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Prcko  +   1099d ago
they don't have anything new to show us for ps3 and x360 versions either.
R* you are great and that's why i won't follow you in the future!
aCasualGamer  +   1099d ago
Feel kinda sad for Wii-U and Nintendo. They'll get so overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft come the next 10 months i doubt anyone wants to hear about a Wii-U version of GTAV.
Jadedz  +   1099d ago
Consumers like Nintendo's exclusive IPs
You mean to tell me that the Wind Waker remake (slated for this year) won't intrigue gamer's interest?
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felidae  +   1099d ago
overshadowed, lol.

i'm way more interested in pikmin, monster hunter and a lot of other games than i'm in gta v
MmaFan-Qc  +   1099d ago

good for you i guess, it doesnt matter anyway, nintendo consoles are sold to play nintendo IPs, everything else tend to be ignored.

im not saying that i wont play the next zelda/metroid/mario galaxy on the wii u, but i can assure you that i wont play third party games on it like maybe 90% of multi-console owners.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1099d ago
After playing GTA 4 my hopes aren't all that high for 5.
AO1JMM  +   1099d ago
I want to hear about the Wii U edition
PygmelionHunter  +   1099d ago
Why would you feel sad for those who swim in money everyday?
bullymangLer  +   1099d ago
hua haa . yur just a casual gamer . what in the bloody earth would you know about REAL games?
morganfell  +   1099d ago
They are too busy with the PS3/360 and PS4 versions.
aCasualGamer  +   1099d ago

It's a sarcastic name for a profile on a game website. I'm more than just a casualgamer, lol. I've been a gamer since NES. But my name does suggest that i'm not that hardocre WOW player or COD player. In that case, then yes i'm more casual.. i like my story games more than anything else.


Ofcourse, i would also like to hear them announce it. What i meant was, do you think the gaming media will put alot of focuse on Wii-U when PS4 and 720 get announced? Everything other than those two consoles are going to get overshadowed. It will be nothing but articles about the specs and price war of 720 and PS4 and which console that'll be the winner.

IMO, Nintendo needs to do a "relaunch" of the Wii-U. An upgraded Wii-U that'll catch some more hardcore players with tech that can match the nextgen consoles and have the current Wii-U for the casuals.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1098d ago
no news is news?
metroid32  +   1098d ago
WiiU will not be over shadowed it has better games than GTA5 in my eyes plus ive heard a rumour Ubisoft are bringing Driver to wiiu plus Lego City looks more fun than GTA.

GTA5 needs as much attention as possible going off how crap 4 was,i mean i can look forward to Monster hunter ultimate/Lego city or Windwaker more than i can GTA5 to be honest.
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juandren  +   1099d ago
Remakes, remakes and remakes. Don't get me wrong, I love experiencing my favourite game and to me, the Metal Gear Solid HD collection is just amazing, but that's a BONUS. Remakes aren't a thing you want to bank your console's future on
PopRocks359  +   1099d ago
No one is banking the Wii U's future on the Wind Waker remake (assuming that's what you're specifically alluding to). Nintendo pretty much stated in the direct conference that it's a way to hold fans over while the newest Zelda is coming out.
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juandren  +   1099d ago
Thus they are banking on a remake to keep Zelda fans from selling the Wii U and buying a real console. Don't argue with me I am a fairly intelligent person
theEx1Le  +   1099d ago
Why would you even say that? Not your initial point about remakes(which I also believe your off the mark with) but the point on your intelligence. All it does is make you look stupid, arrogant and adds nothing to your argument. To suggest that someone shouldn't disagree with you because of that is daft.

Also on your initial point I'd like to point out that the WW remake is a gap filler for a new Zelda that fans know is coming, so why would they then decide to discard the WiiU? It makes no sense. If they have already purchased a WiiU for a Zelda game then what they want is on its way.
miyamoto  +   1098d ago
You mean "cheap gap fillers"?

Like nobody bought Dead Space & Mad World on the Wii, I don't see a need for GTAV on the Wii U. HD Zelda, HD Mario Galaxy definitely yes.

If they put so much of this violence games they might loose their family friendly image and customer base - parents and kids.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1099d ago
Did you read the article? I'm guessing not; "the company has “nothing new” to share regarding GTA V for either Wii U or PC. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 remain the only confirmed platforms for release."
lilbroRx  +   1098d ago
Hold up, I posted an article on this exact news a few days ago and a mod manually shut it down as "old news" what the hell?

