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shahrukh339  +   1105d ago
dont compare the new DMC with the other old ones... It is a reboot, a new beginning and or even a new IP one can say... so as a new IP DMC did great with 1m copies sold and critically acclaimed as well which rarely new IP does.

Personally orginal Dante was awesome but the new DMC game overall is a big improvement and serious rather than silly...

Let the Disagrees begin!!
GenoZStriker  +   1105d ago
Ship =/= Sell. Many games, especially by big companies like Capcom, ship at a high quantity at release. That doesn't mean that all of them will be bought. You go to your store and the ones you see on the shelf or that are still in the back storage are essentially part of that 1 Million that never got sold.
hulk_bash1987  +   1105d ago
The devs at Ninja theory are a bunch of jackoffs that acted like they were above the fanbase. How this studio stays open while Vigil closes is beyond me.
hadouken182  +   1105d ago
The truth is its a great game but of course its not gonna sell as good as dmc 4 when so many hated it before it was even finished. Im a capcom unity member and you should have seen the hate it got even over a year before the release. These mindless people cant except change. Its a common quality in uneducated people thats shown throughout history. Hating Dmc just because dante looks different? You really need to grow up. This is a classic case of judging a book by its cover. As a Devil may cry fan i say DMC reboot for the win. Sure maybe they could have done a better game with DMC 5 instead. But we dont know that. Either way dont hate on this game when you know gameplay wise its good.
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shahrukh339  +   1105d ago
Well no matter what, in the end all i can say is that i pity on those poor gamer souls who never got the chance to play the new DMC game,let it be of hatred or any other reason.

The new DMC is truly one of the best hack slash games i have played in years and CAPCOM can not pay EACH and EVERY REVIEWER around the world for higher rating and they definitely not payed me for praising this fantastic game so haters make some sense or just get a life.

BDW the new DMC is going no where because of a reasonable sales and critical acclaim...
gamedebater  +   1105d ago
GREAT Game... alienated prior fans.... this is what you get...

FF does it, Hitman does it, Blizzard does it..... horrible gen for gaming.

Fans = Sales end of story
InTheLab  +   1104d ago
Shipped as in have yet to crack a million on 3 platforms. This thing will tank and Capcom will be forced to make a direct sequel to DMC 4...but we all know they'll screw it up somehow...
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1104d ago
Well.......that's sure some vocal minority........./s

The writing was on the wall right after Tameem called the prior games "outdated".....
Samuel-Rodrigues  +   1103d ago
C'mon, Capcom KNOW that you want the original series back, it would be idiotic if they were to can the series knowing that they have millions of loyal fans waiting to get their hands on their beloved "old Dante" again!
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