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banjadude  +   1097d ago
Very, VERY nice!

Offtopic: I know this is just a minor issue, but does anyone else think Joel crouches "funny"? I don't know.. also the way he walks while crouching, I get the feeling he might clip into the ground, lol...
nintendoland  +   1097d ago
generic survival game like in black ops 2, reskinned uncharted, poor AI etc.
profgerbik  +   1096d ago
I think your name speaks for how blind you actually are.
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remanutd55  +   1097d ago
You all probably gonna hate me for this comment but i really dont see the greatness on this game, i see another zombi game, God of War Ascension on the hand is my most anticipated title this year and i cant freaking wait to play Beyond 2 Souls.
BitbyDeath  +   1096d ago
Sorta agree, the other video has me more interested but looking at the bigger picture is the story should be pretty awesome, since they'll be travelling numerous parts of America it should switch things up a bit and it's not all about these mushroom creature things.

Beyond 2 Souls is my most anticipated for the year tho ^_^
Veneno  +   1096d ago
I really think Sony and ND are being very very cautious in what clips they show the public on this game. But they are picking the right ones i believe. This clip shows potential but doesnt spoil any of the parts that will be amazing, like what they did with Uncharted 2. They pretty much showed all the best parts before it released but back then they had something to prove. Now they just have to announce theynare making a new game and they hav3 everyone's attention.
landog  +   1097d ago
i'll be honest, i was more excited for this game before i watched this, i will still be picking it up, but this video made me want it just a little less, it kinda makes it seem generic and run of the mill

the early stuff i have seen on this game looked much more promising
Veneno  +   1096d ago
Well, this is the very first gameplay we've seen featuring the infected. They will most likely show better clips the closer to launch.
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Veni Vidi Vici  +   1097d ago
When did this turn into a zombie game? I first saw this game last E3 and I don't recall zombies. Maybe I'm forgetting?

Anyways, looks good but I am a little concerned about the AI. You can hear them talking right next to the zombies yet the zombies still don't attack or even go towards the sound. Someone said they can't see(so that would explain the flashlight not doing anything) but if that's the case, the zombies wouldn't make very intimidating foes. Just stay quiet and there's no problem. Do these zombies have super hearing? If so, then go back to what I originally said about them talking right next to the zombies and them still not doing anything. Heck, they made a lot of noise killing them and the other zombies still did nothing. I don't know. i guess it's nitpicking. I was a little surprised at the zombies though. I had no idea that's what this game was.
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dboyc310  +   1096d ago
You did see the first teaser trailer right at VGA in 2011? How wouldn't you not know that infected would be in the game? Honestly this gameplay was the one I was waiting to see. There are so many zombie games but none have pulled it off correctly and just seem generic run and kill type of game. Truly this game handles zombies in a more realistic way. Tension builds up knowing that a single bad decision can end your life. It uses a lot of stealth but yet it keeps the fast pace going. Words can't describe the excitement I have for this game.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1096d ago
I saw the video of just the man and girl walking through a dystopian city and they encounter like 3 or 4 men and have to kill them. I don't remember any signs of zombies in that trailer. But like I said, maybe I'm forgetting something.

Regardless, I feel there were some inconsistencies with how the AI reacted. It's a small sample size of an unfinished game. Maybe they'll fix those inconsistencies by the time it's done? We'll see how it turns out.
JRH7783  +   1096d ago
I can't wait to get this game. I've had a PS3 since launch and appreciate the quality of games companies like ND put out. I remember playing Heavenly Sword thinking those graphics were good, but they were just better looking than the PS2's graphics. ND makes games that play out like movies which entertains my girl as much as me.

I can see long hours in the dark playing The Last of Us ahead of me.
josephayal  +   1096d ago
Beautiful just like 4K
belac09  +   1096d ago
good god i need this, there are soooo many games this year i am overhelmed, this might have to take the top spot though.
1nsomniac  +   1096d ago
I hope this was from an old build!!!

The graphics were rubbish nowhere near the gameplay video they showed at E3.