As for the comment goes, why must everything that is potentially positive about the Wii U be "redirected" towards the other consoles?
Deku-Johnny  +   1098d ago
Because Sony/MS fanboys can't get their heads around the fact that Nintendo are capable of doing something good.
user3915800  +   1099d ago
Here we go wii-u its not getting the most sold game for 2013, typical, maybe later they will. Well its been known GTA sales the most game any year they are out, I doubt they wont get it later.
Jek_Porkins  +   1099d ago
Could be that the delay was in order to get all the versions out at once. Wii U is a viable option and I could see them implement some cool features with the Gamepad, if Nintendo were smart they'd even pay to get that game on Wii U, could possibly sell some systems.
dboyc310  +   1099d ago
Why would it sell systems if it will be available in systems that people all ready have? Wouldn't make sense.
Jek_Porkins  +   1099d ago
Wii U is technically next gen, it's more powerful than current hardware and if something like GTA5 were to offer something special or better with a Wii U version, don't you think some people might be pushed into buying one?

I know some people who were pushed into buying one after that last Nintendo Direct, it was impressive.
TheUndertaker85  +   1099d ago
It wouldn't. Those wishing otherwise are being hopeful.

Nobody in their right mind is going to go, "Oh, I have one of these other two consoles that are already out and want to play GTA. Oh you say I can play it on WiiU? Well, I'm going to go throw down $250 or $300 on a WiiU system plus $60 for GTA V right now to play a game I could already play on one of these other two systems for just the $60 it costs for the game." At the end of the day they're the same game. The WiiU version won't be substantially better if games launching on all three systems to date are any indication.

Rockstar won't be bothered if their game is a system seller or not. Even Reggie Fils-Aime admitted they'll only get games like GTA with an already established userbase.


"Reggie on Rockstar and GTA on Wii U…

“The folks there have said very nice public comments about the Wii U. In the end, it is Nintendo’s responsibility to have a large installed base, to have development tools that help the developers and publishers create great content, and essentially create an environment where teams like Rockstar can bring their very best content to our platform, and if we do that hopefully the very best content throughout the entire industry will show up on Wii U.”"
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gamingzen  +   1098d ago
Its going to be held back for either ps4 or nexbox to help sell there new systems
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1098d ago
This delay all but confirms a multiplat release. Come june and july and it'll be known it's coming out on all platforms at the same date. Don't be too surprised if next gen releases are on board too...
Knight_Crawler  +   1099d ago
In other news Nintendo announces Pokemon Infinity colors and Mario Re-locked, Rebooted and Ready to save the princess for the 1 millionth time.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1098d ago
Pfft, like Mario games sell consoles. They need some brown third person shooters.
MuhammadJA  +   1099d ago
I'll still wait for a PC release. I'm not buying a console for it.
tachy0n  +   1099d ago
me too! since the PC version is always better, graphics, mods, dedicated servers ETC! :D
tubers  +   1099d ago
I hope this isn't like the GTA IV port where it wasn't well optimized compared to most other PC ports.
tachy0n  +   1098d ago

dont worry about that man, that can be fixed through modding, like for example, in GTA IV you can install better and less resource consuming textures and all that! REALIZMIV FTW!!!
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1098d ago
minus one down vote... hit the wrong one first. Completely agree.
felidae  +   1099d ago
damn, can you please shut up ... you make all gamers look bad. play your gta and have fun.
Benjaminkno  +   1099d ago
well, I doubt there's anything Nintendo can do to break this endless cycle of disinterest. They only have themselves to blame. They want to do things their way, well, they got what they wanted. They can't get GTA on WiiU?...

that really is pathetic
TheUndertaker85  +   1099d ago
The crowd that made the Wii so popular doesn't want to see GTA on the Wii systems.

Don't believe me? Go ask the parents of the children that got Wiis, easily the largest part of Nintendos audience. Most are so paranoid about video games they don't even want GTA types of games on their system.

Somebody's gonna take this as a troll when it's not. That crowd will keep GTA off of the WiiU though since in honesty, they make up the most userbase of any Nintendo system.

If you look around at the numerous articles online highlighting the same thing, you'll find the comments asking for a PC version to be about 9 to 1 compared to WiiU.

Long story short, WiiU doesn't have the userbase nor the actual demand.
dubberman  +   1099d ago
Why do you state an opinion as a fact?
TheUndertaker85  +   1099d ago
If it's not a fact explain Nintendo's choices for their systems, not to mention their advertisements. Still not being centered around the average gamer.

