after the announcement to release the system?
Are you joking or just high?

The Witcher 3 has already been confirmed for next gen consoles and is releasing in 2014.

This generation has been stagnant for years now.
kenshiro100  +   909d ago
It's PR talk, and I don't think they meant it in that context.
ILive  +   908d ago
I really hate when people quote sony about letting Microsoft make the first move. You must be an idiot to believe something like that. These consoles have been in development for years people. Sony just can't say "hey, microsoft came out with these specs, lets go and change some of our specs to be that much better than microsoft's and still make it in time for release in the next few months." Its just pr stuff, I dont even know why people quote that crap.
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computeSci  +   909d ago
Many of you guys need to relax and lower your expectations. If they announce PS4 they will announce it. If not, then no big deal as they'll announce later. You guys act as if you're going to die if they don't announce it on Feb 20. I wouldn't be surprise either if it's something totality unrelated to the PS4.
Sketchy_Galore  +   909d ago
I'm telling you people it's gonna be new clip-on grips for the L2 and R2 buttons.
GoldPunch-TR  +   909d ago
NOOO! we want to PS4!
kingmushroom  +   909d ago
you think investors want to see more PS3 stuff ? mmmmm Nah. More like whats up with Gaikai and bring on the PS4, we are ready.
PockyKing  +   909d ago
Can we just stop with these stupid speculation posts? Just hold your panties up till February 20th and we'll find out whats being revealed.
sackboyhappy  +   909d ago
If its not the PS4 or Gaikai the 20th will be a sad day, i dont like sad days :(
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Wotbot  +   909d ago
Oh no it's started already, not more miss information with the intention of trying to spoil MS next-gen thunder.

Sony, please just focus on your stuff, like the PS4 and leave all this bull behind, we had enough of that with the PS3.
coolmast3r  +   909d ago
I printscreened all the comments above just to laugh my ass off about these disbelievers on feb 20th =D
dkgshiz  +   909d ago
They wouldn't have this big conference for something so small. Not to mention the trailer they released. It just screams Next gen and clearly is going to be the PS4. At this rate I would be shocked if it were anything else. Nearly everyone who is invited to the event is saying its going to be the PS4 as well. This generation has been a long one to say the least. Its time for some new blood.
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Tzuno  +   909d ago
I think they will announce a little thing that will let you all with open mouth saying: woot no ps4? :)
momthemeatloaf  +   909d ago
I think they will announce the new PS4, but it's possible they won't show it because final models are not done, they'll just show demos of what to expect from the machine.

Just don't get your hopes up completely.
listenkids  +   909d ago
They're not dumb enough to NOT announce it now, after this much hype, even if originally it wasn't supposed to be a conference about the PS4, they'd have to change it or the back lash would be too severe.
Ripsta7th  +   909d ago
Im callin it Gaikai showcase and ps4 tease
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Kaneda  +   909d ago
They will announce new 4K TV...
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Arnelos  +   909d ago
I hope they dont announce the PS4 yet i hope this generation will last some more years.
dafegamer  +   909d ago
silly articles lately desperate for hits. Playstation Meeting is always about new hardware(console hardware). In 2011, the playsation meeting revealed the psvita for the first time
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jay2  +   909d ago
See the future, don't talk BS, this is PS4. I.E the future. They're doing what they did with VITA, simple as. And Re the games, PS3's meant to have a 10 yr live span, we've got what? 4 more yrs. PS2's only just stopped being made. Hardware prices can still drop too. What's not to say the ps3 would drop £100ish on PS4's release date? Gaikai= PS4 FULL backwards compatibility without half/ 2-3s a PS3 in the PS4.
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TBONEJF  +   909d ago
Phoenix76  +   909d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if after all the hype it turns out Sony are planning to launch a PSP2!! I mean, after all, E3 is not too far off. They might save the ps4 for then.
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