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GraveLord  +   941d ago
It won't be free. Not a chance at all.
Mister_G  +   941d ago
Lol! I will be surprised, VERY surprised.

I can see the fuzzy logic behind this; imagine the mad rush at launch! :)

Unless Sony have managed to built using totally stock parts, and got huge bulk buy discounts on those parts, I doubt it'll be less than £400.

EDIT: I didn't read the article, doh! :-\
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Tzuno  +   941d ago
You High?
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madpuppy  +   941d ago
Personally, I just preorder the PS after its announced from gamestop and drop off anywhere from 10.00 to 50.00 when I have some extra cash a couple times each month, before you know it, your preorder comes in and you have it either paid or mostly paid off.
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dcbronco  +   941d ago
I think there is a very real possibility that the next consoles will be sold much like cellphones. It actually makes sense. It allows the MS and Sony to make a profit on each sold, increase their online presence and their install base much earlier than normal.

If you look at the cost of the next consoles at retail, most likely $350-400. I think that will already be at a profit. But it will also be out of the reach of a lot of people. A lot of people wait for the price to come down. If they offered it to those people for $99 and $15 a month, they can swing that.

Over the two years of the contract, Microsoft and Sony get their money back on the cost of the console and more. The $99 will be gravy. A lot of people will be tempted to take the console and run. But I thought about the rumors of no used games. Maybe the technology isn't about used games. Maybe it's about games period. Anyone not fulfilling their obligation will have a bricked console. It won't play games period. Return it or pay it off.

They could even make the deal sweeter. The monthly fee would include maintenance. Free Arcade games. Some points every month. The cellphone type system works better for console makers than it does for cellphones. Cellphones sell millions per quarter. It's a much bigger market, but if it allows you to consistently sell 2 million that way, it's worth it. I would even consider including Netflix or Hulu Plus with that $15 fee. It wouldn't be hard to make it work.
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isyourhouseonfire  +   941d ago
Given the PS4's inferior specs to the next XBOX, maybe giving it away for free could actually be a good idea.
MilkMan  +   941d ago
The article is sound, but no way would I like this model for myself. Perhaps they should have two. One where you pay as you go and we all know you wind up paying a hell of a lot more that way and one where you pay everything up front.
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BrianC6234  +   941d ago
It's February 4th, not April 1st.
MegaLagann  +   941d ago
I said it before and i'll say it again, if the 720 or PS4 block used games or in this case make you pay a monthly fee, i'm out. PC, Wii U, Vita & 3DS will be it for next gen. I mean what if I can't pay for a month, what if I had to use the money elsewhere like food or bills, I can't play my games? What kind of bullshit is that? I wouldn't touch the 720 or PS4 if they did that, anit-consumer shit like that ticks me off. Unless of course the PS4 launches with Jak 4, Legend of Dragoon 2, The Last Guardian & Dark Cloud 3 but Sony doesn't seem like they want to make my dreams come true.
annus  +   941d ago
Welcome to the real world buddy. If you don't have enough money, you have to wait till you do have enough.

You're going to jump ship to PC where they also don't have second hand games? New release games are still usually the same as consoles for the first few weeks/months.
MegaLagann  +   941d ago
I'm use to contracts sadly, but still I just want to pay for my system go home and play it without some contract hanging over my head, too much to ask?

As for PC, been gaming on it for a while, and yes there aren't used games on there, there is however Steam sales, glorious Steam sales.
oldskoolgamer702  +   941d ago
CEO Kaz Hirai ‏@KazHiraiCEO

I ca’t reveal the price of the next generation PlayStation yet, but I can say that it rhymes with “Mive Mundred and Mighty Mine US Dollars”

doesnt look free to me and if its $600 its too much!!
crazysammy  +   941d ago; Don't be surprised if it is a "shitty" website.
level 360  +   941d ago
Pretty sure Sony won't be doing this deal at launch.

Could happen though once sales have settled for a couple of months and also other companies to entice new customers advertise a bundle deal for a new PS4 to go with their new wares.
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kornbeaner  +   941d ago
Sony is my go to platform and has been for years. I think what their doing for PS+ is amazing. But the last thing I need personally is other bill to worry about. If I have the ability to pay for a product up front than that's what I do.

The only thing that rapes my wallet to no end is my cell, pay for a smart phone up front then your tied for 2-years, but a phone now a day is a must, so I deal with it. A PS4 is a want, but not a must. If it is only one option, then good for those who this will benefit, but if they require this type of plan no thank you.

I know this is just someone's opinion, but Microsoft did this for the 360 in Microsoft Stores and it was a good option for those who participated in the program, but any console that would require a Cellphone type plan, is really risking a blowback.
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