And I know people that have said exactly that. They don't want GTA on their Nintendo system because of the level of violence and the message they believe it sends.

Why assume I don't have some type of first hand experience talking to others about gaming? My father in law is a Nintendo freak and he speaks much to the crowd.

I figured somebody would get it though. Too bad. If that userbase doesn't want the game and the WiiU doesn't exactly have a fantastic userbase as is, meaning that userbase would be further likely not to buy GTA 5 on WiiU, what kind of userbase would Rockstar be selling to on the system?
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DeadPixel  +   1099d ago
I reckon that 90% of people that bought a wii u only bought it for the nintendo ip's anyway so it's just a bonus if somewhere down the line we get gta and tbh thats what my xbox is for...
metroid32  +   1098d ago
WiiU deserves a better version of the game in my eyes it has the gamepad which offers the best controls for such a game Rockstar should of been flapping to get there game on wiiu in 1080p so silly it's un true,Nintendo should make their own openworld game and just tell Rockstar to do 1.

I think the biggest game is LegoCity as there has not been a lego open world game before,there has been plenty of GTA games but no LegoCity games so for me LegoCity is the biggest game this year and going off sales of Lego games i think this LegoCity could outsell GTA,also its not 18 rated so the audience is huge from kids to adults can legally play it.
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dubberman  +   1098d ago
Don't get me wrong, one of my biggest criticisms of Nintendo is the way they advertise themselves or in most cases how they don't. Try and think of a really good Nintendo TV advert and i really cant think of anything that stands out besides Smash Bros on N64. Where as Sony and Microsoft have viral's and adverts that just shock and grab your attention.

It seems Nintendo does want to get by on its Name alone and it doesn't help that their name is being constantly bashed, most times without any real reason. They seem to be adamant about separating themselves from the competition and doing something new, but it doesn't work like that when they don't get any games. Im not saying they don't; the launch line up, Nintendo Direct and promise of more to come from 3rd parties down the road more than convinced me of my purchase.

GTA could come to the WiiU, but to say there is no audience is an opinion. I'd love GTAV on my WiiU, maybe even throw in some tweaked features that were used in GTA Chinatown Wars or think of something new that makes it a system seller on the WiiU. There are over 3 million WiiUs out there and i know a few people who are just waiting before they get one. The userbase is growing andy the time GTAV comes out that number will have increased. With such hype being thrown around GTAV and how much people are saying Nintendo needs it or its 'dead in the water' i wouldn't be surprised if they've thrown some money Rockstars way. Gearbox are making the best console version of Aliens on the WiiU. Could say its expected as its a newer more powerful machine, but it also shows that others think its worth the time and dedication to create a non-Nintendo game on a Nintendo system.

They are trying to shake off the 'kiddy' image they've been lumbered with and the relationship they seem to be having with developers, i wouldn't be surprised come E3 if there are some shocks. It could go one way or another for Nintendo with the X720 and PS4 being on show. Kinda hopefully thinking thats why they went early with the WiiU compared to the others, so they could get some big games prepared for just this occasion. To really shock and grab peoples attention.

This is going to be a really interesting E3 and build up to it, especially with the Sony reveal this month. It really is a good time to be a gamer.
ArmGunar  +   1099d ago
The biggest market is PS3/360 !

Why make GTA V on Wii U which will cost a lot of money when you aren't sure to sell well ?

The PC version, as GTA IV, will come in several months.
PopRocks359  +   1099d ago
Ubisoft stated eons ago that porting to the Wii U costs about $1 million.
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magecodi1  +   1098d ago
If that's true then there's absolutely no reason not to port things to the Wii U in terms of cost! Such a small amount of money would only need a couple ten thousand sales to turn a profit as far as I can tell.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1098d ago
I never would want to play gta on a nintendo console anyway. Pop out mario then pop in gta 5? Just doesn't seem like true nintendo experience.

