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megamanX2  +   1095d ago
"I liked the article. It's hard to be a Vita owner, and really the performance of the handheld is a joke."

no the vita is a joke just like the psp was, but these idiots who wasted their money on it aren't going to agree with you either.
sexbobomb91  +   1095d ago
Jesus christ people, READ THE WHOLE THING!

This article is about the PS VITA and how it needs to be a true successor to the PSP.
Qrphe  +   1095d ago
At least someone noticed.
knifefight  +   1095d ago
Yeah, the amount of head this went right over is astonishing, really.

The SECOND sentence even gives it away:

"He doesn't see things that are, and asks, 'What?'"

It makes good points about what the Vita needs to do to be successful in Japan, and does so with an article as if the Vita hasn't been announced -- because for all purposes, it's a ghost in Japan.

People really fail at reading though.
VR-4nic  +   1095d ago
As much as I love my First Edition Bundle 3G Vita the 3DS is dominating in ever reign including here in the US. I wish that were not true, but it is and I think the only reason Sony is not worried is because the PS4/Orbis will make the Vita way more appealing once people see how integrated it will be with the PS4/Orbis.

One things for sure I think the Obis name is out and the PS4 name is going to be the name of the next gen console and if Sony could go back in time the Vita would of been called the PSP2. Who knows maybe Sony will try to re-brand the Vita the way they did the Spiderman print FAT "PLAYSTATION3" to the slim alphanumeric "PS3". Could the Vita be slimmed down and called the PSP2......maybe.
llMurcielagoll  +   1095d ago
Someome must have overlooked something called the Playstation Vita...
BrianC6234  +   1095d ago
The PSP2 is already out. It's called the PS Vita. Duh. Now buy it. And why did I have to sit through a stupid video ad? It had an option to skip the ad in so many seconds but that was longer than the ad. We don't need those things N4G.
matchu_peechu  +   1092d ago
Sony messed up the vita from the start. The joysticks were poorly located, the back touch screen has not been practical gameplay use, the 15 minute gaming session idea is not even an idea for gaming, and they don't have shoulder buttons. They wet themselves up for failure, and marketed the s*** out of this horrible device. Complete waste of money
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