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TBONEJF  +   1099d ago
Please SONY at least show ROCK * EXCLUSIVE TITLE AGENT if its NOT ON PS3 let it be on PS4
FighterJoe  +   1099d ago
The key to this article is...

Polypony digital.. :drool:
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BertlSenix  +   1099d ago
It will be a complete different scenario this time

The PS4 won't come 1 year late
It won't be as expensive as the PS3 - It will probably cost as much as the NextBox.People can afford = more potential buyers.
Sony is changing the architecture completely.From their unique Cell stuff to an architecture that is nearly the same as the NextBox one.
We are going more and more into a direction of PCs where only some parts are different.

3rd Party will have it a lot easier to develop for the PS4 than the PS3 cause its a lot closer to a PC like the 360 was in this Gen.
Porting won't be an issue.It won't matter what console is the lead platform in this Gen.
I think it will even be a lot closer in terms of PC Settings like Low,middle,high and ultra depending on how close or far apart the Hardwarepower is between all platforms.

This gen will be even more about Timed Exclusives,DLC and 1st/2nd Party Exclusives.
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