It might mess up their image with the soccer moms.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1098d ago
Expect something on the lines of Max payne 3's release at this point... no point waiting a few months on PC when they can release all 3 at once and profit everywhere.
Diamond  +   1099d ago
LOL_WUT  +   1099d ago
Poor Nintendo got the shaft again. The delay sucks but oh well GTA5 cannot wait!
Thepcz  +   1099d ago
if there is no gta v announcement for wiiu at e3, nintnedo have lost another generation in many gamers eyes
PygmelionHunter  +   1099d ago
Lol, since when has Nintendo survived thanks to multiplatform games? Besides, if said gamers wanted GTA V so badly, they would of have gotten a PS3 or 360 already, nobody would think "Oh my gawd, a new GTA, I need a Nintendo console to play it on!!!".
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Thepcz  +   1099d ago
i know, but at least with a major game like gta, it would be a massive turning point for nintendo in the eyes of the 'hardcore' gamers.

i dont give two shits, i have a ps3 and a wii. but im talking about how others will perceive it.

if there is no gta at e3 for wiiu, its going to be yet another generation where nintendo are missing the ball in regards to major 3rd party support. it will be a blow.

but yes, nintendo will survive
DeadPixel  +   1099d ago
I own both a wii u and an xbox i bought my wii u for nintendo ip's, 3rd party support is a bonus in my eyes and tbh the term "hardcore gamer" is just retarded and gives people this fictional status where they think they're above people.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1099d ago
GTA usually gets a PC release-

So, maybe they will make a maximized WiiU version from a scaled-down PC build, rather than porting it from (great but) Last Gen consoles like PS3 and 360.

But more than likely this is just another Nintendo pass.

Still, a man can hope- before he buys a cheap PS3 (to play Quantic Dream titles).
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b-dash  +   1099d ago
Parents who bought wiiu are wise.
KontryBoy706  +   1099d ago
Everyone knows GTA V will come out on PC. They said the same stuff about GTA IV over and over... no PC version yet what happened?
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1099d ago
True but the PC Version did came out a few months later
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1099d ago
I really hoping GTA 5 do end up coming out for the Wii U that would be big for Nintendo but since I also owned a Xbox 360 i'm a end up playing GTA 5 regardless
gamingzen  +   1098d ago
Gta not coming to wii u is gonna hurt nintendo but i think rockstar are definatley delaying this game for nexgen consoles, yes i dont think their lying about it coming out on current consoles but this 17th sept is far to late a release as ps4 and nexbox release date are only 2 to 3 months later
profgerbik  +   1098d ago
I am not so sure they will ever release a Wii U version, GTA IV had trouble running on consoles and it wasn't even maxed out like you could push it on a PC. Knowing that GTA V is a completely new revamped engine and knowing GTA IV even had trouble running on consoles how do people think GTA V will even run well on a weaker system like the Wii U?

The graphics card is the only thing saving the Wii U but what people don't understand is running a game like GTA V will require a good CPU and the Wii U's CPU although not horrible I don't think is up to standards to be running GTA V good enough, if current consoles with more powerful CPU's had trouble running GTA IV.

If they don't make this for PC, I am not buying it unless it comes out on PS4 which I doubt. I know they probably will release it after but if they really don't that is just messed up.

When what did they develop these games on? A PC, I think it's stupid not releasing a PC version on release but whatever. I won't be buying it on release because of that, GTA will always be played best on PC in my opinion, I just like to soak in all it's beauty.

If they actually plan on releasing it for the PS4 that would be great but I find that a little far fetched just because of the date people are assuming it will end up on the PS4 or the next Xbox.

PS3 still has many years left in it's cycle so it isn't just going to die because the PS4 will be around. I mean people are still developing PSP games, so I highly doubt the PS3 of all things will just vanish once the PS4 is released.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1098d ago
I can't tell if you're joking, or trolling, or if you just haven't paid attention to what's been discovered about the Wii U's innards since launch.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   1098d ago
I'm sure GTA V will be on PC but it might come few months after consoles... i think they just want to make sure that its 100% for PC when its out.
Zeppelino  +   1098d ago
It would be nice if they were holding the news for e3. If not, well, ps3 version for me.
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FinalomegaS  +   1098d ago
if it only cost aprx 1M to port the game, selling at 50~60$ they wouldn't need to sell many to cover the port cost wouldn't they?

Was never a GTA fan, dunno the but I play games for the fantasy aspect ( can't do in real life) and for others they get to live out their gangster fantasy lol.

Don't they normally release GTA on PC afterwards?
Droid Control  +   1098d ago
Rockstar hate the PC

No Red Dead Redemption, now this...
broken_back-man  +   1098d ago
noone wants to support the wiiu even look at cytek only about 1000 peopke have madden 2013 on the wiiu wow they really made their money back with selling on the wiiu lol 3rd party games dont sell on wiiu because nintendo only makes games for people that are 10 years old and for people that want to lose weight hahahaha but I bet they are making a ps4/720 port and pc im so happy nintendo isnt doing good this gen because people now understand 3rd party games and ownong a video game counsle is important because you cant just play the same games over andd over it gets old lol
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