...and all these people saying WOW ND brought back survival horror, from my understanding & belief they have but it certainly wasn't shown in that video. That was 1 large room with several bad guys in it that seemed to completely ignore you for the most the looks of some of these comments I watched a different video to everyone else because it certainly wasn't creepy in the slightest!

I'm still keeping my pre-order but I have to admit that clip left me a little disappointed :-(

ND wont let us down though, I know it!
chadboban  +   1096d ago
I need this game!

2013 is gonna be just incredible, no matter what you game on.
EdoubleD  +   1096d ago
Guys, Adam Sessler mentioned that this was an early build. So the final product will be immensely better. They were only showing the infected antagonism and this hands-on only focused on gameplay, not graphics. Don't worry about the final, I's Naughty Dog.

Hardly expect them to give us an unfinished game.
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gamingmaster2013  +   1096d ago
its a good thing gta V was delayed (annoyingly to the same date as killzone mercenary), because THIS GAME IS EPICCCCCCCCC!!!!! DEFINITELY GETTING THIS DAY 1!!!!
profgerbik  +   1096d ago
People need to realize these are all completely different games and people are going to buy each one if they seriously want them that badly.

No way sales for this will heavily affect GTA V or Killzone even if it was on the same day, plenty of time to save for all these games as they aren't coming out anytime soon. If you are smart with your money buying all three of these excellent looking upcoming titles should be no bid deal.

I am broke for the most part not afraid to admit it and I already have money saved for all three although GTA V won't release on PC for a while so I am holding out on that but the others are first day for sure.

Got money saved for Soul Sacrifice and Tearaway also, all it takes is a little planning and a little saving here and there.
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halocursed  +   1096d ago
This has to be hands down the most scary gameplay video I've ever seen.
bennettangeli76   1096d ago | Spam
kingPoS  +   1096d ago
I could feel the nervous tension even from watching the video.
That was scary, I think I'll revisit the classics for a bit...
(goes and inserts a slightly worn crash bandicoot 3 disc)

I have feeling some of those LOU demo codes will end up on ebay.
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Loki86  +   1096d ago
The gameplay for this looks really solid, excellent zombie movement and level design. The look of the zombies however, wtf ND?
profgerbik  +   1096d ago
What? Nothing scarier than a bloody vagina faced looking zombie coming at you full blast. You ever seen a bloody vagina in person? It isn't pretty, it's absolutely terrifying.
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GraveLord  +   1096d ago
Looks fucking amazing. Hopefully this game gets ported to PS4 as well!
CcreapMurda310  +   1096d ago
You this shit looks scary as fuck
Twinzclipz  +   1096d ago
that's why i still support SONY AND THE PLAYSTATION BRAND
instead of Micro$oft and the Xcrap ,so next time i choice again PLAYSTATION and alot of people should do the same as i do....GET A PLAYSTATION ;) or a NINTENDO or the PC and FUCK XBOX and MOBILE GAMING
DonFreezer  +   1096d ago
OMG I hate Horror and this game will get me back to the genre.OMG I'm a smart ps3 fan who knows everything.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1096d ago
Not very imersive i was expecting something more.

hate the flashlight effect btw
StrawHatPatriot  +   1096d ago
I just hope the controls are good.
NeoTribe  +   1096d ago
Damn i didnt know this game would be this pulse pounding.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1096d ago
This game is 1 of MANY PS3 Exclusives that prove that PS3 Exclusives have evolved the BEST in the graphics department when compared to the competition!
Belking  +   1096d ago
Looks cool but also looks like the textures have been downgraded.
Run_bare  +   1096d ago
I always laugh when someone say "Take my Money", and this time I will say.. Damn, ND, Take my money now :)

ironmonkey  +   1096d ago
it will be amazing.
StreetsofRage  +   1096d ago
So it's another zombie game? Yeah we need another one of those. Judging just from that video. The graphics were pretty good but nothing mind blowing. The lighting and flash light effects looked much better in Alan Wake. I'm betting this is just the beta and will look better in the end. The audio is fantastic tho' Very creepy.

But yeah the lighting effects in Alan Wake is way better...

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Sizzon  +   1096d ago
Amazing audio and graphics, just come out already! :D
Jihaad_cpt  +   1096d ago
I cannot wait for this to release.
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